Enterprise AI platform Dataiku launches managed service for smaller companies

Dataiku | June 15, 2021

Dataiku is going downstream with a new product today called Dataiku Online. As the name suggests, Dataiku Online is a fully managed version of Dataiku. It lets you take advantage of the data science platform without going through a complicated setup process that involves a system administrator and your own infrastructure.

If you’re not familiar with Dataiku, the platform lets you turn raw data into advanced analytics, run some data visualization tasks, create data-backed dashboards and train machine learning models. In particular, Dataiku can be used by data scientists, but also business analysts and less technical people.

The company has been mostly focused on big enterprise clients. Right now, Dataiku has more than 400 customers, such as Unilever, Schlumberger, GE, BNP Paribas, Cisco, Merck and NXP Semiconductors.

There are two ways to use Dataiku. You can install the software solution on your own, on-premise servers. You can also run it on a cloud instance. With Dataiku Online, the startup offers a third option and takes care of setup and infrastructure for you.

“Customers using Dataiku Online get all the same features that our on-premises and cloud instances provide, so everything from data preparation and visualization to advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities,” co-founder and CEO Florian Douetteau said. “We’re really focused on getting startups and SMBs on the platform — there’s a perception that small or early-stage companies don’t have the resources or technical expertise to get value from AI projects, but that’s simply not true. Even small teams that lack data scientists or specialty ML engineers can use our platform to do a lot of the technical heavy lifting, so they can focus on actually operationalizing AI in their business.”

Customers using Dataiku Online can take advantage of Dataiku’s pre-built connectors. For instance, you can connect your Dataiku instance with a cloud data warehouse, such as Snowflake Data Cloud, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. You can also connect to a SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL…), or you can just run it on CSV files stored on Amazon S3.


IDC's research shows that business-driven initiatives impact over 60% of enterprise IT spending. The vast majority of this investment is associated with what can be broadly described as digital transformation (e.g., harnessing innovative cloud, big data, social, mobile, DevOps, and Internet of Things technologies) to radically automate business processes, create new revenue opportunities, and improve customer engagement.

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One AI to Take on Global Language AI Challenge with NLP-as-a-service Platform for Developers

One AI | May 31, 2022

One AI, an NLP-as-a-service startup, empowering developers to embed Language AI in their products, officially launched today. One AI has raised $8M in seed funding from leading angel investors and VCs, including Ariel Maislos, Tech Aviv, Tomer Wiengarten, CEO of Sentinel One. One AI allows developers to seamlessly embed language comprehension into their projects, transforming texts from any source into structured data, with no training data or machine learning knowledge required. To deliver accuracy, predictability and fast time-to-value for concrete product tasks, One AI's Language Skills combine curated and optimized open-source models with models designed by their research team. One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives. Amit Ben and Aviv Dror, who previously co-founded NanoRep, later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM). Yochai Levi, who has filled executive positions at companies such as WeWork, LivePerson, and Conduit, and Asi Sheffer, who bridges the gap between industry and academia with his past experience in companies like IBM and LogMeIn. "The generation of unstructured data is increasing at unprecedented rates, and the inability to understand it results in negative outcomes that include everything from lost sales, to lower levels of user engagement and loyalty, to reputation damage. "The adoption of language comprehension tools by the broader developer community is the way to overcome it." Amit Ben, Founder & CEO at One AI "Language is the most valuable untapped resource, beyond the reach of most products and companies. This is true to most industries and domains and results in negative outcomes that include everything from lost sales, to lower levels of user engagement and loyalty, to reputation damage." says Yaron Samid, Founder and Managing Partner of TechAviv. "Unleashing Language AI allows us to harness the power of this unstructured data and turn it into useful information and insights." One AI's Language Skills API packages NLP models, trained for concrete business use-cases. Language Skills support input in various formats (text, audio, JSON, video..). Developers can mix-and-match Skills in a single pipeline using One AI's Language Studio – a no-code visual interface – to process texts in a single API call, and can also include O/S and their own models. About One AI One AI is a Language AI service for developers. Our Language Skills enable language comprehension in context, transforming texts from any source into structured data to use in code. No training data or NLP/ML knowledge are required.

