Google Introduces Google Workspace for Everyone

Google | June 15, 2021

Google Workspace today announced a series of updates that expand on the company's ambition of providing everyone with a single, integrated communication and collaboration solution. All of Google's three billion-plus existing users in consumer, enterprise, and education now have access to the entire Google Workspace experience, including Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and more.

In addition to making Google Workspace available to everyone, the company unveiled additional developments aimed at addressing the unique problems and opportunities of the hybrid workplace:
  • The evolution of Rooms in Google Chat to Spaces
  • A new individual subscription offer: Google Workspace
  • Individual New enhancements to Google Meet that enable collaboration equity
  • New security and privacy capabilities across Google Workspace

Google Workspace for everyone

Every day, the world's most innovative businesses, schools, and nonprofits use Google Workspace to redefine how people collaborate and achieve more. It is used daily by leading healthcare providers to revolutionize patient care, schools to transform remote learning into an immersive, personalized experience, and aerospace companies to reinvent flight. Google Workspace is now open to everyone with a Google account, which means that friends, family, or groups of any sort can remain connected, collaborate, and share helpful information in a single space. For example, you may quickly start a junior sports league, expand that fundraiser, or even turn a hobby into a business.

A new place to bring projects to life by connecting the right content, people, and conversations in new and powerful ways

The Rooms experience in Google Chat will expand into a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace with the launch of Spaces. Over the summer, we'll transform Rooms into Spaces and launch a simplified and flexible user experience to help teams and individuals keep on top of everything important.

Spaces will smoothly interact with files and tasks, offering a new home in Google Workspace for getting more done—together, leading to the latest features such as in-line topic threading, presence indicators, custom statuses, expressive reactions, and a collapsible view. Spaces will also serve as a hub for knowledge sharing and community building for teams of all sizes, allowing all relevant information, conversations, and files for a project to be organized and subjects intelligently moderated even at the organizational level. Spaces will play an essential role in keeping people connected and informed by allowing them to pin messages where everyone can see them.

A new individual subscription offer: Google Workspace Individual

Google Workspace is also releasing Workspace Individual, a powerful, user-friendly solution designed to assist individual business owners in growing, running, and protecting their businesses. This new subscription service offers premium features such as intelligent booking services, professional video meetings, and personalized email marketing, with much more on the way. Subscribers can effortlessly manage their personal and professional responsibilities from one place, with access to Google support to get the most out of their solution, using their current Google account.

Workspace Individual will soon be available in six markets: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and Japan.

A single, connected experience

The importance of developing safe, collaborative areas and promoting human interaction has never been more critical as businesses move to a hybrid work environment. Because Google Workspace was created to enable collaboration everywhere, at any time, it is now assisting millions of organizations in navigating the difficulties and possibilities of the newly emerging work model. Customers are rethinking virtual meetings, providing people with current tools to remain engaged, manage their time and attention, and double down on security and privacy. Google Workspace was built for this period in a variety of ways.

About Google Cloud
With the most significant infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise, Google Cloud accelerates customers' ability to change their businesses digitally. We provide enterprise-grade cloud solutions that utilize Google's cutting-edge technology to help companies run more effectively and adapt to the evolving needs, providing clients with a solid foundation for the future. Customers in over 200 countries and territories rely on Google Cloud as a trusted partner to address their most critical business problems.


HPE Operations Bridge’s latest release includes new performance and monitoring dashboards, including the new Business Value Dashboard. The BVD allows you to combine IT data with your business data warehouse. It provides you with a single view of all the IT-related information and business-related information in one screen, giving the company availability of infrastructure, revenue performance, new customers added and customers’ distributions across the world. Want to dig down deep? Click on the screen and get the OMi monitoring dashboard applicable to the issue, and get a complete picture of your IT applications and infrastructure, topology of applications being supported, as well as all events being monitored.

Other News

Claris launches FileMaker 19: the company's first open platform extending low-code development using readily-available JavaScript libraries.

Claris | May 20, 2020

Claris International Inc., an Apple subsidiary, today announced the launch of FileMaker 19: the company’s first open platform for developers to rapidly build sophisticated custom apps leveraging direct JavaScript integrations, drag-and-drop add-ons, AI via Apple’s Core ML, and more. Through FileMaker 19, developers can be more productive and businesses can now leverage Claris’ global community of developers, marketplace of add-ons, and existing developer resources to collaboratively solve complex digital problems."As cost pressure grows in our rapidly-changing world, companies need to innovate quickly to boost productivity and deliver for their customers,” said Claris CEO Brad Freitag. “That critical agility is at the core of FileMaker 19 as we open the Claris Platform to the most popular programming language on the planet. We’re excited to see what our 50,000 customers will do with a growing set of add-ons and the ability to integrate any of the millions of JavaScript packages.

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Pango Group Launches VantageIQ, a Proprietary, Data Intelligence Software Platform to Support Consistent Business Growth and Recurring Revenue

