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Forethought’s Autoflows: AI-Driven Revolution in Customer Support

Forethought’s Autoflows: AI-Driven Revolution in Customer Support

Forethought, a leader in generative AI for customer support, has introduced Autoflows, a groundbreaking autonomous resolution capability for SupportGPT. This innovation marks a significant step towards a more efficient, goal-oriented, AI-centric future in customer support.

In the fast-evolving landscape of customer support, AI is positioned to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their clients. However, many large enterprises, despite claiming to be AI-first, still rely on outdated manual workflows rooted in the CRM era. These workflows consume hours of valuable time and often lead to subpar performance, dissatisfied customers, and delayed value realization. Forethought aims to transform this outdated approach into a system of intelligence, redefining what it means to be truly AI-first.

Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought, reportedly emphasized,

Automation over the past decade has focused heavily on rules and tasks and building manual workflows. But the manual workflow is the Achilles heel of the AI-first future.

[Source – Businesswire]

Autoflows empower customer support leaders to define desired issue resolutions in plain, natural language, eliminating the need for complex decision trees or predefined rulesets. Leveraging AI, Autoflows accurately predicts user needs and determines efficient steps to achieve these desired outcomes. This efficiency allows support agents to redirect their focus towards more complex issues, transcending simplistic task-oriented processes.

Autoflows promise significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Autoflows facilitate natural conversations with customers, employing generative AI models trained on real agent responses and CRM data.
  2. Improved Performance: These flows autonomously resolve customer issues and take actions in alignment with agent guidelines, brand preferences, and user prompts.
  3. Reduced Time to Value: Autoflows can be created in minutes using natural language, a stark contrast to the days it typically takes to construct intricate decision trees.

Brent Pliskow, GM & VP of Customer Support at Upwork, expressed his appreciation for the innovation. He mentioned that they are constantly seeking to incorporate new generative AI capabilities into their customer support processes, with the goal of improving the customer experience and enhancing internal efficiency. He noted that, when they replaced specific manual workflows with Autoflows, they observed significant time savings compared to the traditional approach of building workflows. Additionally, he reported an increase of up to 27% in customer satisfaction in these particular use cases.

About Forethought

Founded in 2018, Forethought is a prominent generative AI company specializing in customer service automation. Its solutions seamlessly integrate generative AI powered by large language models (LLMs) to enhance support team efficiency. It offers instant case resolution, predictive case prioritization, and agent assistance, all within a single platform. With $90 million in venture capital funding and accolades like G2's Best Software Products for 2023, Forethought is a leader in the tech industry, headquartered in San Francisco, California.


