Elon Musk Takes Comedian Jay Leno for a Ride in the 2021 Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla | May 29, 2020

  • Tesla’s legion of superfans have been buzzing about the company’s first all-electric pickup truck.

  • The Cybertruck, ever since Elon Musk unveiled the truck’s unique design at a highly-anticipated event in November.

  • Cybertruck not slated to go into production until late-2021 — at which point, it will start at $39,900.

Few people have been able to actually drive the much-buzzed about pickup. That’s why comedian Jay Leno jumped at the chance to take the Cybertruck for a test drive — with Musk himself in the passenger seat, no less — in the latest episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” that airs on CNBC on Wednesday at 10 pm ET.

“It feels very much like any other Tesla. You get instant acceleration,” Leno tells Musk while driving the Cybertruck near Tesla’s Hawthorne, California headquarters. Tesla says the pickup can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Leno also compliments the Cybertruck’s “greenhouse,” a term that refers to the truck’s windshield, side windows and a transparent glass roof that gives the pickup’s interior a bright and open aesthetic.

“The greenhouse is fabulous,” Leno says. “I love how open it appears to be.”

Leno goes on to ask Musk if he plans to change any aspects of the Cybertruck’s design before the pickup goes into production and starts shipping to customers over a year from now. Musk replies by saying he doesn’t want to make any substantial changes to the truck.

At Tesla, we always want to have the production car be better than the show car,It always drove me crazy when manufacturers would come out with this cool-looking show car and then the actual production car would be way worse,” Musk says, adding: “We won’t do show cars that aren’t real.

-Elon Musk Tesla CEO


The Cybertruck’s futuristic design garnered massive amounts of media attention when it was revealed in the fall, thanks to its “cyberpunk” styling that Musk says was inspired by the sci-fi movie “Blade Runner and the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

Musk goes on to tell Leno that the proportions of the Cybertruck’s show version are “pretty close” to what they’ll be once the pickup goes into production, though he does toy with the idea of making the pickup smaller to ensure that it can “fit in a normal garage.”

In fact, Musk tells Leno that Tesla could take all of the pickup’s proportions and “drop them by 5%.” However since the test drive, Musk has tweeted that he and Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, decided against the change. Musk also tweeted on Saturday that Tesla will “probably do a smaller” electric pickup “at some point.”

Otherwise, Musk says, there are “lots of little details” that the average person might not even think about that Tesla will tinker with between now and the time when the Cybertruck starts production. Those details include improving visibility through the pickup’s dramatically sloped windshield.

And speaking of the windshield, Musk touts the fact that Tesla is using “effectively, armored glass” for the windshield, roof and other windows in the truck. He also points out that the body of the Cybertruck will be outfitted with bulletproof stainless steel.

To that, Leno asks: “Why is that important to you that it be bulletproof?”

Musk responds, simply: “Because it’s bad-ass and super cool.”

Leno eventually concedes that it’s “a good answer.”

Finally, the pair drive the Cybertruck to the site of one of Musk’s other company’s most famous creations — The Boring Company test tunnel for a rapid transit system — where Leno drives the pickup through the tunnel that runs for 1.1 miles underneath Los Angeles.



Enterprise mobility management suites enable organizations to integrate and manage mobile devices in their IT infrastructures. End-user computing leaders must act amid rapid market changes to reach both short-term and long-term enterprise mobility objectives.

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To do so, organizations need low-code, intelligent solutions that help employees (from pro developers to business users) innovate quickly and work effectively while giving customers optimal, personalized experiences during every interaction. Available now, Pega Infinity 8.7 helps organizations improve TX with a seamlessly integrated set of capabilities that accelerate digital transformation with the speed, scale, and flexibility needed to overcome any business challenge or need. New enhancements to Pega Platform™, Pega Customer Service™, and Pega Customer Decision Hub™ enable businesses leaders to: Optimize outcomes with AI-powered capabilities in Pega Customer Decision Hub to better engage with customers, including: Customer Profile Viewer: This new feature lets users deep dive into individual customer's propensities, behaviors, suppressions, and potential value. They can also explore customers' omnichannel interaction history to better optimize responses, proactively detect future issues, and simulate next-best-action strategy performance. Action Performance Tracker: Also new in Pega Infinity 8.7, this feature helps users proactively monitor offer performance and determine the success of next-best-action recommendations. Automated alerts inform users of anomalies and help prioritize triage, streamlining the troubleshooting process. Adaptive gradient boosting: These online learning algorithms increase predictive accuracy by allowing users to understand the impact of each model feature on overall performance. This helps ensure success before deploying to production for the most relevant, empathetic customer experiences possible. 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Improved low-code UX: Developers can deploy rich user experiences (UX) with more speed and control with a modern, single-page application architecture for more responsive user interfaces (UI). Pro developers can orchestrate multiple experiences from the same app definition while citizen developers can quickly create quality UIs with built-in guardrails. Pega Infinity unifies customer engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation capabilities within a single platform to help accelerate digital transformation across entire global enterprises. By engaging customers with the right message, at the right time, across any channel, clients can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer lifetime value, and boost organizational productivity. Most importantly, Pega's low-code environment helps reduce business complexity – resulting in accelerated deployments, faster iteration, and greater customer and employee satisfaction. "The way we do business has changed. Today's leaders know providing great customer experiences is no longer enough. Instead, they need to refocus their efforts to also include great employee experiences. "By implementing solutions that help create optimal total experience, organizations gain a tremendous advantage that not only creates better customer experiences, but also empowers employees to be productive and innovate faster. These new updates to Pega Infinity are helping organizations drive truly transformative outcomes for employees and customers alike." Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pegasystems About Pegasystems Pega delivers innovative software that crushes business complexity so our clients can make better decisions and get work done. We help the world's leading brands solve their biggest business challenges: maximizing customer lifetime value, streamlining customer service, and boosting operational efficiency. 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Enterprise mobility management suites enable organizations to integrate and manage mobile devices in their IT infrastructures. End-user computing leaders must act amid rapid market changes to reach both short-term and long-term enterprise mobility objectives.