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The Magical AI: Unveiling the Mystery of ChatGPT

April 11, 2023

Discover the magic of advanced AI with 'The Magical AI: Unveiling the Mystery of ChatGPT.' Through a mix of narration, animation, and expert interviews, this video explores the fascinating world of ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI. Learn how it works, how it's changing the way we interact with technology, and the ethical and societal implications of AI like ChatGPT. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, curious consumers, and anyone interested in the cutting-edge technology that is shaping our world.



Accelerate AI Adoption with Frictionless AI

video | August 12, 2023

Altair RapidMiner is unrivaled in its ability to eliminate the organizational friction between people, the technical friction between tools, and the financial friction between aspiration and reality. Our solutions empower your employees, regardless of their skill level, to master the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and reporting. Our platform delivers the tools you need to go from idea to insight. The result is a data analytics ecosystem that meets you where you are, and evolves with you, wherever you go in the future....

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Potential Deep Learning Applications in the Future

video | August 11, 2023

Deep learning has several applications in a range of industries. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable deep-learning applications:...

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Zoom on the profession of embedded software development engineer at Safran

video | August 1, 2023

When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!...

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Generative AI for Executives - What is Generative AI?

video | July 21, 2023

A training for executives, non-technical business leaders, business decision makers, and technical decision makers to explore what generative AI is....

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