BitTitan Introduces Novel Features for Microsoft Teams Migrations

BitTitan | February 15, 2021

BitTitan, the developer of MigrationWiz and a global leader in managed services automation, introduces novel features in MigrationWiz. This will provide greater control and visibility for IT professionals. By this, they will be able to migrate tenant-to-tenant instances of Microsoft Teams.

The novel features exemplify a robust investment in Teams migration capabilities from BitTitan. This will be happening from a demand for Teams projects that continue to rise. The adoption of Microsoft Teams has soared during the 2020 pandemic. It grew 894% from the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown to June 2020. The usage of teams rose from 44 million daily active users in March to 75 million in April 2020. And by October 2020, Microsoft reported 115 million daily active Teams users, per its Q1 2021 earnings announcement.

Through leveraging MigrationWiz, users can currently migrate channel structure, conversation history, files, and user permissions for individual teams and channels. Also, private chats and OneNote can now be transmitted from one Microsoft Teams to another. With this, BitTitan saw analogous Teams' growth. It experiences a 400% rise in terms of migration revenue in the previous year. The company also saw a 9,000% mount in the amount of data being migrated between tenant-to-tenant instances of Teams. And approximately 770% growth in the number of Team projects being migrated.

Observing the figures, Microsoft Teams has now become an increasingly essential tool for companies globally. Geeman Yip, BitTitan founder, and CEO mentions it in his interview. While Teams is continuously evolving, BitTitan is uniquely positioned itself to support Teams migrations progressively.
Another novel feature BitTitan incorporated into MigrationWiz is the new Teams Migration Assessment. It is powered by Voleer. The assessment can evaluate the tenant environment and give superior visibility into all the components to get migrated. These capabilities can assist IT managers gain better insight into the scope of the migration. Along with it, it can estimate costs more accurately, and identify project challenges that need to be proactively addressed.

All of these assessments can help in governing Team usage and data before and after the migration process. Michelle Canada, Solution Architect, New Era Technology said that not only is it faster to collect data with the assessments from BitTitan Voleer, but it is also easy to read. Also, it can significantly reduce possibilities of errors and require little effort from our team to manage all the activities. These capabilities will enhance project management and enable the company’s team to work more efficiently in the future.

About BitTitan

BitTitan® empowers IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation. MigrationWiz® is the industry-leading SaaS solution for mailbox, document, public-folder and Microsoft Teams migrations between a wide range of Sources and Destinations. Voleer® is a solution that centralizes and automates IT tasks, helping empower IT service professionals to streamline daily operations and eliminate redundancies. Since 2009, BitTitan has moved over 22 million users to the cloud for 45,000 customers in 188 countries and supports leading cloud ecosystems including Microsoft, Google and Dropbox.


IT service desk systems have evolved considerably over the past 20 years, from simple tools for capturing tickets to sophisticated solutions that streamline and automate service support tasks. These tasks are performed by people in a variety of IT roles including those outside the traditional service desk, such as development or operations.

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tekVizion Uses Amazon Web Services to Bring Conversational AI to Contact Centers

tekvizion | September 21, 2022

tekVizion is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make it easy for enterprises to add conversational artificial intelligence (AI), such as bots and interactive voice response systems (IVRs), to their existing contact center platforms. With the solution, IT administrators can quickly improve caller experience and reduce agent handle times without the cost and disruption of upgrading their entire contact center. The tekVizion 360 solution leverages two primary AWS services: Amazon Lex and the Amazon Chime SDK. Amazon Lex is an AWS service with advanced natural language models to design, build, test, and deploy conversational interfaces in applications. The Amazon Chime SDK lets builders easily add real-time voice, video, and messaging into their applications. The Amazon Chime SDK is pre-integrated with Amazon Lex and common enterprise voice infrastructure, so you can easily add conversational experiences to contact centers that support the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for voice communication. “Working together with the AWS team, tekVizion built a solution to reduce the burden on call center agents and administrators with conversational AI. Amazon Lex will assist customers with minor requests and improve the entire user experience.” Chakra Devalla, CEO of tekVizion Combining tekVizion’s call center expertise and AWS’s capabilities in automation and AI enables contact centers to focus on critical issues, improved end user experience, faster resolution time, and easing burdens on internal teams. In addition, tekVizion continuously tests the contact center platform and Amazon Lex integration with powerful testing tools combined with their industry-leading interoperability lab for contact center and testing experts. “Today’s customers want instant, personalized, and effective resolutions for their problems,” said Sid Rao, General Manager of Amazon Chime SDK at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “What makes tekVizion’s solution innovative is their ability to use the Amazon Chime SDK to capture the intelligent results from Amazon Lex and integrate these results with third-party on-premises and cloud contact center platforms and agent desktops. By harnessing Amazon Lex’s speech-to-text and natural language understanding features, tekVizion customers can deploy conversational interactive voice response systems that improve call containment, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction scores.” About tekVizion PVS, Inc tekVizion is an independent, global testing lab that provides hundreds of multi-vendor end to end solution validation, certification and integration testing to service providers, vendors, and enterprises. tekVizion’s testing helps accelerate the time to value, improve product quality and future proof investments in business communications.