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DOCKERCON – Today, in the Day-2 keynote of its annual global developer conference, DockerCon, Docker, Inc.® announced Docker AI, Docker’s first AI-powered product, boosting developer productivity by tapping into the universe of Docker developer wisdom to provide context-specific, automated guidance to developers as they work. The introduction of Docker AI was among a range of new AI/ML capabilities, content, and partnerships announced by Docker with the aim of helping developers quickly and securely take advantage of the power of AI/ML in their applications. In adding these extensions to the current Docker suite of developer tools, content, and services, Docker “meets developers where they are” and boosts the productivity of their existing skills and workflows. Code generation AIs are boosting developer productivity when writing source code — and that’s fantastic, said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. In addition to the source code, applications are made up of web servers, language runtimes, databases, message queues, and many other technologies. Docker AI helps developers define and troubleshoot all aspects of the app quickly and securely as they iterate in their ‘inner loop. In recent years, the rapid pace of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) has increased developer productivity by 10X through code generation tools such as GitHub Copilot and Tabnine. However, these code generation tools account for only 10% to 15% of the application, with the 85% to 90% balance made up of databases, language runtimes, frontends, and more, defined by Dockerfiles, Docker Compose files, and Docker images. Since Docker’s inception, Docker’s community has chosen to share these with each other via GitHub, Docker Hub, and other public forums. Docker AI will enable the developer community to benefit from this collective knowledge. “IDC research shows that generative AI tools contribute to developer happiness via increased productivity, accelerated velocity, and time to attend to higher value tasks,” said Katie Norton, senior research analyst for DevOps and DevSecOps at IDC. “The guidance from Docker AI will not only help deliver these gains, but also set up developers for success across the application stack. By harnessing the collective knowledge of Docker’s developer community, developers can feel confident that Docker AI’s insights are based on best practice, and it is recommending the most secure and updated images.” Docker AI provides context-specific, automated guidance to developers when they are editing a Dockerfile or Docker Compose file, debugging their local ‘docker build,’ or running a test locally. Docker AI enables developers to benefit from the collective wisdom of the millions of developers using Docker — some for more than 10 years — through automatically generating best practices and selecting up-to-date, secure images for their applications. Using Docker AI, developers are able to spend more time focused on their app, less on tools and infrastructure. About DockerCon The announcements made today were featured at DockerCon 2023, where it’s not too late to attend virtually at The event brings together the entire community of Docker developers, contributors, and partners to share, teach, and collaborate in order to grow the understanding and capabilities of cloud-native development. DockerCon is a highly concentrated learning experience that shows developers what is new and what is possible with Docker and our ecosystem, and how to take advantage of these innovations right away to get their jobs done better and faster. Virtual sessions are free, interactive, fun, and are designed for flexible global consumption on the day of the event and beyond. About Docker Docker helps millions of developers efficiently and collaboratively build, share, and run applications. The Docker collaborative application development platform provides developers with an unmatched experience for an integrated, reliable, and secure workflow that accelerates app delivery from code to the cloud. Through a combination of the world’s largest marketplace of trusted content and integrations with leading tools, Docker allows teams to rapidly create modern applications. For more information, visit

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Rasa Technologies, a pioneer in conversational AI, introduced its innovative Generative AI-native enterprise conversational platform, streamlining AI assistant construction and blending pro-code and low-code development to maximize productivity. Soufiane Houri, Chief Product Officer at Rasa, reportedly commented, With our latest platform, Rasa is democratizing generative AI, making it transparent, reliable, and trustworthy for enterprises. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The platform, centered around CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models), facilitates natural interactions and robust language processing. This approach significantly enhances assistant fluency and reduces complexity, ensuring seamless integration within existing business logic and workflows. Comprising Rasa Pro and Rasa Studio, the platform caters to both technical and business users. Rasa Pro, an open-core conversational AI framework, enables sophisticated conversation understanding and deployment at scale, while Rasa Studio empowers users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to streamline workflow design. Franz Weisenburger, Head of Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Service, reportedly emphasized the platform's potential by adding, Rasa's latest platform marks a revolutionary advancement in the realm of conversational AI. It effortlessly combines ease of use with advanced capabilities. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The Rasa Conversational AI platform, while striving to balance pro-code and low-code development, might potentially pose challenges for businesses with limited technical expertise, as the integration and optimization process could require a certain level of technical proficiency. Additionally, the platform's sophisticated nature might necessitate comprehensive training for users unfamiliar with advanced AI systems, possibly leading to a slower initial adoption rate. Rasa's newly launched conversational AI platform, integrating pro-code and low-code development, stands out as an innovative solution that simplifies AI assistant construction. By leveraging the benefits of its CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) approach, the platform facilitates natural interactions and enhances assistant fluency, leading to a more seamless integration within existing business workflows. Furthermore, the inclusion of Rasa Pro and Rasa Studio accommodates both technical and business users, ensuring an adaptable interface and streamlined workflow design, thereby enhancing overall productivity and the user experience. About Rasa Rasa, a leading open generative conversational AI platform, caters to Fortune 500 companies, prioritizing data privacy, security, and scalability for enterprises. Since its inception in 2016, it has facilitated the creation and enhancement of enterprise-grade text and voice-based AI assistants, boasting a user base that spans both startups and large corporations. With a remote-first approach and global presence, the company's suite of products includes Rasa Pro, Rasa X/Enterprise, and Rasa-as-a-Service, allowing businesses to build, review, and improve AI interactions with ease.

