DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0 Helps Businesses Navigate Unpredictable Markets

DataRobot | March 21, 2022

DataRobot, one of the most widely deployed and proven AI platforms in the world, today announced AI Cloud 8.0. Designed to help every business better navigate unpredictable events and market conditions, AI Cloud 8.0 brings all organizations the ability to continuously optimize machine learning models to deliver top performance in production and connect with the broadest range of data to generate the most complete and accurate predictions.

"AI is becoming increasingly mainstream with 69% of organizations either already using or planning to use AI in the next 24 months. But even more, AI has clearly moved from the experimental phase to mission critical with businesses realizing real value from improved growth and revenue to cost reduction to operational efficiency. Now more than ever, businesses need an AI platform that is adaptive, shifting and adjusting to even the most unpredictable market conditions."

 Jack Vernon, Senior Research Analyst, European AI Systems, IDC

With AI Cloud 8.0, DataRobot enhances key innovations for every business, including:
  • Predictive AI apps. DataRobot’s AI App Builder is extended with support for Automated Time Series, providing business consumers with the ability to help their organizations be more resilient and match the realities of today’s fluid and unpredictable market landscape. Recent Automated Time Series innovations including prediction explanation and segmented modeling can be fully brought to life in a no-code environment where AI applications can be rapidly built.
  • Continuous optimization and trust. DataRobot’s Continuous AI capabilities are now available in on-premises environments along with leading public cloud platforms. These capabilities are especially powerful in enabling businesses to protect against real-world changes from prolonged pandemic conditions, changing economic climates, and shifting consumer behavior. Continuous AI automatically adapts and recommends the best model for predicting a desired business outcome given historical data and current conditions, to enable customers to protect performance in the future.
  • Best in class connectivity and partner ecosystem. New integrations to Microsoft Active Directory and Scoring Code for Snowflake expand DataRobot’s extensive library of connections to data sources, data formats and business applications. This enhanced ecosystem accelerates time to value by enabling all businesses to work with an expanded library of models, a complete set of pre-built integrations, and write-back capabilities to the most popular cloud data stores.

“Given today’s highly competitive and unpredictable job market, it’s critical that the tens of thousands of students enrolled at our university succeed academically,” said Dr. Hiselgis Perez, Associate Vice President, Analysis and Information Management, Florida International University. “With the help of DataRobot, we’re able to predict and identify at-risk students and proactively get them the academic support they need in order to stay on track and graduate. Our ability to quickly analyze data and make predictions for every student, has helped graduation rates triple over the past decade.”

“Businesses today are navigating uncharted market challenges – from the lasting impact of the prolonged pandemic, to unreliable supply chains, to a rapidly approaching return to work,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Chief Product Officer at DataRobot. “AI has the potential to help every business manage through this unprecedented time. But your AI platform must be able to anticipate and adapt faster and more intelligently to even the most unpredictable market conditions. With DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0, we’re empowering businesses to better anticipate moments of change and continuously optimize machine learning models, even those already in production, while driving new and more accurate decisions down to front line business users.”

DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0 is available today to all businesses in a multi-cloud architecture. It is easily deployed to public clouds, on premises in the data center and at the edge, with unified management and operations. Learn more about DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0.

About DataRobot
DataRobot AI Cloud is the next generation of AI. DataRobot’s AI Cloud vision is to bring together all data types, all users, and all environments to deliver critical business insights for every organization. DataRobot is trusted by global customers across industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50.


Sandra Joyce, Vice President and Head of Global Intelligence Operations, FireEye Kevin Mandia, Chief Executive Officer, FireEye As one of the foremost experts in cybersecurity, Kevin Mandia will discuss today’s threat environment and its impact on enterprises and agencies around the world. He will be joined on stage by Sandra Joyce, FireEye’s Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence, who will share insight into the threat actors, tactics and trends that are likely to play an integral role in the landscape of cybersecurity in the years to come.

