Google’s TensorFlow Lite Model Maker to Accelerate AI-Adoption in Workflows

venturebeat | April 15, 2020

  • According to a study conducted by Algorithmia, 50% of organizations spend between 8 and 90 days deploying a single machine learning model.

  • Tools like Model Maker could help companies incorporate AI into their workflows faster than before.

  • Google had unveiled TensorFlow Quantum, a machine learning framework for training quantum models, earlier this year.

Google today announcedTensorFlowLiteModel Maker, a tool that adapts state-of-the-art machine learning models to custom data sets using a technique known as transfer learning. It wraps machine learning concepts with an API that enables developers to train models in Google’s TensorFlow AI framework with only a few lines of code, and to deploy those models for on-device AI applications.

Tools like Model Maker could help companies incorporate AI into their workflows faster than before. According to a study conducted by Algorithmia, 50% of organizations spend between 8 and 90 days deploying a single machine learning model, with most blaming the duration on a failure to scale.

Model Maker, which currently only supports image and text classification use cases, works with many of the models in TensorFlow Hub, Google’s library for reusable machine learning modules. (“Modules” in this context refers to self-contained algorithms along with assets that can be used across different AI tasks.) Essentially, Model Maker applies models trained on one task to another related task at varying levels of accuracy, according to several parameters specified at the outset.


Model accuracy can be improved with Model Maker by changing the model architecture, which requires editing one line of code. After the input data specific to an on-device AI is loaded in, Model Maker evaluates the model and exports it as a TensorFlowLite model. (TensorFlowLite is a version of TensorFlow that’s optimized for mobile, embedded, and internet of things devices.)

Models created by TensorFlowLite Model Maker have metadata attached to them, including machine-readable parameters like mean, standard deviation, category label files, and human-readable parameters such as model descriptions and licenses. Google notes that fields like licenses can be critical in deciding whether a model can be used, while other systems can use the machine-readable parameters to generate wrapper code.

In the coming months, Google intends to enhance Model Maker to support more tasks, including object detection and several natural language processing tasks. Specifically, it says it’ll add BERT, a pretraining technique for natural language processing, for applications such as question-and-answer.

The launch of Model Maker follows on the heels of an API — Quantization Aware Training (QAT) — that trains smaller, faster TensorFlow models with the performance benefits of quantization (the process of mapping input values from a large set to output values in a smaller set) while retaining close to their original accuracy. Earlier in the year, Google unveiled TensorFlow Quantum, a machine learning framework for training quantum models, at the TensorFlowDev Summit.



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New Release of the Platform Accelerates AI-based Natural Language Solutions Adoption and Time to Value | April 27, 2022 today announced the new release of its purpose-built platform combining symbolic, human-like comprehension and machine learning to turn language into data, analyze and understand complex documents, accelerate intelligent process automation and improve decision making. By extending core features and adding unique capabilities, such as out of the box knowledge models and connectors, the new platform release increases flexibility, simplifies integration and optimizes data pipelines to augment efficiency across every process that involves natural language (NL). According to Gartner®, "enterprises sit on unexploited unstructured data, with opportunities to extract differentiating insights. Data and analytics technical professionals must uncover such insights by applying natural language technology solutions solutions: intelligent document processing, conversational AI and insight engines." [1] While data has always been integral to businesses, the proliferation of language within the enterprise and the rise of digital transformation have created a new sense of urgency to increase the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for natural language to get the most out of all data available to an organization. This has led to the increasing adoption of AI solutions for natural language to get the most value from all data available to an organization. To scale quickly and make AI investments successful, organizations need the tools and capabilities to deliver impactful results, faster. has been pioneering efforts in composite, or hybrid, AI with proven-market expertise and best practices honed from hundreds of successful, real-world implementations across industries, including insurance, financial services and banking, publishing and media, defense and intelligence. Specifically designed for natural language AI, the Platform leverages the combination of different AI techniques (machine learning and rule-based symbolic comprehension) with a simple and powerful authoring environment to effectively support the full natural language processing workflow. It is based on the principle that no single natural language AI technique is a fit for every project. According to Gartner®, "The days of singular AI techniques are coming to an end. Software and service providers that cannot provide solutions combining multiple AI techniques (such as machine learning, rule-based systems, optimization techniques, knowledge graphs, natural language technologies) will quickly find themselves at a disadvantage compared with those that can. The introduction of composite AI techniques, even within existing products, will have a profound impact on their capabilities." [2] Features and benefits delivered by the new release of the hybrid AI Platform include: 'Smarter from the start' knowledge models deliver NL applications to production faster with higher levels of business accuracy: new Platform release includes access to customizable pre-built rules-based NLP Knowledge Models used to classify text and extract entities, insights and relationships specific to a domain or use case. Knowledge models made available by the new platform release include: finance (commodities, currencies, macro-economics); ESG (environmental social and governance); life sciences; behavioral and emotional traits; PII (personally identifiable information, with redaction or pseudonymization). Simplified deployment processes across multiple environments, including Azure: new release enables users to select MS Azure as a preferred deployment environment. Easier integration, out of the box connectors: unlock more insights through hundreds of connectors via the Boomi Integration Platform and Qlik Connectors that provide quick, easy and secure access language assets in third-party systems and applications. Enhanced natural language operations: provides the ability to include custom Python and Java scripts or third-party services for pre- or post-processing activities in NL workflow orchestrations. "Turning data into a strategic asset is critical to consolidating value creation and remaining competitive. The new release of the Platform extends core purpose-built capabilities and introduces innovation to continue providing tangible business outcomes, enabling organizations to easily leverage their language data and accelerate AI deployments and time to value." Luca Scagliarini, chief product officer at About is a leading company in AI-based natural language software. Organizations in insurance, banking and finance, publishing, media and defense all rely on to turn language into data, analyze and understand complex documents, accelerate intelligent process automation and improve decision making.'s purpose-built natural language platform pairs simple and powerful tools with a proven hybrid AI approach that combines symbolic and machine learning to solve real-world problems and enhance business operations at speed and scale. With offices in Europe and North America, serves global businesses such as AXA XL, Zurich Insurance Group, Generali, The Associated Press, Bloomberg INDG, BNP Paribas, Rabobank, Gannett and EBSCO.

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