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Springbrook Software, the leader in cutting-edge ERP platforms for local government agencies, has released a new modern AI-powered customer service solution: HelpDesk AI. The Springbrook HelpDesk AI empowers customers with lightning-fast access to vital product information, expediting their requests. This dynamic solution provides access to an extensive knowledge library covering all Springbrook Enterprise ERP modules, spanning Finance, HR, Payroll, Utility Billing, Payment Solutions, Tax Collection, Reporting, and Advanced Capital Budgeting. Springbrook's HelpDesk AI harnesses ChatGPT technology and taps into Springbrook's immense product content library, packed with terabytes of video and textual resources. We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and easy to use solutions to address their everyday needs. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in customer service takes us one step further in making our customer's works easier. Our new HelpDesk AI continually evolves through each customer interaction, fine-tuning its content delivery. Expect more groundbreaking technology like this across our Cirrus cloud-based finance ERP platform, says Robert Bonavito, Springbrook CEO. Springbrook's HelpDesk AI boasts adaptive learning capabilities, expertly guiding customers to the right content using a series of questions and prompts. Backed by thousands of hours of customer service interactions, this solution is primed to handle virtually any request for training, guidance, or product details. About Springbrook Software Springbrook Software is the country's leading cloud-based finance and administration software provider designing solutions specifically for small to medium sized local government agencies. Over 2800 cities, towns and districts from coast to coast use our suite of modern, high-performance solutions to manage their finances, HR, payroll, utility billing, reporting and collect citizen payments. Springbrook is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with regional presence in over 40 states, and seven countries internationally.

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PR Newswire | October 20, 2023

Lakeside Software, the leading IT data intelligence company, unveiled major enhancements to its SysTrack platform today, launching multiple generative AI features to enhance solutions for customers. The Lakeside SysTrack platform provides end-to-end visibility across large, complex IT environments. Unparalleled in its data collection capabilities, it gathers information from more than 10,000 data points every 15 seconds across various endpoints, surpassing any other in the end-user or digital employee experience market. Then 1200+ sensors automatically analyze the data at the endpoint and deliver actionable insights into the digital workplace. With today's release, this critical data foundation now fuels the industry's top AI technologies to offer intuitive and accelerated issue resolution, self-service, and proactive IT. Today's AI-driven world is built on data, and Lakeside is poised to take advantage of these emerging technologies with our breadth, depth, and retention of end-point data, said David Keil, CEO of Lakeside Software. Our solution goes beyond conventions, bridging human knowledge gaps with holistic end-point data and the expansive knowledge from the web and other common sources. It represents a major step in delivering proactive and efficient IT support to enterprises at scale. Through Lakeside's new Intelligent Support feature launched in beta today, IT service desk technicians can access the full power of SysTrack data combined with the leading large language model at their fingertips. Without leaving the SysTrack platform, L2 and L3 technicians view step-by-step instructions describing how to take action on the massive amounts of data coming from Lakeside's Intelligent Edge. With built-in AI, SysTrack now provides guidance on how to overcome IT challenges and can dynamically interact with your team to adjust that advice to the specific needs encountered in your environment. In addition, SysTrack now has integrated support that further automates self-service and proactive service delivery at scale. Powered by integrations with leading providers like Moveworks, SysTrack can deploy proactive alerts to employees in Teams, Slack or other applications where employees regularly work. It can promote self-service via conversational AI and resolve issues via automations. The Lakeside SysTrack platform offers one of the most comprehensive DEX integrations with Moveworks, the leading AI copilot platform for the enterprise. With Lakeside's new generative AI capabilities, SysTrack will act as an extension of enterprise customers' system engineering team. SysTrack's massively-scalable and patented Intelligent Edge architecture allows the company to continue to invest in data collection and grow its AI capabilities. To learn more, visit About Lakeside Lakeside Software is how organizations with large, complex IT environments can finally get visibility across their entire digital estate and see how to do more with less. For far too long, IT teams have struggled to see what's going on in their dark estate — where costly inefficiencies, poor employee experiences, and unresolved problems hide. Only Lakeside lets you give everyone a better view, so they can see the hidden issues, see the smartest fixes, and see the biggest savings. That's why so many of the world's leading global brands rely on Lakeside. And it's how our customers see an average ROI of more than 250%. Learn how you can get a better view at Give everyone a better view.

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