Pango Group | December 29, 2021

Pango Group, one of the leading independent settlement services companies in California, recently announced the launch of VantageIQ, its proprietary software platform focused on utilizing data intelligence to support its approach of consistent growth and recurring revenue. VantageIQ is powered by a robust back-end and provides a seamless user experience through intelligent dashboards, easy-to-digest reports, and real-time notifications, allowing sales representatives, escrow officers, and management to analyze metrics quickly and efficiently to make the best decisions possible. Identifying a recurring revenue model within the financial services industry has historically been a challenge. In an industry traditionally viewed as purely transactional, we set out to solve this problem by aggregating both internal and external data sets that empower us to predict and forecast future business." Joe Curtis, Pango Group COO. With the launch of VantageIQ, Pango Group can leverage its data-driven sales process in unison with its outstanding client service to create predictable revenue for its business - business that is fueled by technology to build long-lasting business relationships that produce multiple deals over multiple years. I know that VantageIQ will help our current employees grow and will do the same for those we hire in the future, and that makes me very happy. Part of our mission is to enhance the lives of our people, and I know this tool will do just that by equipping them with the knowledge and power to make smart decisions that benefit our clients." Scott Akerley, Pango Group CEO. In addition to VantageIQ facilitating a recurring revenue model and propelling business growth, Pango Group will use the platform for recruiting and retaining top talent in the industry. About Pango Group: Pango Group is a family of companies that includes Glen Oaks Escrow, American Trust Escrow, CV Escrow, California Elite Escrow, AV Escrow, Escrow Trust Advisors, Olive Escrows Inc., VOI Insurance Solutions, Mosaic Signing Services, California Settlement Services, and Document Archive Solutions. Pango Group has been one of California's leading independent escrow resources for over 26 years, with locations from Los Angeles to Orange County to the Coachella Valley and San Diego, and owns and manages over 20 offices and 300 employees. The company's mission of running exceptional real estate service businesses that enhance the lives of the people, partners, and communities they serve has been an integral part of its success. Most recently, Pango Group was named one of the Best Places to Work for the eighth year in a row in Los Angeles.

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Denodo Recognized as a Leader in The Enterprise Data Fabric Evaluation by Independent Analyst Firm

Denodo | June 10, 2020

Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent technology and market research company, has positioned Denodo as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020”. According to the report, “Customers like Denodo’s data virtualization product and the ability to quickly transition to data fabric in order to support enterprise-focused data fabric use cases.” The complete and complimentary report, published on June 10, is available here.

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AI TECH Digital Transformation Institute Announces Call for Proposals for AI to Transform Cybersecurity and Secure Critical Infrastructure | December 24, 2021

The Digital Transformation Institute invites scholars, software developers, and researchers to advance the science of digital transformation with artificial intelligence (AI) designed to harden information security (Infosec) and secure critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity is an existential issue, We are assembling the best minds on the planet to develop innovative AI to attain a step-function improvement in securing IT, OT, and critical infrastructure systems.” Thomas M. Siebel, Chairman and CEO of C3 AI, a leading enterprise AI software provider. We aim to develop AI techniques to identify and neutralize malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and prevent the weaponization of innocent insiders.” DTI Co-Director R. Srikant of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an expert in AI and networks. Immediate Call for Proposals: AI to Transform Cybersecurity and Secure Critical Infrastructure. Topics for research awards may include, but are not limited to, the following: AI techniques to identify previously unknown malware, ransomware, and zero-day vulnerabilities, enabling isolation and neutralization AI-enabled network and system crawlers that can continuously search and identify persistent access mechanisms (backdoors), bots, remote access toolkits (RATS), stagers, and Trojans AI forensics and attribution techniques to identify sources of attacks AI techniques to automate simulated adversarial attacks to identify system and network vulnerabilities AI techniques to accurately identify and enable the neutralization of phishing attacks Change management techniques to prevent the weaponization of innocent insiders AI techniques to detect the presence of advanced persistent threats and insider threats AI-enabled network and/or system crawlers that access and continuously evaluate system security levels AI techniques, perhaps in supervised or unsupervised learning, to provide early detection of system and/or network anomalies that might be indicative of unauthorized access, denial of service, or data exfiltration Techniques and methods to enable the development of AI algorithms that are resilient to adversarial attacks AI techniques to identify concentration risk in the software and computer supply chain Change management to transform organizational behavior to manifest best practices in cyber hygiene Techniques to respond to attacks at the organizational and societal level This third call for proposals is open now, with a submission deadline of February 7, 2022. Researchers are invited to learn more about DTI and how to submit their proposals for consideration at Award winners will be announced in March 2022, with a start date around June 1, 2022. Award winners may take part in the annual DTI Research Symposium, to be held March 22-24, 2022, in Miami, Florida. Up to USD $10 million in cash awards will be funded from this third call, ranging from USD $100,000 to $1,000,000 each. In addition to cash awards, DTI recipients will be provided with significant cloud computing, supercomputing, data access, and AI software resources and technical support provided by Microsoft and C3 AI. This will include unlimited use of the C3 AI® Suite hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and access to high-performance computing resources at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. All science developed from DTI funded projects accrues to the public domain. Establishing the New Science of Digital Transformation DTI focuses its research on AI, machine learning, IoT, big data analytics, human factors, organizational behavior, ethics, and public policy. The Institute supports the development of ML algorithms, data security, and cybersecurity techniques. DTI research analyzes new business operation models, develops methods of implementing organizational change management and protecting privacy, and amplifies the dialogue around the ethics and public policy of AI. About Digital Transformation Institute Digital Transformation Institute represents an innovative vision to take AI, ML, and big data research in a consortium model to a level that cannot be achieved by any one institution alone. Jointly managed by the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, DTI attracts the world’s leading scientists to join in a coordinated and innovative effort to advance the digital transformation of business, government, and society, and establish the new science of digital transformation. To support the Institute, C3 AI will provide $57,250,000 in cash contributions over the first five years of operation. C3 AI and Microsoft will contribute an additional $310 million in-kind, including use of the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure computing, storage, and technical resources to support DTI research.

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HPE Operations Bridge’s latest release includes new performance and monitoring dashboards, including the new Business Value Dashboard. The BVD allows you to combine IT data with your business data warehouse. It provides you with a single view of all the IT-related information and business-related information in one screen, giving the company availability of infrastructure, revenue performance, new customers added and customers’ distributions across the world. Want to dig down deep? Click on the screen and get the OMi monitoring dashboard applicable to the issue, and get a complete picture of your IT applications and infrastructure, topology of applications being supported, as well as all events being monitored.