IBM Launches Watson AIOps That Automates IT Anomaly Detection and Remediation

IBM | May 05, 2020

  • IBM announced the launch of Watson AIOps, a service that taps AI to automate the real-time detection, diagnosing, and remediation of network anomalies.

  • Coinciding with the launch of Watson AIOps are upgrades to Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s big data and predictive analytics platform.

  • IBM Edge Ecosystem and the aforementioned Telco Network Cloud Ecosystem, which will seek to recruit equipment manufacturers, networking and IT providers.

Today during its annual IBM Think conference, IBM announced the launch of Watson AIOps, a service that taps AI to automate the real-time detection, diagnosing, and remediation of network anomalies. It also unveiled new offerings targeting the rollout of 5G technologies and the devices on those networks, as well as a coalition of telecommunications partners — the IBM Telco Network Cloud Ecosystem — that will work with IBM to deploy edge computing technologies.

Watson AIOps marks IBM’s foray into the mammoth AIOps market, which is expected to grow from $2.55 billion in 2018 to $11.02 billion by 2023, according to Markets and Markets. That might be a conservative projection in light of the pandemic, which is forcing IT teams to increasingly conduct their work remotely. In lieu of access to infrastructure, tools like Watson AIOps could help prevent major outages, the cost of which a study from Aberdeen pegged at $260,000 per hour.


The COVID-19 crisis and increased demand for remote work capabilities are driving the need for AI automation at an unprecedented rate and pace, in a statement. With automation, we are empowering next generation CIOs and their teams to prioritize the crucial work of today’s digital enterprises — managing and mining data to apply predictive insights that help lead to more impactful business results and lower cost.

-IBM SVP Rob Thomas

Watson AIOps, which leverages semantic search techniques and which is built on the latest release of Red Hat OpenShift, runs across hybrid cloud environments and works with existing platforms like Slack, Box, and IT monitoring solutions such as Mattermost and ServiceNow. According to IBM Research chief scientist Ruchir Puri, it correlates among data sources to localize the root causes of issues and create an explainable diagnosis while recommending the best course of action

“[AIOps’] algorithms … work with time-series data of metrics, semi-structured but voluminous data logs, structured data like alerts, and unstructured data in incidents and human conversations to automatically create a timeline of the evolving issue. Each of these data sources better lends itself to certain types of tasks,” Puri explained. “Time series data, for example, is more suitable for regression tasks, whereas unstructured data is best for classification tasks. Logs and other semi-structured data can be used for either of the tasks after suitable transformations.”

Watson AIOps also leverages semantic search techniques that can relate the current incident to past incidents, analyzing those contextual cases and suggesting possible next-best remediations. IBM AI innovations, like Watson OpenScale, are at the forefront of developing trusted and explainable technologies and those innovations help SREs interpret the reason behind a Watson AIOps recommendation, which is critical to trusting those actions.

Coinciding with the launch of Watson AIOps are upgrades to Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s big data and predictive analytics platform. IBM Planning Analytics, a product designed to automate business planning, budgeting, and forecasting, can now be added as an extension to Cloud Pak for Data, as can the on-premises mobile device management (MDM) service IBM InfoSphere Master Data Connect.

IBM today also released Accelerator for Application Modernization with AI, a suite of tools within IBM’s Cloud Modernization Service that aims to reduce the effort and costs associated with app modernization. Application Containerization Advisor taps AI to provide recommendations for containerization, considering 12-factor properties to measure complexity. Candidate Microservices Advisor automates the discovery of microservices from an app’s source code and data artifacts, capturing details like component entities, Java classes, and database tables. And Modernization Workflow Orchestrator employs AI-based symbolic reasoning to create modernization steps tailored to each app.

Elsewhere, IBM will soon roll out upgrades to IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, the company says, so that customers can more easily create automations that perform data capture, task automation, business routing, and other such tasks. As for IBM Watson Assistant, IBM’s AI-based customer service, it’ll gain a new feature called “autolearning” that draws on prior interactions to provide the best, most relevant answers to new questions on related topics.



5G and edge devices

Beyond AI and automation solutions, IBM today introduced dedicated IBM Services teams for edge computing and telco clouds — specifically 5G-enabled edge computing. And it announced the IBM Edge Ecosystem and the aforementioned Telco Network Cloud Ecosystem, which will seek to recruit equipment manufacturers, networking and IT providers, and software providers including Cisco, Dell, Juniper, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, and others to help clients launch cloud and computing services.

