Sitecore Announces Intention to Acquire Hedgehog, Plans Expanded Support for Partner Ecosystem

Sitecore, the global leader in digital experience management software, today announced its intention to acquire Hedgehog Development, a customer and partner-focused digital consultancy. The acquisition will accelerate Sitecore’s growth and bolster the people, technology, and services resources supporting Sitecore Solution Partners as they continue to solve customers most critical digital transformation challenges. Sitecore’s success has been built hand-in-hand with our dedicated partners. The addition of Hedgehog strengthens this community and supports Sitecore’s revenue growth, as well as the growth of our partners, said Mark Frost, CEO of Sitecore. With Hedgehog, we add a team that brings an innovative culture and critical front-line implementation expertise that increases our ability to scale in the key areas of services, training, and support. These new resources will improve our ability to help customers accelerate their digital transformation, maximize their Sitecore investments, and realize the full potential of important Sitecore features such as advanced personalization.


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DataStax Launches New Integration with LangChain, Enables Developers to Easily Build Production-ready Generative AI Applications

Business Wire | October 25, 2023

DataStax, the company that powers generative AI applications with real-time, scalable data, today announced a new integration with LangChain, the most popular orchestration framework for developing applications with large language models (LLMs). The integration makes it easy to add Astra DB – the real-time database for developers building production Gen AI applications – or Apache Cassandra, as a new vector source in the LangChain framework. As many companies implement retrieval augmented generation (RAG) – the process of providing context from outside data sources to deliver more accurate LLM query responses – into their generative AI applications, they require a vector store that gives them real-time updates with zero latency on critical, real-life production workloads. Generative AI applications built with RAG stacks require a vector-enabled database and an orchestration framework like LangChain, to provide memory or context to LLMs for accurate and relevant answers. Developers use LangChain as the leading AI-first toolkit to connect their application to different data sources. The new integration lets developers leverage the power of the Astra DB vector database for their LLM, AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects through the LangChain plugin architecture for vector stores. Together, Astra DB and LangChain help developers to take advantage of framework features like vector similarity search, semantic caching, term-based search, LLM-response caching, and data injection from Astra DB (or Cassandra) into prompt templates. In a RAG application, the model receives supplementary data or context from various sources — most often a database that can store vectors, said Harrison Chase, CEO, LangChain. Building a generative AI app requires a robust, powerful database, and we ensure our users have access to the best options on the market via our simple plugin architecture. With integrations like DataStax's LangChain connector, incorporating Astra DB or Apache Cassandra as a vector store becomes a seamless and intuitive process. “Developers at startups and enterprises alike are using LangChain to build generative AI apps, so a deep native integration is a must-have,” said Ed Anuff, CPO, DataStax. “The ability for developers to easily use Astra DB as their vector database of choice, directly from LangChain, streamlines the process of building the personalized AI applications that companies need. In fact, we’re already seeing customers benefit from our joint technologies as healthcare AI company, Skypoint, is using Astra DB and LangChain to power its generative AI healthcare model.” To learn more, join the live webinar on October 26 at 9am PT, where LangChain founder and CEO, Harrison Chase, and SkyPoint founder and CEO, Tisson Mathew, discuss their experience building production RAG applications. About DataStax DataStax is the company that powers generative AI applications with real-time, scalable data with production-ready vector data tools that generative AI applications need, and seamless integration with developers’ stacks of choice. The Astra DB vector database provides developers with elegant APIs, powerful real-time data pipelines, and complete ecosystem integrations to quickly build and deploy production-level AI applications. With DataStax, any enterprise can mobilize real-time data to quickly build smart, high-growth AI applications at unlimited scale, on any cloud. Hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises, including Audi, Bud Financial, Capital One, SkyPoint Cloud, Verizon, VerSe Innovation, and many more rely on DataStax to deliver real-time AI. Learn more at Apache, Apache Cassandra, and Cassandra, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation or its subsidiaries in Canada, the United States, and/or other countries.

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IntelePeer's AI Call Summary Dashboard Elevates Customer Interactions

IntelePeer | September 15, 2023

IntelePeer, a prominent AI-driven communications automation solutions provider, introduces a new addition to its SmartFlows platform, the Call Summary Dashboard. This innovative dashboard, equipped with AI and automation tools, empowers businesses to optimize omnichannel communication workflows, monitor real-time ROI, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Existing IntelePeer customers can access the Call Summary Dashboard at no extra cost, enabling them to create advanced hyper-automation omnichannel experiences without prolonged development cycles. Frank Fawzi, the CEO of IntelePeer, emphasized the company's dedication to addressing the needs of enterprises for high-quality automated customer interactions. He stated that AI had become a crucial element for businesses, leading to reduced labor costs and improved competitiveness. Fawzi noted that IntelePeer's most recent analytics engine and dashboard demonstrated how AI enhances the customer experience by guaranteeing consistent and precise responses to queries while eliminating call holds. He also mentioned that when the dashboard is put into action, it discloses the real-time count of fully automated customer interactions, resulting in a significant reduction in hold times and a substantial return on investment. This, in turn, saves businesses thousands through increased automation. The Call Summary Dashboard offers precise data on contained calls automated by IntelePeer's Smart product suite. Customers can assess the savings achieved by utilizing IntelePeer's AI-powered virtual SmartAgents instead of live agents. The dashboard also facilitates the creation of "what if" scenarios based on live traffic, demonstrating additional potential savings through increased automation and self-service capabilities over a specified timeframe. Fawzi highlighted the benefits, saying, With rich analytics at their fingertips, businesses can enhance operational efficiencies, improve customer experience, and make data-driven decisions. Companies harnessing generative AI are gaining an edge, and as AI continues to evolve, IntelePeer remains committed to assisting customers in harnessing this technology to meet evolving consumer needs. [Source: Businesswire] IntelePeer's SmartFlows leverage leading AI platforms like Azure's OpenAI for Generative AI, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, and Google Dialog Flow for Conversational AI. Users can create communication-enabled workflows that seamlessly integrate with existing processes and develop intelligent AI voice and messaging bots based on CRM data interactions and other data sources to enhance CX. Key SmartFlows features include: Massively scalable simultaneous call and messaging capabilities Built-in Natural Language Processing and Generation Automated and intelligent routing Easy integration with CRM and other business applications Audio library Pre-built templates About IntelePeer Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, IntelePeer is a leading software development firm specializing in AI-driven omnichannel communication solutions. Its Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) optimizes customer experiences, reduces costs, and streamlines operations through user-friendly, integrated software. With a robust online presence, IntelePeer continues to innovate in cloud-based communications, offering services such as cloud communications, cloud calling, cloud contact centers, and more.