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SoftWorks AI Rebrands as TRUE and Answers Need for Lending Intelligence

TRUE | June 23, 2022

SoftWorks AI, the leader in lending intelligence, today launched an extensive rebrand, including changing its name to TRUE. The new name reflects the company’s unique ability to give lenders a true picture of a borrower by using AI to inspect and audit every data point when verifying a loan and its underlying documentation. By providing deeper, more comprehensive, and more accurate insights on borrowers, TRUE allows lenders to gain market share by enabling faster turn times and reducing risk. TRUE’s new name and logo demonstrate how the company harnesses the power of AI to turn lending – especially in the mortgage space – into a near real-time experience. While other vendors need humans in the loop to get data right, TRUE’s platform accurately analyzes every data point in a loan package automatically. TRUE’s technology can reduce manual reviews by up to 85% and has increased underwriter productivity by up to 300%. The lending industry has long been focused on automation, with an end-state goal of touchless automation. This can only be achieved with lending intelligence, which uses AI to ensure all data going into the automation process is 100% correct and verify that every extrapolated insight is accurate and provably true. The TRUE brand is focused on using cutting-edge technology to find what is true, a process the company calls Lending Intelligence. “TRUE uses AI to help lenders address customers’ most important expectations – speed, accuracy and reduced risk. “We are an AI lab focused executively on the lending sector and our AI platform is fully trained to address the challenges and nuances of lending. TRUE optimizes every step of the lending cycle, efficiently delivering critical information so our clients can get a full picture of their risk exposure. By providing a fast, thorough, and explainable analysis of every last data point, we reduce errors and improve decisioning, powering trustworthy lending.” Ari Gross, CEO of TRUE TRUE is transforming both the primary and secondary lending markets with technology that reads documents chronologically and holistically, going far beyond generic data classification that misses important details and nuances – and results in costly bad decisions. By ensuring that loan documents tell a consistent and coherent story and that all documents are cross-validated, TRUE enables lenders to get a holistic view of lending risk while delivering greater certainty to customers. The company currently serves major institutions from across the lending industry including Rocket Mortgage, Carrington, and 50% of the top mortgage insurers. TRUE processes millions of loans and billions of documents through its AI powered lending technology annually. About TRUE TRUE is a software solutions company and AI lab that helps lenders harness the power of artificial intelligence to make accurately informed lending decisions – increasing revenue while reducing operating costs and risk. Since 2017, it has set the industry standard for intelligent lending technology, delivering results that provide a true competitive advantage.

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Tanla, forge exclusive partnership to offer Conversational AI Solutions