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New Research Reveals Chatbots and Conversational AI are an Absolute Necessity to Drive Successful Talent Engagement

Sense | July 26, 2022

Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions for enterprise recruiting, uncovers the role and impact that Conversational AI and chatbots have in today’s competitive recruiting landscape. The research was conducted in collaboration with Talent Board, the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. To better understand how talent acquisition teams are coping with the pressures of attracting and communicating with qualified candidates, Sense and Talent Board surveyed over 350 HR and talent acquisition leaders across industries. The resulting data uncovered that the number one challenge for recruiting teams today was connecting and engaging with passive talent (42%) and that the most successful method in contacting and communicating with candidates was via chatbots and Conversational AI (36%). As corporations throughout the U.S. continue to experience critical labor shortages, impactful engagement and communications is the key to driving meaningful candidate experiences - and to accelerate hiring. Additional findings from the Sense and Talent Board Research Report, “How Chatbots and Conversational AI Improve Talent Engagement and the Candidate Experience” include: Making the Case for Chabot Implementation The top three reasons corporations have implemented chatbot technology are to: Improve the responsiveness of their candidate communications (61%) Free up recruiters’ time and enhance their productivity (54%) Enhance the overall quality of the candidate experience (45%) Measuring Successful Communication and Engagement Benefits of Chatbots 51% of respondents cite a “significant improvement” in candidate satisfaction as a direct result of implementing their chatbots; 49% say their chatbots have enhanced the overall quality of their company’s candidate experience; 35% say chatbots have freed up recruiters’ time and enhanced their productivity. “Enterprise leaders must understand that quick and intuitive candidate engagement is essential to finding, attracting and hiring qualified candidates,” explained Anil Dharni, CEO and Co-Founder of Sense. “In fact, 51% of talent acquisition leaders say their use of chatbots improved the responsiveness of their candidate communications. To remain competitive, talent acquisition teams must activate cutting edge technologies like Conversational AI and Chatbots to significantly improve the communication flow and attract high quality candidates.” Chatbots are engineered to enhance a talent acquisition team’s responsiveness and to make this communication feel more natural and personal. When used in the early stages of talent attraction and engagement, chatbots also free up talent acquisition team’s time to attend to time sensitive recruiting matters. Additional benefits of implementing conversational AI chatbots reported include: 29% -- Accelerating the overall hiring process 27% -- Helping candidates better identify their open job preferences 26% -- Automating the interview scheduling 24% -- Helping candidates submit their job applications easier 21% -- Providing candidates updates about their application throughout various stages of the recruiting process “Timely and consistent candidate communication is always a critical competitive differentiator in recruiting and hiring,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent board President. “For companies with any hiring volume, smart automation with conversational AI chatbots can help scale candidate engagement from pre-application to onboarding. And each year in our benchmark research we find that candidate sentiment is much more positive when they get questions answered in a timely manner – over 50% more positive.” Survey Methodology Sense and Talent Board surveyed HR and talent acquisition leaders and their teams around the world regarding their efforts to better engage and communicate with qualified candidates and enhance the candidate experiences they’re delivering in 2022. We received a total of 350 anonymous survey responses online from May 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022, representing input from companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. About Sense Sense delivers a leading AI-powered talent engagement platform that helps recruiting and talent teams to personalize their interactions with talent at every stage of the recruiting process. More than 700 organizations including Amazon, Dell, Kelly Services, Kindred Healthcare, and Sears rely on Sense to help accelerate hiring, strengthen their employment brand and exceed recruiting targets - all while delivering a personalized candidate experience. About Talent Board Founded in 2011, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Talent Board delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research that highlights accountability, fairness and the business impact of candidate experience.

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Perforce's Automotive Software Development Survey Reveals Software Has Become Central to Automotive Development

Perforce | May 20, 2022

Perforce Software, a provider of solutions for enterprise teams requiring productivity and visibility at scale within the SDLC, released the results of its annual State of Automotive Software Development survey conducted in partnership with Automotive IQ. Close to 600 automotive development professionals across the globe provided responses to current practices and emerging trends within the industry. Key findings suggest a growing concern for automotive software security, while the automotive vehicle market continues to rapidly evolve. With the continued growth of autonomous, semi-autonomous, electric, and connected vehicle segments, software is even more central to automotive development. The increasing amount of software installed in vehicles can lead to more safety and security considerations during the development process. In fact, 76% of automotive developers have adopted or are in the process of adopting a shift-left strategy to identify software security and safety vulnerabilities as early as possible. In addition, the survey found that automotive developers' top three leading concerns are safety (34%, a decrease of 9% from last year), security (27%, an increase of 5% over last year), and quality (25%, and increase of 4% over last year). Of those most concerned with safety, 46% said their biggest concerns are the difficulties and time required to fulfill every ISO 26262 requirement. "Safety continues to be the automotive software industry's key priority, but security concerns continue to rise as the need to protect automotive electronic systems, communication networks, and software grows. "OEMs and their supply chain partners want to prevent costly and malicious attacks, unauthorized access, or manipulation to automotive systems, and ensuring their code is secure is the first step to mitigating those incidents." Perforce Vice President of Product Ido Benmoshe Autonomous, semi-autonomous, electric, and connected vehicle development is also greatly impacting development teams. The majority of teams are working on autonomous and semi-autonomous components (82%, an increase of 38% over last year), electric components (87%, an increase of 39% over last year), and connectivity components (83%, an increase of 34% over last year) to some degree. Another notable finding was that 86% use a coding standard to ensure safe, secure, and reliable code — with 46% of those surveyed using a static code analysis tool to aid in compliance, and 31% use a SAST tool to ensure secure software. "Organizations across the automotive industry continue to work toward meeting the highest levels of quality," said Director of Compliance Jill Britton. "With the rapid growth of the electric and autonomous vehicle segments, compliance to safety and security standards is going to be more important than ever." About Perforce Perforce powers innovation at an unrivaled scale. Perforce solutions future-proof competitive advantage by driving quality, security, compliance, collaboration, and speed – across the technology lifecycle. We bring deep domain and vertical expertise to every customer, so nothing stands in the way of success. Our global footprint spans more than 80 countries and includes over 75% of the Fortune 100. Perforce is trusted by the world's leading brands to deliver solutions to even the toughest challenges. Accelerate technology delivery, with no shortcuts. Get the Power of Perforce.

