Turkcell uses Red Hat OpenShift to Centralize Data Science and Drive Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Red Hat | April 27, 2021

Red Hat, Inc., the world's driving supplier of open-source arrangements, today reported that Turkcell, a main joined telecom and innovation administrations supplier, has assembled its new computerized reasoning (AI) administration design and application center on Red Hat OpenShift, the business' driving venture Kubernetes stage. This has assisted Turkcell with changing client encounters, drive operational efficiencies and bring a more prominent variety of purchaser and business advancements to showcase quicker.

Working inside Turkey and globally, Turkcell right now serves near 48 million clients with a wide scope of interchanges and advanced administrations contributions. Simulated intelligence has been fundamental to Turkcell's essential vision for a long time, covering territories like PC vision, normal language preparing, and smart mechanization. As AI advances become progressively open because of headways in the field and cloud-local application improvement, Turkcell set off to fabricate an adaptable, safer cloud stage to speed up AI and related savvy applications conveyance.

Effectively a Red Hat client of over ten years, Turkcell picked Red Hat OpenShift as a solid, strong, and adaptable half breed cloud establishment to control its holder-based AI improvement, incorporating reconciliations with JupyterLab and Nvidia GPUs. OpenShift enabled Turkcell to create and send applications both in the public cloud and on-premises where important to follow information guidelines. Red Hat OpenShift gives a more predictable, self-administration experience for information researchers and application designers, any place they are in the Turkcell business, and empowers non-specialized staff to get to AI capacities. As a component of its work with OpenShift, Turkcell dispatched its AI Hub on the stage, from which it can offer AI developments as support of ventures, assisting with setting out new income open doors.

Turkcell is presently going around 50 distinct administrations on the OpenShift-based stage to help a different scope of AI-fueled use cases. These include:

• Advanced onboarding for new clients, a fundamental prerequisite during the progressing COVID-19 pandemic, as purchasers will most likely be unable to visit retail shops. Computerized through AI, Turkcell utilizes PC vision innovation and optical character acknowledgment (OCR) innovation to approve endorser profile data and certifications.

• Social great and good cause mindfulness, for example, in Turkcell's new 'Spread the Smile' lobby in which individuals' grins set off food gifts to a creature cover in Istanbul, utilizing AI to dissect photographs shared by 310,000 individuals using a Turkcell application.

• The Fizy music real-time feature, which applies feeling location to client submitted selfie photographs to propose melodies that match their state of mind.

• Text-to-discourse change to convey business sound and keen voice partner administrations, just as help a visual application that assists kids with a chemical imbalance to more readily impart by tapping pictures that are then changed over into discourse.

• Content stockpiling and investigation as a segment of Turkcell's Lifebox administration, which helps consequently select client photographs for transfer to their web-based media accounts by surveying their potential for crowd commitment.

• Chatbot programming that Turkcell utilizes for its client confronting applications, just as making it accessible as a business item to business clients.

• Extortion discovery stage 'Foya' has abilities that can distinguish deceitful cases and occasions utilizing AI models. For instance, it is utilized to identify deceitful character documentation, like visas, client discourse distinguishing proof, and profound phony recordings as a feature of its advanced onboarding measure.

With its adaptable AI stage design, utilization of microservices, and reception of lithe works on including DevSecOps, Turkcell has had the option to speed up its application lifecycle, including accelerating improvement and organization of AI and AI (ML) models. Turkcell would now be able to offer new computerized administrations for sale to the public in general a fraction of the time it could with a solid design. Turkcell is producing operational efficiencies, assisting it with accomplishing cost investment funds of up to 70% by combining AI jobs on holders and Kubernetes. Since OpenShift gives a typical stage available from any place in the association, Turkcell has had the option to enable information researchers across groups to profit by AI capacities and prod development in different zones.

About Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat is the world's driving supplier of big business open-source programming arrangements, utilizing a local area-fueled way to deal with conveying dependable and high-performing Linux, crossbreed cloud, holder, and Kubernetes innovations. Red Hat assists clients with coordinating new and existing IT applications, creates cloud-local applications, normalizes on our industry-driving working framework, and computerize, secures, and oversees complex conditions. Grant winning help, preparing, and counseling administrations make Red Hat a confided-in guide to the Fortune 500. As an essential accomplice to cloud suppliers, framework integrators, application merchants, clients, and open-source networks, Red Hat can assist associations with setting up the computerized future.


APIs are powerful because they are building blocks that developers can use to easily assemble all sorts of interactions, without having to rewrite an interface every time they need machines to communicate. Since APIs have contracts, applications that want to communicate with each other can be built in completely different ways, as long as they communicate in accordance with the API contract. This allows different developers from different organizations in different parts of the world to create highly-distributed applications, all while re-using the same APIs.

