MindBridge Launches Its API Helping Businesses Integrate Financial Risk Discovery and Anomaly Detection

MindBridge, a leader in cloud-first AI financial risk discovery and anomaly detection software, today announced its latest global release. MindBridge has delivered a new API, greater AI transparency through custom risk segmentation, and the expansion of platform localization and service for advanced risk analytics.

MindBridge risk scoring is central to the innovation behind our technology, and a clear advantage for business leaders looking to identify financial data anomalies for greater assurance at less cost. Increased regulatory review and complex controls are driving the need for more informed monitoring and stricter oversight of financial systems. With accounting firms across a wide range of industries leveraging MindBridge's cloud platform, we are continuously advancing our capabilities to help align world-class financial risk analytics with human intelligence for stronger professional judgment.

"Organizations that leverage analytics and AI in their business are driving change in the industry. "These organizations know where to focus and how to be fierce competitors. With the latest MindBridge release, we are bringing state-of-the-art analytics that can now be integrated into the core of an audit practice or financial technology landscape. This pushes to the next level the ease with which our clients can become data- and AI-enabled."

Robin Grosset, Chief Technology Officer of MindBridge

Widespread adoption of AI is now common amongst our customers. The MindBridge API introduces immense value for organizations who are automating and expanding integration of advanced risk analytics across their business and into upstream and downstream workflows. The MindBridge API will help organizations supercharge next-gen innovation by automating MindBridge input and output for audit and financial professionals.

MindBridge is now providing the ability to configure risk groups and create custom risk scores. This will enable stronger integration with a firm's audit methodology and provides internal audit teams with granular details through a new dashboard for better visibility into their risk segments.

"With less standardization in these areas, companies will see an increasing need for flexible solutions able to ingest different shapes of data and apply novel analysis," said Chris Corman, Senior VP of Product Development at MindBridge.

To further broaden the use of our technology and drive global adoption, the MindBridge interface is now available in Canadian French, Parisian French, German, and Castilian Spanish. These new supported languages are woven into the MindBridge platform, including supporting materials for non-English-speaking users.

MindBridge continues to bring together the most advanced financial risk analytics technology for audit and business professionals. Our latest release delivers further capabilities across our platform to enrich our customer and partner ecosystems for greater confidence in strategic insights and decision making.

About MindBridge
MindBridge is a global leader in financial risk discovery and anomaly detection that helps financial professionals access better ways of working by identifying, surfacing, and analyzing risk across broad financial datasets. MindBridge has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, and by Forbes as a Top 50 AI Firm to Watch for its contribution to transforming accounting and financial professionals' ability to analyze data. MindBridge was also the first Audit and Financial Analysis Software tool to have gone through the rigorous evaluation methodology of the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme and is the first private sector signatory to the Montreal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence.


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Anyscale Unveils Anyscale Endpoints to Integrate Open-Source LLMs