Tanla | June 13, 2022

Tanla, a leading global CPaaS provider, and, the world's leading enterprise conversational AI software platform and solutions company, today announced an exclusive partnership in five countries – India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines. This partnership is a momentous step forward in offering enterprises and brands the ability to upraise the digital experiences of their key stakeholders: customers, partners, and employees through best-in-class conversational artificial intelligence (AI) based Natural Language Processing (NLP) system. For the users, this effectively translates into digital interactions truly becoming intuitive and meaningful. Recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms Magic Quadrant 2022, offers an enterprise-grade, end-to-end, no-code conversational AI platform and AI-first solutions that serve as a secure foundation for enterprises to design, build, test, host, deploy and manage virtual assistants, process assistants and conversational digital applications for optimized customer, employee and agent experiences across voice and digital channels. The Experience Optimization Platform (XO) supports on-prem and cloud deployments for more than 35 channels in 100 languages. also brings with it an experienced and dedicated team to jointly accelerate product development and go-to-market (GTM) with Tanla in India and other focus geographies. Tanla is an industry leader in CPaaS, serving marquee clients across all major industries and transforming the way the world collaborates and communicates through innovative CPaaS solutions. It touches over a billion lives with its purpose "EC*2" i.e., "shaping the world of trusted digital experiences to empower consumers and enable companies." Tanla's Wisely platform is an embodiment of a step towards this purpose. Co-developed with Microsoft, Wisely is the world's first blockchain-powered cloud-based platform that connects enterprises and suppliers through a secure 'express route', ensuring complete transparency and a single source of truth that results in immutable audit trails and zero dispute settlements. Gartner has recognized Tanla in the 2021 CPaaS Competitive landscape based on a combination of prominence and the unique features of Wisely. The conversational AI market is growing at a rate of approximately 21% CAGR (source: Market Digits) while the Indian market itself is expected to grow at a rate of 25% CAGR (source: Gartner, Expert Interview). This outlook presents a huge growth opportunity in the conversational space. Tanla's rich communication portfolio and a strong customer base coupled with's conversational AI capabilities and large development organization will position the duo as a leader, enabling enterprises to deliver advanced, highly intelligent, and personalized experiences to their customers across their brand's digital touchpoints. "Enterprises are looking for technologies that help them create extraordinary customer and employee experiences, which positively impact business outcomes. Through this partnership, Tanla and will jointly offer a first-of-its-kind customer engagement platform offering conversation-first experiences that can automate and optimize voice and chat interactions across multiple channels, languages, and regions, while retaining the human touch all through. We are thrilled to work with a partner like Tanla that will help us advance our vision of creating extraordinary customer, employee, and agent experiences." Raj Koneru, Founder and CEO of Today's enterprises require a conversational AI provider, a channel delivery partner, a marketing partner to promote the intelligent virtual assistant, and a separate implementation partner to be able to set up effective conversational bot support. However, with the coming together of Tanla and, enterprises will be able to leverage their end-to-end capabilities and consultative support without having to go through multiple stops and partners. Some notable advantages of this also include access to a no-code virtual assistant development platform, an implementation team, omnichannel communication, campaign management for marketing, advanced analytics, and much more to support enterprises with unparalleled end-to-end ownership and quality assurance. "The Tanla – business partnership is a key milestone in our pursuit to provide best-in-class next-gen solutions to our enterprise customers. This partnership will provide cutting-edge AI solutions on Wisely Platform to help clients realize the value of truly omnichannel digital customer experiences," said Uday Reddy, Founder Chairman and CEO, Tanla Platforms Limited. Tanla and are confident that this collaboration will usher in a new era of automated and seamless digital communication that will elevate customer experience to new heights while helping enterprises build a better relationship with their customers. About is a global leader in the conversational AI-first platform and solutions helping enterprises automate business interactions to deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, employees, and contact center agents. More than 200 Fortune 2000 companies trust's experience optimization (XO) platform and technology to automate their business interactions for over 100 million users worldwide to achieve extraordinary outcomes. has been recognized as a leader and an innovator by top analysts and ensures the success of its customers through a growing team headquartered in Orlando with offices in India, the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Europe. About Tanla Tanla Platforms Limited transforms the way the world collaborates and communicates through innovative CPaaS solutions. Founded in 1999, it was the first company to develop and deploy A2P SMSC in India. Today, as one of the world's largest CPaaS players, it processes more than 800 billion interactions annually and about 63% of India's A2P SMS traffic is processed through Trubloq, making it the world's largest Blockchain use case. Wisely, our patented enterprise-grade platform offers private, secure, and trusted experiences for enterprises and mobile carriers. Tanla Platforms Limited is headquartered in Hyderabad. Tanla is listed on two national exchanges, the NSE and BSE (NSE: TANLA; BSE:532790) and included in prestigious indices such as the Nifty 500, BSE 500, Nifty Digital Index, Nifty Alpha FTSE Russell and MSCI.

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Apiiro Launches Partner Program to Help Customers Fix Cloud-Native Application Risks Faster

Apiiro | June 03, 2022

Apiiro, the leader in Cloud-Native Application Security, today announced the Apiiro Partner Program, which provides comprehensive support for technology, consulting, and reseller partners across the Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) ecosystem. In the era of cloud-native application development, the remediation lifecycle is getting longer and more complex because risks are distributed across the design, code, open source packages, infra-as-code, containers, Git and CI/CD servers, and cloud infrastructure. In addition, the shift in responsibilities and the use of a multitude of tools, each addressing only a small subset of cloud-native application risks has reduced the overall efficacy with noisy alerts and false-positives due to the lack of context. Context from cloud infrastructure to code and Software Bill Of Materials visibility (SBOM) are instrumental for the remediation process across the software supply chain. Partners like Alacrinet, Defy Security, Google Cloud, HashiCorp, NetSPI, NXGN, Parabellyx, and Trace3 from the cloud-native application security, DevOps, cloud infrastructure security, and other cybersecurity industries are joining the Apiiro Partner Program to work together to help customers remediate cloud-native application risks across the software supply chain. Partners will benefit from the Apiiro Risk Graph technology and enabling resources to speed customer adoption and success with a contextual shift left risk remediation technology. "Our customers aren't just modernizing their cloud-native application security - they're reinventing the way they develop, build, and deploy cloud-native applications across the software supply chain. By uniting in the Apiiro Partner Program, Apiiro and our partners can collectively ensure cloud-native applications are developed and delivered in a secure manner." John Leon, VP of Business Development at Apiiro Program benefits include training materials and sales resources, access to technical evaluation demos and documentation to enable go to market and joint promotion opportunities. By enrolling in the Apiiro Partner Program, partners can increase their value to customers by delivering contextual shift left risk remediation before releasing to the cloud. About Apiiro Apiiro helps security and development teams proactively fix risk across the software supply chain, before releasing to the cloud.