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WonderBotz Partners with Krista Software for AI-led Intelligent Automation

WonderBotz | May 27, 2022

WonderBotz, a global leader in the delivery of enterprise-grade automation and advanced AI solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Krista Software, the makers of "Krista". Krista is an intelligent automation platform that uses natural language and machine learning to personify legacy systems allowing people to "Ask Krista" for a business outcome. WonderBotz will embed Krista into its automation footprint to further differentiate its offerings and services. "We strive to bring cutting-edge automation capabilities to our customers," said Steve LaValle, Co-CEO of WonderBotz. "Enabled by its natural language understanding and AI, Krista capabilities expand the pool of high-value automation use cases available to our customers and prospects." John Michelsen, CEO and Founder at Krista Software added, "WonderBotz provides innovative and next generation automation capabilities to their customers, which makes this partnership very strategic for us. AI-led Intelligent Automation is a key catalyst to bring about digital transformation in any industry, and with WonderBotz we will deliver on this promise together." About WonderBotz WonderBotz LLC, managed by industry leaders, is single-mindedly focused and committed to helping organizations employ quality digital workers to deliver efficiency and competitive advantage by leveraging its professional services, training, mentoring, and Robotics-as-a-Service (RAAS) offerings. Our team brings technical excellence, innovation, and high-quality standards exceeding our clients' expectations on every engagement. WonderBotz works with leading marketplace RPA platforms. About Krista Software Krista Software develops the AI-led intelligent automation platform, Krista. Krista enables companies to automate complete business processes by elegantly orchestrating people, apps, and AI. Krista uses natural language processing and machine learning to personify legacy systems allowing people to "Ask Krista" for a business outcome.

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Splashtop Releases Enhancements to Its All-In-One Secure Remote Access and Support Solution

Splashtop | May 19, 2022

Splashtop Enterprise now enables end users to request help right from a desktop icon and talk live with technicians during a troubleshooting session, as well as other features like RDP connectivity and mobile camera sharing enhanced with AR. CUPERTINO, Calif., May 19, 2022 – Splashtop today announced the availability of a robust new feature set for Splashtop Enterprise, an all-in-one remote access and support solution that empowers employees to work from anywhere on any device, and enables IT and help desk teams to remotely access, support and manage any device with unattended and attended support. The new features enable more possibilities for secure remote work, simplify connection workflows and increase efficiency for help desk technicians and end users. “We know that the needs of our customers are ever-changing, and customer feedback factors greatly into our product planning. In order to provide a better experience for end-users and technicians, we’ve made significant product enhancements. With this release we focused on making it easier for end users to ask for help, improving technician and end user communication, more seamless collaboration between technicians, and more robust security and compliance knobs,” said Annie Chen, VP of Product for Splashtop. New Splashtop Enterprise enhancements include: SOS Call End users now have their own remote support “easy button.” When in need of help, they simply double click on the SOS Call app on their desktop to request a support session, making it fast and convenient to get help. The session will be routed to the appropriate technician support queue. Voice Call At any time during a remote support session, the technician can initiate a voice call to talk live with the end user. This can expedite the troubleshooting process and improve the customer experience. Seamless Technician Collaboration With the new technician collaboration feature, up to two additional technicians can be invited to a session, promoting maximum efficiency of the team and increasing first call resolutions. Virtual Field Service Support with Augmented Reality Splashtop AR is a new feature that allows remote technicians to view physical locations using mobile camera sharing. A technician can use two-way AR annotation capabilities and voice to guide, train, troubleshoot and resolve onsite technology issues. Other capabilities include freezing the frame for focus, session recording and the ability to turn on the mobile device flashlight. Securely Bridge Connections to Windows Without a VPN or Remote Access Agent Splashtop Connector feature allows IT administrators to remotely access computers on internal networks that may not have internet access or allow third-party apps to be installed. IT can securely bridge Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections to Windows computers and servers through Splashtop without installing additional software on those endpoints and without the need for a VPN. Users can also leverage existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to enjoy individual desktop sessions on the same computer or remotely run a specific application without connecting to a full remote desktop. Enhanced Control with IP Whitelisting Splashtop Enterprise now offers IP whitelisting, allowing businesses to restrict access to specific IP addresses and further mitigating potential risk of unauthorized access. Expanded Auditing and Logging For businesses with strict auditing and disaster recovery processes, Splashtop can now integrate with Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) solutions such as Splunk or SumoLogic to automatically log events and session details, lifting the burden from IT administrators. Splashtop Enterprise has been recognized with the 2022 Top Product Award from TrustRadius, an award based entirely on customer feedback. End users enjoy high-performance features including 4k HD quality, frame rates up to 60 frames per second (FPS), device redirection and mic passthrough for productivity. Combined, these features create an experience so fast and simple, users feel like they are working onsite, regardless of their location. About Splashtop Splashtop is a leader in secure remote access and support. Its solutions for flexible work, learning and IT support deliver an ‘in-person experience’ that is as fast, simple and secure as being in front of an on-site machine. Splashtop delivers high performance with 4k quality at 60fps; advanced security features and compliance; one application for access and support for all devices and operating systems; and instant global support with direct access to an expert. More than 30 million users, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products

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Safe-T Group Launches its Consumer Privacy Solution for Microsoft Windows