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iMerit and TechCrunch Announce the second ML DataOps Summit

iMerit | October 27, 2022

iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, announced the second annual iMerit ML DataOps Summit, in partnership with TechCrunch, a virtual event focused on the intersection of machine learning data operations and artificial intelligence. The iMerit ML DataOps Summit is a live virtual event taking place on November 8 in the United States and November 9 in Asia-Pacific. Register for free. More than 2,000 data scientists, engineers and machine learning professionals will gather to explore commercializing AI with data intelligence, ML DataOps readiness for enterprise AI, solving data edge cases in production AI, what's trending in ML DataOps. "iMerit looks forward to gathering the top minds in artificial intelligence to discuss strategies around machine learning data operations and unveiling why leveraging human intelligence and a data centric approach are critical to advancing AI. Radha Basu, iMerit Founder and CEO Additionally, the iMerit ML DataOps Summit will host a virtual expo showcasing data annotation and automation tool providers that are building the future of ML DataOps. About iMerit iMerit is a leading AI data solutions company providing high-quality data across computer vision, natural language processing and content services that powers machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for large enterprises. iMerit provides end-to-end data labeling services to Fortune 500 companies in a wide array of industries including agricultural AI, autonomous vehicles, commerce, geospatial, government, financial services, medical AI and technology. iMerit employs more than 5,500 full-time data annotation experts in Bhutan, Europe, India and the United States. Raising $23.5 million in funding to date, iMerit investors are British International Investment, Khosla Impact, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and Omidyar Network. For more information, visit

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Cognigy Named to Constellation ShortList for Conversational AI

Cognigy | November 02, 2022

Cognigy, a market leader in Conversational AI, today announced that it was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Conversational AI in Q3 2022. The technology providers included in the research deliver innovative solutions in the transformation of customer service experiences. Cognigy powers up contact centers and service organizations, delivering exceptional customer experiences that emulate and enhance human interaction. The Cognigy.AI intelligent customer service platform fully integrates with existing contact center infrastructure, includes the power of real-time transactional data and optimizes human/digital engagement across all channels. “The demand on customer service has grown significantly in the past three years and so has the technology to transform service experiences. “As organizations struggle with customer service and employee engagement, conversational AI is more relevant than ever. These enterprises have realized that automation through conversational AI is a must-have in order to deliver top-notch customer service. Cognigy’s ability to enable them to quickly realize the automation and augmentation benefits of conversational AI is second to none, and we welcome this recognition within the industry.” Philipp Heltewig, Cognigy co-founder and CEO Reflecting the top vendors that matter most to its network of buy-side clients, the Constellation ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share and internal research. The criteria considered for enterprise conversational AI systems included context awareness, support for the most common languages, automated reinforcement, the understanding and personalization of conversations, live agent escalation, natural language understanding, security and more. “Conversational AI is widely used in organizations that engage in customer service of every kind – everything from retail and healthcare to banking and transportation,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research. “Underscoring this ubiquity is the acceleration of the work-from-home movement and more and more businesses moving online. Training, access to proper data/systems, oversight, maintenance, personalization, localization and understanding of complex conversations are all cited as areas of concern for enterprises looking at conversational AI, and we’ve taken these into consideration when compiling our ShortList of solutions.” Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes. Products and services named to the Constellation ShortList meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined through client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. The portfolio is updated at least once per year as the analyst team deems necessary based on market conditions. About Cognigy Cognigy, a market leader in Conversational AI, Powers Up enterprise contact centers to exceed customer expectations, improve agent satisfaction, and rapidly respond to market changes. The Cognigy.AI platform enables next-generation customer service with a suite of solutions, including Conversational IVR, Smart Self-Service, and Agent + Assist. In addition, Cognigy.AI gives the enterprise all it needs to deliver always-on, personalized service experiences at scale, on both voice and chat. Delivering fast time to value, Cognigy.AI is a low code platform that is easy to use, supports all use cases, and is designed to integrate with existing contact center and enterprise systems fully. Over 500 brands worldwide trust Cognigy and its vast partner network to create customer and employee service that is loved by everyone. Cognigy’s worldwide customer portfolio includes Toyota, BioNTech, Bosch, Fidelity Life, Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa Group.