The coalitions will make use of IBM’s new and existing edge and multicloud solutions, like IBM Visual Insights, IBM Production Optimization, IBM Connected Manufacturing, IBM Asset Optimization, IBM Maximo Worker Insights, IBM Visual Inspector, IBM Edge Application Manager, and IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager. Edge Application Manager, which is built atop the Linux Foundation’s Open Horizon software project, enables management of up to 10,000 edge nodes simultaneously for AI and analytics applications. Meanwhile, the OpenShift-powered Telco Network Cloud Manager handles automation capabilities to orchestrate virtual and container network functions both on OpenShift and the Red Hat OpenStack cloud platform.

Thomas anticipates that the adoption of 5G will make evident the utility of edge computing. 5G low latency makes it an ideal fit across scenarios like emergency response, robotic surgery, and connected-vehicle safety features, he asserts, because it shaves off crucial milliseconds that would be otherwise be spent sending workloads to the cloud.

“The convergence of 5G, edge computing, and hybrid multicloud is redefining how businesses operate — speeding innovation, creating better user experiences, and improving employee and customer engagement,” added Thomas.


IBM is helping enterprises capitalize on the opportunities created by this new computing model, offering a comprehensive set of open edge solutions and a robust open ecosystem. By drawing on our acquisition of Red Hat and industry expertise, we’re helping enterprises realize the opportunities of edge computing.

-IBM SVP Rob Thomas



Even though IT Convergence is a traditional E-Business Suite user, we decided to take steps towards Oracle Cloud and implement HCM and ERP Cloud.

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Quickbase, the no-code platform for complex projects, today announced significant updates to its enterprise solution, designed to help portfolio managers and IT leaders get visibility and control across every element of their complex program mix. In recent years, businesses have seen the complexity in their portfolios balloon – while the labor market shrinks. As a result, the demand to handle more programs, more people and more systems with no-code work platforms like Quickbase has grown substantially. Yet, with that complexity and scale come increased concerns around performance and security. Quickbase has been working to fix that, according to CEO Ed Jennings. “Our goal at Quickbase is to eliminate all the disconnected, manual workflows that drag down delivery of complex projects. To do that, we’re investing in building confidence and clarity for everyone – from portfolio leaders to IT to executives,” said Jennings. “This new release is a big step forward for our industry, ensuring our customers can confidently tackle expansive workflows across the diverse systems they rely on, without worrying about performance or data security.” Quickbase powers application development and workflow management across 80% of the Fortune 500 companies today, such as Procter & Gamble and AT&T. Quickbase’s enterprise solution empowers business teams to see critical information, connect disparate data and automate workflows, while enabling IT to control the entire process with the right security and governance in mind. With this new launch, Quickbase is further boosting its capabilities to help enterprises manage complex projects across the organization by building more performant, scalable and secure applications through: Predictive performance insights and optimization capabilities that intuitively scan, monitor and automate optimizations across customer apps. This surfaces deeper insights and recommendations on potential improvements, allowing customers to fine tune app performance, drive more collaboration between teams and scale usage across the organization. A host of new integrations and connectivity updates, including Amazon S3, Procore, ServiceNow and on-premise data integrations. These drag-and-drop integrations enable teams to combine data, automate workflows and unlock greater insights to make better data-driven decisions. Enhanced security in the cloud with advanced data encryption in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure KMS. This allows IT teams to centralize security management and consistently apply policies and standards for data and control, enabling business teams to safely scale usage across the organization. "We are continuously listening to our customers, and as users continue to build more apps, and scale them from departments to organization-wide use, we see an even greater need for enhanced performance and governance.” said Debbi Roberts, senior vice president of product management. “With these new features, we’re focused on how we can continue to build and evolve our enterprise solution around the growing needs of both mature and new customers looking to scale faster.” About Quickbase Quickbase helps customers see, connect and control every element of complex project portfolios. Whether it’s raising a skyscraper or orchestrating the roll out of 5G networks, the no-code software platform allows business users to custom fit solutions to the way they work – using information from across the systems they already have.

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