Anyscale | September 20, 2023

San Francisco-based AI infrastructure company Anyscale has unveiled a new service, Anyscale Endpoints, at Ray Summit 2023. The service enables application developers to seamlessly integrate open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) into their projects using popular LLM APIs. Anyscale claims that Endpoints is significantly more cost-effective than proprietary solutions, with costs up to 10 times lower for specific tasks. Traditionally, developers faced challenges such as complex infrastructure, high compute costs, and time-consuming model development when working with open-source LLMs. Anyscale's Endpoints simplifies this process by offering easy API access to powerful GPUs at a competitive price, allowing developers to harness open-source LLM capabilities without the traditional complexity. Robert Nishihara, the Co-Founder and CEO of Anyscale, reportedly mentioned that historically, obstacles such as infrastructure complexity, compute resources, and cost had limited AI application developers’ use of open-source LLMs. The demand for generative AI and high-quality LLM applications is rapidly rising, with the generative AI market projected to grow from $40 billion in 2022 to $1.3 trillion over the next decade, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Gartner notes the advantages of open-source models, including customizability, better deployment control, enhanced privacy and security, and the ability to leverage collaborative development. Anyscale offers Endpoints at a competitive rate of $1 per million tokens for state-of-the-art open-source LLMs, making LLM services more accessible to application developers. Additionally, Anyscale can quickly add new models, ensuring users have access to the latest innovations from the open-source community. Robert Nishihara, the Co-Founder and CEO of Anyscale, emphasized the significance of endpoints, stating, With seamless access via a simple API to powerful GPUs at a market-leading price, Endpoints lets developers take advantage of open-source LLMs without the complexity of traditional ML infrastructure. As AI innovation continues to accelerate, Endpoints enables developers to harvest the latest developments of the open-source community and stay focused on what matters—building the next generation of AI applications. [Source: Globe Newswire] Furthermore, Anyscale offers the option to run and use the Endpoints service within the customer's existing AWS or GCP cloud accounts, improving security and enabling the reuse of security controls and policies. Customers can also upgrade to the full Anyscale AI Application Platform for more customization and control over their data, models, and app architecture. Anyscale Endpoints integrates seamlessly with popular Python and machine learning libraries and frameworks, facilitating various use cases across different cloud platforms as AI applications evolve. Early users of Anyscale Endpoints have reported significant benefits, such as faster service deployment and cost advantages over proprietary alternatives. Anyscale's new service aims to empower developers to leverage open-source LLMs for their AI applications while reducing complexity and costs. About Anyscale Anyscale is a leading AI application platform founded by the creators of Ray, an open-source framework for scalable computing. Based in San Francisco, California, the company empowers developers of all skill levels to build, run, and scale AI applications with ease, from individual laptops to extensive data centers. Anyscale's mission is to simplify AI development by eliminating the need for distributed systems’ expertise, ensuring that every developer and team can succeed with AI. The company has gained traction in the industry, with organizations like Uber, OpenAI, Shopify, and Amazon using Ray for their machine learning platforms.

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Forethought’s Autoflows: AI-Driven Revolution in Customer Support

Forethought | September 25, 2023

Forethought, a leader in generative AI for customer support, has introduced Autoflows, a groundbreaking autonomous resolution capability for SupportGPT. This innovation marks a significant step towards a more efficient, goal-oriented, AI-centric future in customer support. In the fast-evolving landscape of customer support, AI is positioned to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their clients. However, many large enterprises, despite claiming to be AI-first, still rely on outdated manual workflows rooted in the CRM era. These workflows consume hours of valuable time and often lead to subpar performance, dissatisfied customers, and delayed value realization. Forethought aims to transform this outdated approach into a system of intelligence, redefining what it means to be truly AI-first. Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought, reportedly emphasized, Automation over the past decade has focused heavily on rules and tasks and building manual workflows. But the manual workflow is the Achilles heel of the AI-first future. [Source – Businesswire] Autoflows empower customer support leaders to define desired issue resolutions in plain, natural language, eliminating the need for complex decision trees or predefined rulesets. Leveraging AI, Autoflows accurately predicts user needs and determines efficient steps to achieve these desired outcomes. This efficiency allows support agents to redirect their focus towards more complex issues, transcending simplistic task-oriented processes. Autoflows promise significant benefits: Enhanced Customer Experience: Autoflows facilitate natural conversations with customers, employing generative AI models trained on real agent responses and CRM data. Improved Performance: These flows autonomously resolve customer issues and take actions in alignment with agent guidelines, brand preferences, and user prompts. Reduced Time to Value: Autoflows can be created in minutes using natural language, a stark contrast to the days it typically takes to construct intricate decision trees. Brent Pliskow, GM & VP of Customer Support at Upwork, expressed his appreciation for the innovation. He mentioned that they are constantly seeking to incorporate new generative AI capabilities into their customer support processes, with the goal of improving the customer experience and enhancing internal efficiency. He noted that, when they replaced specific manual workflows with Autoflows, they observed significant time savings compared to the traditional approach of building workflows. Additionally, he reported an increase of up to 27% in customer satisfaction in these particular use cases. About Forethought Founded in 2018, Forethought is a prominent generative AI company specializing in customer service automation. Its solutions seamlessly integrate generative AI powered by large language models (LLMs) to enhance support team efficiency. It offers instant case resolution, predictive case prioritization, and agent assistance, all within a single platform. With $90 million in venture capital funding and accolades like G2's Best Software Products for 2023, Forethought is a leader in the tech industry, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Docupace Releases Developer Portal to Catalyze Fintech Innovation