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Adobe Unveils Powerful New Collaboration and AI Capabilities in Photoshop

Adobe | October 19, 2022

Today, Adobe announced at Adobe MAX – the world’s largest creativity conference – new innovations in Photoshop that make the world’s most advanced image editing application even smarter, more collaborative and easier to use across surfaces. Share for Review (beta) enables users to conveniently collaborate on projects without leaving Photoshop, and new features make editing images in a browser far more powerful. Additionally, the flagship Photoshop desktop app adds breakthrough features powered by Adobe Sensei AI, including selection improvements that enhance the accuracy and quality of selections, and a one-click Delete and Fill tool to remove and replace objects in images with a single action. “In a world where everyone can be a creator, Adobe is ensuring that Photoshop evolves to serve all creators across platforms and devices,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president, Creative Cloud at Adobe. “This year, we’ve made Photoshop smarter and more collaborative so you can easily get feedback and create spectacular images even faster.” Collaboration First Seamless collaboration has become critical for creative workflows in today’s increasingly digital economy. Supporting collaborative work from anywhere, the new version of Photoshop introduces Share for Review, enabling convenient collaboration between creators and stakeholders: All feedback is managed and incorporated directly within the Photoshop app. This new feature lets creatives easily share a preferred version of their work in the form of a web link. Collaborators can review the project and comment right in their browser, even without a Creative Cloud subscription. Whether creators are sharing work for stakeholder review, or collaborating with their coworkers, Share for Review syncs comments across devices, and works wherever users do – at the office, at home or on the go. AI Innovations Make Creation Faster, Easier and More Powerful New AI features launching today in Photoshop include: Selection improvements that enable users to hover over, detect and make detailed selections of complex objects with a single click, creating higher quality and more accurate selections of elements such as skies, foregrounds, subjects and hair, while preserving detailed edges. One-Click Delete and Fill selects and removes objects from images, filling the removed area using content-aware fill, in a single action in Photoshop on the web. Photo Restoration Neural Filter (beta) helps Photoshop on the web users bring old or damaged photos back to life, using machine learning to intelligently eliminate scratches and other minor imperfections on old photographs. Remove Background is now available in Photoshop on the web (beta), enabling one-click background removal. Masking and Brushing are also now available in Photoshop on the web (beta) and make precise adjustments faster and easier from a web browser. Photoshop and Lightroom AI image-editing features were used over 1.3 billion times in the past year. These innovative tools power mundane Photoshop tasks, such as selecting detailed objects, changing a person’s expression or removing blemishes from a portrait. By simplifying complexity and speeding up time-consuming processes, Neural Filters and other AI-powered features give Photoshop users more time to do what they love – create. Improved Multi-Surface Experiences Photoshop delivers an approachable and intuitive experience across desktops, iPads and browsers, enabling creators to work wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Photoshop on the iPad continues evolving to ease creation on tablets. iPad users gain access to Photoshop’s powerful one-tap Content-Aware Fill and Remove Background features, using AI to accurately replace unwanted elements in photos so creators and editors can work faster. About Adobe Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. © 2022 Adobe. All rights reserved. Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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IT service desk systems have evolved considerably over the past 20 years, from simple tools for capturing tickets to sophisticated solutions that streamline and automate service support tasks. These tasks are performed by people in a variety of IT roles including those outside the traditional service desk, such as development or operations.