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Docupace Releases Developer Portal to Catalyze Fintech Innovation

Docupace | September 22, 2023

Docupace Technologies, renowned for its cloud-based fintech solutions tailored to the wealth management sector, has introduced the Developer Portal, a comprehensive hub designed to empower developers. It serves as a one-stop shop for developers to access and utilize Docupace's APIs and associated developer resources. It is set to facilitate innovation and collaboration within the financial technology industry. The Developer Portal provides an extensive array of resources, including detailed API documentation, tutorials, widgets, and practical examples. Developers can also perform tasks such as creating accounts, generating API keys, and testing their applications with Docupace's live APIs through this portal. Liz Pavlik, Executive of Product Management for Docupace, reportedly expressed excitement, stating, We are excited to launch our Developer Portal and make it easier for developers to build innovative solutions using our APIs. Our goal is to provide developers with the resources they need to be successful, and we believe the Developer Portal will play a key role in achieving that goal. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Key features of the Docupace API Developer Portal: Comprehensive Documentation: In-depth insights into each API, including usage instructions, endpoints, parameters, authentication methods, and response formats. Tutorials and Examples: Resources to assist developers in getting started with Docupace's APIs Self-Service Account Management: Developers can create accounts, generate API keys, and manage subscriptions within the portal. Live API Testing: A platform for developers to test their applications against live APIs Interactive Code Samples: Real-world code samples in multiple programming languages to aid integration with the Docupace Platform. Robust Testing Environment: Controlled sandbox environment for efficient code validation and troubleshooting. Community Collaboration: A platform for developers to discuss, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects Matt Fields, Vice President of Research and Development at Docupace, affirmed the company's commitment to ongoing development and encouraged developers to provide feedback and suggestions through the portal's AI chatbot. About Docupace Docupace, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a leading digital operations technology provider specializing in streamlining and digitizing processes for wealth management firms. Its secure, cloud-based Docupace Platform offers solutions for client onboarding, document management, advisor transitions, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. With a focus on efficiency and compliance, Docupace serves a diverse range of financial firms, including some of the industry's largest players. Its expertise lies in web-based solutions, imaging, workflow management, and SaaS offerings, making them a valuable partner for financial services organizations seeking operational enhancements.

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General AI

Klue Releases AI-Powered Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Klue | October 09, 2023

Klue, the premier competitive enablement platform, has introduced a groundbreaking AI-driven feature to swiftly identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Named ‘AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses,’ this new tool automatically analyzes and categorizes thousands of customer reviews from various online platforms, eliminating the need for manual efforts. Klue, a Vancouver-based startup, has been utilizing AI since its establishment in 2015 to intelligently gather and organize publicly available competitive intelligence. Now, leveraging the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs), Klue aims to enhance efficiency for its users. Klue's Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Smith, reportedly stated, Review sites are a rich source of competitive intelligence, but the labor-intensive process of extracting valuable insights from these reviews is often impractical. AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses not only saves time but also identifies weaknesses in positive reviews and strengths in negative reviews, often overlooked by other review aggregation products. [Source – CISION PR Newswire] This innovative feature sources data from review platforms such as G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, Peerspot, Product Hunt, Software Advice, TrustPilot, Glassdoor, and Indeed. It streamlines the foundational work of assessing competitors' strengths and weaknesses, allowing Klue users to do so in significantly less time. Tamara Schebel, the VP of Product at Klue, emphasized their commitment to AI innovation and mentioned that it marked the inception of a series of critical insight modules aimed at gathering and analyzing various forms of information to generate insights. She noted that their new feature harnessed the power of GenAI to make this achievement possible. This new feature complements Klue's existing AI-based capabilities, including: Alerts Summarization: Speeds up competitive analysis with AI-generated article summaries, customizable and format. Recommended Alerts: Klue learns user preferences for topics, competitors, and content types to deliver personalized, relevant insights. Noise Reduction: Klue filters out 90% of irrelevant data and automatically categorizes the remaining 10%. Review Insights: Klue quickly analyzes competitor reviews, identifying positive and negative themes. AI-generated strengths and weaknesses complement Klue's existing AI-based functionalities, including alerts summarization, recommended alerts, noise reduction, and review insights. The tool is currently in early access and accessible to qualifying Klue customers. About Klue Klue, a Vancouver-based software development company founded in 2015, is a leader in the competitive intelligence and sales enablement sectors. The AI-powered platform, used by over 200,000 users, assists product marketers in collecting and analyzing intelligence from various sources. It has been recognized as one of Canada's top startups and is among Deloitte's Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ fastest-growing companies. Klue's platform combines external competitive intelligence with internal team knowledge, providing dynamic insights about competitors to help enterprise sales teams win more business.

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