Docupace | September 22, 2023

Docupace Technologies, renowned for its cloud-based fintech solutions tailored to the wealth management sector, has introduced the Developer Portal, a comprehensive hub designed to empower developers. It serves as a one-stop shop for developers to access and utilize Docupace's APIs and associated developer resources. It is set to facilitate innovation and collaboration within the financial technology industry. The Developer Portal provides an extensive array of resources, including detailed API documentation, tutorials, widgets, and practical examples. Developers can also perform tasks such as creating accounts, generating API keys, and testing their applications with Docupace's live APIs through this portal. Liz Pavlik, Executive of Product Management for Docupace, reportedly expressed excitement, stating, We are excited to launch our Developer Portal and make it easier for developers to build innovative solutions using our APIs. Our goal is to provide developers with the resources they need to be successful, and we believe the Developer Portal will play a key role in achieving that goal. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Key features of the Docupace API Developer Portal: Comprehensive Documentation: In-depth insights into each API, including usage instructions, endpoints, parameters, authentication methods, and response formats. Tutorials and Examples: Resources to assist developers in getting started with Docupace's APIs Self-Service Account Management: Developers can create accounts, generate API keys, and manage subscriptions within the portal. Live API Testing: A platform for developers to test their applications against live APIs Interactive Code Samples: Real-world code samples in multiple programming languages to aid integration with the Docupace Platform. Robust Testing Environment: Controlled sandbox environment for efficient code validation and troubleshooting. Community Collaboration: A platform for developers to discuss, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects Matt Fields, Vice President of Research and Development at Docupace, affirmed the company's commitment to ongoing development and encouraged developers to provide feedback and suggestions through the portal's AI chatbot. About Docupace Docupace, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a leading digital operations technology provider specializing in streamlining and digitizing processes for wealth management firms. Its secure, cloud-based Docupace Platform offers solutions for client onboarding, document management, advisor transitions, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. With a focus on efficiency and compliance, Docupace serves a diverse range of financial firms, including some of the industry's largest players. Its expertise lies in web-based solutions, imaging, workflow management, and SaaS offerings, making them a valuable partner for financial services organizations seeking operational enhancements.

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General AI

Klue Releases AI-Powered Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Klue | October 09, 2023

Klue, the premier competitive enablement platform, has introduced a groundbreaking AI-driven feature to swiftly identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Named ‘AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses,’ this new tool automatically analyzes and categorizes thousands of customer reviews from various online platforms, eliminating the need for manual efforts. Klue, a Vancouver-based startup, has been utilizing AI since its establishment in 2015 to intelligently gather and organize publicly available competitive intelligence. Now, leveraging the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs), Klue aims to enhance efficiency for its users. Klue's Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Smith, reportedly stated, Review sites are a rich source of competitive intelligence, but the labor-intensive process of extracting valuable insights from these reviews is often impractical. AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses not only saves time but also identifies weaknesses in positive reviews and strengths in negative reviews, often overlooked by other review aggregation products. [Source – CISION PR Newswire] This innovative feature sources data from review platforms such as G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, Peerspot, Product Hunt, Software Advice, TrustPilot, Glassdoor, and Indeed. It streamlines the foundational work of assessing competitors' strengths and weaknesses, allowing Klue users to do so in significantly less time. Tamara Schebel, the VP of Product at Klue, emphasized their commitment to AI innovation and mentioned that it marked the inception of a series of critical insight modules aimed at gathering and analyzing various forms of information to generate insights. She noted that their new feature harnessed the power of GenAI to make this achievement possible. This new feature complements Klue's existing AI-based capabilities, including: Alerts Summarization: Speeds up competitive analysis with AI-generated article summaries, customizable and format. Recommended Alerts: Klue learns user preferences for topics, competitors, and content types to deliver personalized, relevant insights. Noise Reduction: Klue filters out 90% of irrelevant data and automatically categorizes the remaining 10%. Review Insights: Klue quickly analyzes competitor reviews, identifying positive and negative themes. AI-generated strengths and weaknesses complement Klue's existing AI-based functionalities, including alerts summarization, recommended alerts, noise reduction, and review insights. The tool is currently in early access and accessible to qualifying Klue customers. About Klue Klue, a Vancouver-based software development company founded in 2015, is a leader in the competitive intelligence and sales enablement sectors. The AI-powered platform, used by over 200,000 users, assists product marketers in collecting and analyzing intelligence from various sources. It has been recognized as one of Canada's top startups and is among Deloitte's Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ fastest-growing companies. Klue's platform combines external competitive intelligence with internal team knowledge, providing dynamic insights about competitors to help enterprise sales teams win more business.

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