US DoD to Focus C4ISR Spending on Commercial IT Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

Prnewswire | September 11, 2020

Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Assessment of the US DoD C4ISR Market, Forecast to 2025, highlights the US Department of Defense (DoD) command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) budget spending and technology trends. The market spending for C4ISR programs is estimated to reach $58.50 billion by 2025 from $53.60 billion in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.5%. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the expenditure is not expected to create a long-term negative impact on the C4ISR program. However, the need to develop improved medical treatments will push the demand for additional investments.


Cavirin’s latest infographic explores this sweeping hybrid cloud trend and the best security measures that need to be utilized as you adopt this new infrastructure. Most organizations are in the process of moving from an on-premises data center to a public or private cloud service but need to learn how reduce threats to – on-premise and multi-cloud, bare-metal and VM, and containers.

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WonderBotz Partners with Krista Software for AI-led Intelligent Automation

WonderBotz | May 27, 2022

WonderBotz, a global leader in the delivery of enterprise-grade automation and advanced AI solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Krista Software, the makers of "Krista". Krista is an intelligent automation platform that uses natural language and machine learning to personify legacy systems allowing people to "Ask Krista" for a business outcome. WonderBotz will embed Krista into its automation footprint to further differentiate its offerings and services. "We strive to bring cutting-edge automation capabilities to our customers," said Steve LaValle, Co-CEO of WonderBotz. "Enabled by its natural language understanding and AI, Krista capabilities expand the pool of high-value automation use cases available to our customers and prospects." John Michelsen, CEO and Founder at Krista Software added, "WonderBotz provides innovative and next generation automation capabilities to their customers, which makes this partnership very strategic for us. AI-led Intelligent Automation is a key catalyst to bring about digital transformation in any industry, and with WonderBotz we will deliver on this promise together." About WonderBotz WonderBotz LLC, managed by industry leaders, is single-mindedly focused and committed to helping organizations employ quality digital workers to deliver efficiency and competitive advantage by leveraging its professional services, training, mentoring, and Robotics-as-a-Service (RAAS) offerings. Our team brings technical excellence, innovation, and high-quality standards exceeding our clients' expectations on every engagement. WonderBotz works with leading marketplace RPA platforms. About Krista Software Krista Software develops the AI-led intelligent automation platform, Krista. Krista enables companies to automate complete business processes by elegantly orchestrating people, apps, and AI. Krista uses natural language processing and machine learning to personify legacy systems allowing people to "Ask Krista" for a business outcome.

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New Research Reveals Chatbots and Conversational AI are an Absolute Necessity to Drive Successful Talent Engagement

Sense | July 26, 2022

Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions for enterprise recruiting, uncovers the role and impact that Conversational AI and chatbots have in today’s competitive recruiting landscape. The research was conducted in collaboration with Talent Board, the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. To better understand how talent acquisition teams are coping with the pressures of attracting and communicating with qualified candidates, Sense and Talent Board surveyed over 350 HR and talent acquisition leaders across industries. The resulting data uncovered that the number one challenge for recruiting teams today was connecting and engaging with passive talent (42%) and that the most successful method in contacting and communicating with candidates was via chatbots and Conversational AI (36%). As corporations throughout the U.S. continue to experience critical labor shortages, impactful engagement and communications is the key to driving meaningful candidate experiences - and to accelerate hiring. Additional findings from the Sense and Talent Board Research Report, “How Chatbots and Conversational AI Improve Talent Engagement and the Candidate Experience” include: Making the Case for Chabot Implementation The top three reasons corporations have implemented chatbot technology are to: Improve the responsiveness of their candidate communications (61%) Free up recruiters’ time and enhance their productivity (54%) Enhance the overall quality of the candidate experience (45%) Measuring Successful Communication and Engagement Benefits of Chatbots 51% of respondents cite a “significant improvement” in candidate satisfaction as a direct result of implementing their chatbots; 49% say their chatbots have enhanced the overall quality of their company’s candidate experience; 35% say chatbots have freed up recruiters’ time and enhanced their productivity. “Enterprise leaders must understand that quick and intuitive candidate engagement is essential to finding, attracting and hiring qualified candidates,” explained Anil Dharni, CEO and Co-Founder of Sense. “In fact, 51% of talent acquisition leaders say their use of chatbots improved the responsiveness of their candidate communications. To remain competitive, talent acquisition teams must activate cutting edge technologies like Conversational AI and Chatbots to significantly improve the communication flow and attract high quality candidates.” Chatbots are engineered to enhance a talent acquisition team’s responsiveness and to make this communication feel more natural and personal. When used in the early stages of talent attraction and engagement, chatbots also free up talent acquisition team’s time to attend to time sensitive recruiting matters. Additional benefits of implementing conversational AI chatbots reported include: 29% -- Accelerating the overall hiring process 27% -- Helping candidates better identify their open job preferences 26% -- Automating the interview scheduling 24% -- Helping candidates submit their job applications easier 21% -- Providing candidates updates about their application throughout various stages of the recruiting process “Timely and consistent candidate communication is always a critical competitive differentiator in recruiting and hiring,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent board President. “For companies with any hiring volume, smart automation with conversational AI chatbots can help scale candidate engagement from pre-application to onboarding. And each year in our benchmark research we find that candidate sentiment is much more positive when they get questions answered in a timely manner – over 50% more positive.” Survey Methodology Sense and Talent Board surveyed HR and talent acquisition leaders and their teams around the world regarding their efforts to better engage and communicate with qualified candidates and enhance the candidate experiences they’re delivering in 2022. We received a total of 350 anonymous survey responses online from May 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022, representing input from companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. About Sense Sense delivers a leading AI-powered talent engagement platform that helps recruiting and talent teams to personalize their interactions with talent at every stage of the recruiting process. More than 700 organizations including Amazon, Dell, Kelly Services, Kindred Healthcare, and Sears rely on Sense to help accelerate hiring, strengthen their employment brand and exceed recruiting targets - all while delivering a personalized candidate experience. About Talent Board Founded in 2011, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Talent Board delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research that highlights accountability, fairness and the business impact of candidate experience.

