Modern machine learning architectures, Brian Sletten (Bosatsu Consulting)

December 3, 2019

The move toward adopting machine learning in modern systems is not quite the same as simply deploying a new feature or framework. It requires disciplined thinking about where to place your data, where to place your analysis, where to place your models, and more. The choice of language and implementation increasingly have implications on the properties of your runtime system.


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Upcoming Arm Tech Talk: Getting started with AI on the Edge from Arm

video | November 24, 2022

Get ready for another one of our Arm Tech Talks! Every fortnight, we discuss and explore some of the latest trends, technologies and best practices in the world of AI, featuring partners from the AI Ecosystem as well as speakers across Arm....

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CAST AI - The End-to-End Kubernetes Automation Platform

video | November 24, 2022

CAST AI automates Kubernetes cost, performance and security management for hundreds of companies of all sizes....

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Meet Conversion Maker AI (EN)

video | November 23, 2022

Conversion Maker AI is the leading platform for text optimization and generation. With the help of Conversion Maker AI you can create excellent and SEO-optimized marketing copies in seconds. You only need a few keywords....

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Zscaler AI/ML Based Cloud Browser Isolation with Brian Deitch

video | November 17, 2022

New Smart Browser Isolation powered by AI/ML for Internet, SaaS, Privileged Remote Access, and Internal Applications. Decrease risk, securely enable productivity, enforce data residency, and look good while you are doing it....

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