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NEC Selects DDN Storage for Japan's Largest Corporate AI Research Supercomputer

DDN | May 19, 2022

DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multicloud data management solutions, today announced that NEC Corporation (NEC) has selected DDN storage for its new supercomputer dedicated to AI research. With a raw compute performance of 580 PFLOPS, the new research supercomputer will provide data scientists at NEC with access to the largest AI-focused development environment in the industry in Japan and assist in the rapid development of advanced AI. The AI research supercomputer relies on the DDN EXAScaler® parallel file system, which has been used in HPC environments around the world for more than 20 years, and more recently to support emerging large-scale AI use cases. The storage environment consists of multiple DDN ES400NVX EXAScaler appliances with a total capacity of 16 PB, providing 400 GB/sec read and 320 GB/sec write IO performance, and around 24 million IOPS. The AI research supercomputer's hardware system is configured with NVIDIA's A100 80GB Tensor Core GPU for processing and NVIDIA Spectrum SN3700 switches for networking, which are tightly integrated with the DDN solutions. "NEC has been developing various advanced AI technologies such as biometric authentication, image recognition, video analysis, and data analytics. Therefore, we handle a wide variety of large-scale data, including images, video, audio, and text," said Mr. Takatoshi Kitano, senior AI platform architect, Digital Technology Development Laboratory, NEC Corporation. "After a year of technical verification and operation, we decided to adopt DDN's high-performance storage, which can handle a wide variety of I/O workloads. Another deciding factor in our decision was DDN Japan's excellent technical development and maintenance capabilities. We expect both companies to collaborate on the development of the AI supercomputer and take on the challenge of creating new social value in the future." In AI, the "data pre-processing" phase—from data ingestion to data transfer to training—is the most critical phase for a storage environment. DDN's EXAScaler appliances not only provide high-performance storage for a variety of workloads but also offer the security and management features that are essential for enterprises' AI workloads. DDN's EXAScaler storage system provides GPU Direct Storage integration, the CSI driver necessary for storage access through Kubernetes, and multi-tenancy—standard features that enable secure and simplified management without compromising on performance improvements when utilized in a leading-edge deep learning environment. "Data has become a strategic tool to address a wide variety of business opportunities. "We are excited by this opportunity to supply NEC with an efficient solution to help drive their data-centric AI initiatives." Robert Triendl, general manager of DDN Japan DDN's data storage solutions will fully support the new AI research supercomputer to realize NEC's objective of "AI research and development to accelerate the digital transformation of society." The NEC supercomputer for AI research has already entered production and is expected to reach its planned capacity in March 2023. About DDN DDN is the world's largest private data storage company and the leading provider of intelligent technology and infrastructure solutions for Enterprise At Scale, AI and analytics, HPC, government, and academia customers. Through its DDN and Tintri® divisions, the company delivers AI, Data Management software and hardware solutions, and unified analytics frameworks to solve complex business challenges for data-intensive, global organizations. DDN provides its enterprise customers with the most flexible, efficient and reliable data storage solutions for on-premises and multi-cloud environments at any scale. Over the last two decades, DDN has established itself as the data management provider of choice for over 11,000 enterprises, government, and public-sector customers, including many of the world's leading financial services firms, life science organizations, manufacturing and energy companies, research facilities, and web and cloud service providers.

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Sandra Joyce, Vice President and Head of Global Intelligence Operations, FireEye Kevin Mandia, Chief Executive Officer, FireEye As one of the foremost experts in cybersecurity, Kevin Mandia will discuss today’s threat environment and its impact on enterprises and agencies around the world. He will be joined on stage by Sandra Joyce, FireEye’s Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence, who will share insight into the threat actors, tactics and trends that are likely to play an integral role in the landscape of cybersecurity in the years to come.