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AgreeYa Spins-Off BeatBlip, Launches HuLoop to Accelerate Growth and Innovation in the Intelligent Automation Space

AgreeYa Solutions | June 01, 2022

AgreeYa Solutions, a global leader in software, solutions and services, today announced it is spinning off BeatBlip, its AI-powered, codeless, intelligent automation platform with the launch of HuLoop Automation (HuLoop), a new software company, to accelerate growth and innovation. The new company will build upon AgreeYa’s longstanding investment in BeatBlip, which enables business process automation (BPA), robotic process automation (RPA) and software test automation (STA). Forrester projects the RPA market will reach $22 billion by 2025; Markets and Markets expects the global BPA market size to grow to $19.6 billion by 2026; and a 2021 Research and Markets report put the global automation testing market at $20.7 billion last year and forecasted 19.2 percent compound annual growth. HuLoop aims to become a leader in each of these high-growth markets. The BeatBlip platform is uniquely positioned to be a single source solution across an expanding array of automation requirements. The user-friendly no-code/low-code platform is designed to orchestrate tasks and activities across complex business workflows and disparate systems. It can generate, deploy and manage bots to automate manual and mundane tasks, and it can control and execute repetitive software tests verifying results against expected outcomes. Todd P. Michaud, an accomplished and high-energy technology executive with a proven track record for driving growth and innovation in both mature and high growth start-up software companies, has been appointed CEO of HuLoop. He previously served in executive leadership positions with IBM, Revionics, Retalix, NCR, Amdocs, Hypersonix and DemandTec. “The automation market is poised for significant growth, and we intend to earn our fair share of that growth by delivering industry leading innovation,” said Michaud. “We are committed to helping our clients solve their most complex challenges while delivering meaningful cost savings and productivity gains.” The HuLoop name was chosen to underscore the company’s commitment to supporting humans being in-the-loop during automation while also supporting full unattended automation. “We believe AI-powered automation can do amazing things, especially when it is blended with the strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and empathy unique to humans. We are in the business of unleashing the power of automation to help enterprises realize maximum value from their human capital,” added Michaud. “The BeatBlip platform has been helping customers around the globe successfully adopt and scale automation with ease for years. “Existing customers won’t experience any disruption, and in fact, they benefit from expanded capabilities, focus and resources. With Todd at the helm of HuLoop, together we will build an amazing company that leads emerging trends and delivers on the promise of automation for our customers.” Ajay Kaul, managing partner at AgreeYa Solutions and HuLoop board chairman ABOUT HULOOP AUTOMATION, INC. Based in the Sacramento, Calif. area, HuLoop Automation, Inc., helps enterprises realize maximum value from their people by keeping humans in-the-loop during intelligent automation in addition to ungoverned automation. The innovative AI-powered automation company was built to accelerate the growth of the low-code/no-code BeatBlip platform previously led by AgreeYa Solutions, Inc. HuLoop will expand BeatBlip’s business process automation, robotic process automation and software test automation capabilities. Learn more at and follow HuLoop on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. ABOUT AGREEYA SOLUTIONS AgreeYa Solutions is a leading global provider of software, solutions, and services to small, medium, and global Fortune 100 organizations. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Folsom, Calif., AgreeYa has over 2,000 professionals helping clients across the U.S., India, EMEA and Mexico. Leveraging a technology-enabled, consultative approach and diverse talent, AgreeYa offers modern workplace, smart analytics, intelligent automation, AI/ML, cloud transformation, mobility, and talent management solutions to deliver digital transformation to its clients. AgreeYa has received considerable recognition including certifications like Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider; AICPA SOC 2 Type 2, SEI CMMI, and ISO 9001:2015; and awards including “Dream Company to Work For” and “Best Employer Brand.”

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IDC's research shows that business-driven initiatives impact over 60% of enterprise IT spending. The vast majority of this investment is associated with what can be broadly described as digital transformation (e.g., harnessing innovative cloud, big data, social, mobile, DevOps, and Internet of Things technologies) to radically automate business processes, create new revenue opportunities, and improve customer engagement.