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PyTorch Lightning Creator, Lightning AI, Launches Open-Source Platform and Raises $40 Million Series B to Reinvent the Way AI is Built

Lightning AI | June 18, 2022

Lightning AI today unveiled the groundbreaking Lightning AI platform, backed by a $40 million Series B funding round, that completely reimagines how Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, services, and experiences are built. With Lightning AI’s new platform and framework, the company is introducing a frictionless way to build AI-powered products and services as apps composed of modular components that are seamlessly integrated and connected. Serving as the “operating system for AI,” Lightning AI’s platform ushers in a new era of accessibility and sophistication in the field of AI technology. The platform and underlying framework introduce a novel way to build AI by providing a unified experience that accelerates the deployment of AI technology across academic and enterprise use cases. Amid a fragmented machine learning ecosystem, Lightning AI’s suite of extensible open-source components and apps simplifies the underserved space and helps advance the widespread adoption of AI technology. “Launching this platform is a vital step for our company and the industry. “From day one, I wanted to reimagine the experience of building artificial intelligence beyond the current surfeit of tools and systems. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to build production-grade AI apps that takes into account the entire pipeline from development to production. Current options are limiting, highly prescriptive, and lack the flexibility needed to leverage AI in real-world scenarios. Imagine wanting to make a phone call and you’re simply handed the disparate parts that make up a working telephone, hoping that one day you’ll be able to make a phone call. Lightning AI takes the principles that have made PyTorch Lightning one of the fastest-growing open-source projects in history - simplicity, modularity, and sustainability - and applies them to the task of unifying the entire AI development and infrastructure lifecycle.” William Falcon, Lightning AI co-founder and CEO Lightning AI is the culmination of work that began in 2018 at the New York University CILVR Lab (Computational Intelligence, Learning, Vision, and Robotics) and Facebook AI Research. As a Ph.D. student working alongside advisers Kyunghyun Cho and Yann LeCun, William Falcon created and open-sourced the popular PyTorch Lightning framework. The explosive growth of the project within the AI community led Falcon to build a platform and company focused on eliminating barriers to widespread AI adoption. Grounded in the success of the PyTorch Lightning framework, the company built Grid, a platform for developing and training machine learning models on the cloud. The key to the company’s previous successes has been its unique ability to abstract away engineering infrastructure from the machine learning lifecycle while maintaining rigorous flexibility for experts who want full control over what they’re building. The Lightning AI platform and framework are powered by these groundbreaking advancements, enabling users to conceptualize, build, and deploy AI technology in a matter of weeks, compared to the months and years it would normally take. "We are excited about the development Lightning AI is leading by allowing AI-driven applications relevant to specific verticals come to life in a simple way. The partnership will bring further ease-of-use to customers and fit well with AWS’s industry, use-case and business problem driven approach,” said Dr. Kristof Schum, Global Segment Leader of Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services. $40M Series B Fuels Lightning AI Platform and Community Growth This $40 million Series B funding round, led by Coatue with participation from Index, Bain, First Minute Capital, and the Chainsmokers’ Mantis VC, brings the total raised to date to $58.6 million. Coatue General Partner Caryn Marooney has joined the board of directors, which also includes Index Ventures Partner Bryan Offutt. The capital will fuel further technology innovation, fund new AI research, and be invested back in the company’s growing user community and ecosystem. Lightning AI’s mission is to lower the barriers to AI adoption as the global AI market is skyrocketing and on track to exceed $500 billion by 2024. “As more companies across every sector leverage AI for crucial functions, they need a solution that makes it simple to consume, train, and use AI while also building applications free from vendor lock-in and specialized AI experts,” said Caryn Marooney, General Partner, Coatue. “Coatue immediately saw the potential and significance of Lightning AI’s mission to democratize AI. We look forward to supporting William and his team as they write a new playbook for AI deployment.” The Lightning-Fast Way to Build AI Apps Lightning AI allows researchers, data scientists, and software engineers to build, share and iterate on highly scalable, production-ready AI apps using the tools and technologies of their choice, regardless of their expertise. To solve any kind of AI problem from research to deployment and production-ready pipelines, users can simply group components of their choice into a Lightning App and customize the underlying code as needed. Lightning Apps can then be republished back into the community for future use, or kept private in users’ personal libraries. Lightning AI combines a wide variety of extant tools into a modular, intuitive platform for building AI applications in research, enterprise and personal contexts. It is the foundation of the growing Lightning ecosystem, which provides developers with a suite of ready-to-use tools and required infrastructure and compute resources, as well as community support for building AI applications. The Lightning AI platform is available now and includes: The new Lightning framework, which extends PyTorch Lightning’s simple, modular, and flexible design principles to the entire app development process A collection of tools and functionalities relevant to machine learning, including workflow scheduling for distributed computing, infrastructure-as-code, and connecting web UIs A gallery of AI apps, curated by the Lightning team, which can be used instantly or further built upon A library of components that add functionalities to users’ apps, such as extracting data from streaming video A hosting platform for running and maintaining private and public AI apps on the cloud The ability to build and run Lightning Apps on private cloud infrastructure or in an on-prem enterprise environment About Lightning AI Lightning AI is the company reimagining the way AI is built. After creating and releasing PyTorch Lightning in 2019, William Falcon launched Lightning AI to reshape the development of artificial intelligence products for commercial and academic use. Focusing on simplicity, sustainability, modularity, and extensibility, Lightning AI streamlines the lifecycle of machine learning development to expand widespread AI adoption. Its aim is to enable individual and enterprise users to build deployment-ready AI tools without having to hire experts or sink resources into in-house infrastructure.