Safe-T Group Ltd. | July 11, 2022

Safe-T Group Ltd., a global provider of cyber-security and privacy solutions for consumers and enterprises, today announced its entrance into the home computer market with the release of its first consumer privacy solution designed for Windows personal computers (“PCs”). Building upon the success and best-of-breed technology of its iOS privacy solution currently helping protect thousands of mobile devices, Safe-T is expanding its offerings into the global Windows PC market. Today, with approximately 50% of worldwide data traffic originating from desktop/laptop devices1 and with over 40% of global consumers having already become victims of online identity theft2, the need for ensuring privacy when browsing from home is more critical than ever. “Today, our privacy and personal data is increasingly at risk which is why it is important for us to provide our users with comprehensive protection for their desktop computers as well as their mobile iOS devices. We are proud to announce the release of our consumer privacy solution for Windows desktops, a strategic development that enables us to address a large global opportunity by expanding our offerings into the consumer home market,” said Shachar Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of Safe-T. “We intend to leverage the strong traction we are generating with our iOS mobile products as we further expand our portfolio into untapped market segments including other mobile and desktop platforms over the next few months.” Utilizing advanced encryption technologies, the desktop privacy solution prevents a user’s personal data from being accessed or monitored by Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”), advertisers and third parties. By blocking the ability to track or monitor a user’s online activity and history, their personal information is protected when browsing from home or when using public Wi-Fi or other unsecured internet access points. With the consumer privacy for PCs, users can protect themselves from online attacks including identity and credit card theft. About Safe-T Group Ltd. Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET) is a global provider of cyber-security and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises. The Company operates in three distinct segments, tailoring solutions according to specific needs. The segments include, enterprise cyber-security solutions, enterprise privacy solutions, and consumer cyber-security and privacy solutions. Our cyber-security and privacy solutions for consumers provide a wide security blanket against ransomware, viruses, phishing, and other online threats, as well as a powerful, secured and encrypted connection, masking their online activity and keeping them safe from hackers. The solutions are designed for both advanced and basic users, ensuring full protection for all personal and digital information. Our cyber-security solutions for enterprises, designed for cloud, on-premises and hybrid networks, mitigates attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Organizational data access, storage and exchange use cases, from outside the organization or within, are secured according to the “validate first, access later” philosophy of Safe-T’s zero trust. Our ZoneZero® solutions are available by our reseller, TerraZone Ltd., a global information security provider, as a solution or cloud service. Our privacy solutions for enterprises are based on our advanced and secured proxy network, the world’s fastest, enabling our customers to collect data anonymously at any scale from any public sources over the web using a unique hybrid network. Our network is the only one of its kind that is comprised of millions of residential exit points based on our proprietary reflection technology and hundreds of servers located at our ISP partners around the world. The infrastructure is optimally designed to guarantee the privacy, quality, stability, and the speed of the service.

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FUTURE TECH releases UnionML for seamless creation of web-native machine learning applications | June 10, 2022, provider of the open-source workflow orchestration platform Flyte and its hosted version, Union Cloud, today announced the release of UnionML at MLOps World 2022. The open-source MLOps framework for building web-native machine learning applications offers a unified interface for bundling Python functions into machine learning (ML) microservices. It is the only library that seamlessly manages both data science workflows and production lifecycle tasks. This makes it easy to build new AI applications from scratch, or make existing Python code run faster at scale. UnionML aims to unify the ever-evolving ecosystem of machine learning and data tools into a single interface for expressing microservices as Python functions. Data scientists can create UnionML applications by defining a few core methods that are automatically bundled into ML microservices, starting with model training and offline/online prediction. "Creating machine learning applications should be easy, frictionless and simple, but today it really isn't., The cost and complexity of choosing tools, deciding how to combine them into a coherent ML stack, and maintaining them in production requires a whole team of people who often leverage different programming languages and follow disparate practices. UnionML significantly simplifies creating and deploying machine learning applications." CEO Ketan Umare UnionML apps comprise two objects: Dataset and Model. Together, they expose function decorator entry points that serve as building blocks for a machine learning application. By focusing on the core building blocks instead of the way they fit together, data scientists can reduce their cognitive load for iterating on models and deploying them to production. UnionML uses Flyte to execute training and prediction workflows locally or on production-grade Kubernetes clusters, relieving MLOps engineers of the overhead of provisioning compute resources for their stakeholders. Models and ML applications can be served via FastAPI or AWS Lambda. More options will be available in the future. About helps organizations deliver reliable, reproducible and cost-effective machine learning and data orchestration built around open-source Flyte. Flyte is a one of a kind workflow automation platform that simplifies the journey of data scientists and machine learning engineers from ideation to production. Some of the top companies, including Lyft, Spotify, GoJek and more, rely on Flyte to power their Data & ML products. Based in Bellevue, Wash., was started by founding engineers of Flyte and is the leading contributor to Flyte.

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APIs are powerful because they are building blocks that developers can use to easily assemble all sorts of interactions, without having to rewrite an interface every time they need machines to communicate. Since APIs have contracts, applications that want to communicate with each other can be built in completely different ways, as long as they communicate in accordance with the API contract. This allows different developers from different organizations in different parts of the world to create highly-distributed applications, all while re-using the same APIs.