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OutPLEX Announces Key Partnership with Amazon Web Services

OutPLEX | August 18, 2022

OutPLEX, a leading voice and digital business process outsourcing organization, has announced a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the Amazon Partner Network (APN). In joining the APN, the Fort Lauderdale, FL based company adds the capability to provide global brands with AWS-powered customer contact services backed by the world’s “gold standard” in cloud computing technology. The partnership was brought about by the growing need for seamless integration between omnichannel customer contact experiences while ensuring customer data protection. In today’s customer experience (CX) landscape, it is imperative that companies are available to answer questions in real-time, at all times. Combining OutPLEX’s 20+ years of experience in CX management with the power of Amazon Connect, organizations of all sizes can be assured a seamless transition into the digital age of customer interaction. When asked about the new partnership, OutPLEX’s Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence, Declan Ryan, stated that “At OutPLEX, our primary mission is to provide clients with the most cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing brands’ labor costs. Joining the Amazon Partner Network and utilizing AWS tools allows us to do just that.” In teaming up with Amazon, OutPLEX’s plans to utilize the APN Connect offering to meet clients’ needs. Amazon Connect enables OutPLEX to provide top-notch voice and digital messaging solutions. Caller authentication and fraud risk detection, real-time speech and sentiment analysis, unified customer profiles, and natural language chatbot design and management are just a few key features OutPLEX offers clients as a part of this partnership. Utilizing the AWS artificial intelligence service Amazon Lex for chatbot design, clients can be assured that they’re getting state-of-the-art conversation mapping utilizing the same natural language understanding that powers Amazon Alexa, allowing for improved customer interactions without the need for a live agent. OutPLEX looks forward to this partnership with Amazon Web Services, and the opportunities it offers to give clients the exemplary customer experience OutPLEX is known for. ABOUT OUTPLEX OutPLEX is a leading international digital and voice CX outsourcing organization developing solutions for the world's most trusted brands. Utilizing its innovation centers and highly skilled engagement experts, OutPLEX is the largest provider of digital customer engagement globally. Since 2001, OutPLEX has successfully transacted billions of customer experiences on its clients' behalf via phone, digital messaging, social media, conversational AI, and more with a track record of quality service and delivery that provides greater ROI for their clients.

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Cavirin’s latest infographic explores this sweeping hybrid cloud trend and the best security measures that need to be utilized as you adopt this new infrastructure. Most organizations are in the process of moving from an on-premises data center to a public or private cloud service but need to learn how reduce threats to – on-premise and multi-cloud, bare-metal and VM, and containers.