AgreeYa Solutions Announces the Release of QuickApps 6.15 for SharePoint

AgreeYa Solutions | May 31, 2021

AgreeYa Solutions, a leader in software, solutions, and services, is pleased to announce the launch of QuickApps 6.15, the latest version of its no-code SharePoint application development and customization solution. The new QuickApps release accelerates SharePoint development, helping organizations create applications like project management, customer relationship management, and help desk systems that are easily supported, maintained, and upgraded.

“AgreeYa is focused on providing a fully integrated solution to make sure its customers and partners are equipped with the tools and technology needed to enhance employee and client satisfaction,” said Ajay Kaul, managing partner of AgreeYa Solutions. “Our latest QuickApps release does just that by providing new features and delivering performance improvements to increase productivity and streamline workflows in the SharePoint environment, without the necessity for complex coding.”

QuickApps 6.15 introduces the following new features and benefits:

Organization chart in qChartView: Enables users to conditionally format nodes of a company chart using the organization chart Node Color Appearance feature. It also allows users to tug the chart for viewing large charts to avoid page scroll.

Color Appearance feature in qListView: Supports the creation of custom KPI indicators using provided icons and percentage progress bars. Additionally, SharePoint data can now be exported in the .docx format with qListView.

Component Behavior in qListForm: Component Behavior can now be configured using the new “Not Match” operator and applied as validation for input values that do not match the specified regular expression.

Support for People Picker Control: QuickApps now provides support for client-side People Picker control, with auto-suggest features like SharePoint forms that enable quick search for available user accounts and groups.

Performance Optimization in qChartView: Performance of user details callout of organization chart has been enhanced such that it renders quickly.

Quick Edit feature in qListView: Now supports the addition and deletion of records and editing of existing documents.

QuickApps 6.15 extends applications beyond their native capabilities to exceed user expectations using tabular forms to save screen space, parent-child relationships to ensure reliable data entry, and hide/show logic to control what data users can access. It delivers sophisticated applications that are easily upgraded when new versions of SharePoint are released. Additionally, QuickApps 6.15 brings data together from an organization’s enterprise application systems without manually copying data into SharePoint to free up resources and satisfy business requirements without costly custom coding.


AgreeYa Solutions is a global systems integrator delivering technology-enabled business solutions to small, medium, and international Fortune 1,000 organizations. It leverages leading-edge technology, consulting, and outsourcing services to boost customer efficiency, productivity and deliver a competitive advantage. Through its consultative approach and utilization of a global delivery model, AgreeYa provides software, services, and cost-effective solutions, achieves results, and transforms businesses. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Folsom, Calif., with a global footprint, AgreeYa is an SEI CMMI- and ISO 9001:2015-certified Microsoft Gold Partner, with multiple certifications and operations with a team of over 1,800 employees across the world. Its extensive software portfolio includes AgreeYa Chatbot, BeatBlip, QuickApps, Site Administrator, Recovery Manager, and Cogent. AgreeYa is a staffing industry leader, providing full-service staffing solutions to satisfy client workforce needs while driving business value. It also recently introduced new intelligent automation and digital transformation suite to its existing technology stack to assist organizations in combating future crises and venturing into the digital-first world confidently.


You have successfully stored large amounts of raw data into Hadoop for advanced analytics. But now what? How do you analyze this data from a perspective that makes the data meaningful to provide actionable insight? Why is it so important for enterprises to think about their data from the perspective of entities and not tables? Our discussion will focus on the following topics: How much guesswork is involved in trying to analyze data? Importance of unifying data without changing the source data. Why it’s difficult to combine data from multiple sources and the problems that occur. Why not just use Pig or Java to write rules for combining data?

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Metatron Inc. Proudly Launches BETA Version Of Artificial Intelligence Royalty-Free Graphics Generator

Metatron, Inc. | December 01, 2022

Metatron Inc., a mobile and web technology pioneer having developed over 2,000 apps on iTunes and Google Play, is pleased to unveil the Company's first AI product in a comprehensive suite of AI products and services: "The Metatron Art Generator." Metatron is currently offering a 7-day free trial period with no credit card required, so that all interested parties may freely sign up and examine the powerful and unique new AI engine and generate an unlimited amount of royalty-free AI-generated graphics. After the trial period users will pay a reasonable monthly fee for unlimited image creation, per user. CEO Joe Riehl commented on the public release of the AI product: "The Metatron Art Generator is planned to an integral part of the "Metatron AI Suite," which will be a one-stop cloud-based solution for AI-generated digital and print content. The second product within this suite of resources is currently in ALPHA release and I'm hoping that I can unveil it to the world next week." While exploring the Metatron Art Generator users will be utilizing the most current iteration of a powerful AI engine to create any image that they can imagine! Featuring one-tap image creation, Metatron Art Generator currently creates the best and most-accurate graphic designs that modern AI can offer. Users be cautioned: entering your keywords or key-phrases and then enjoying the returned AI generated art can be addictive! Metatron thinks users will be surprised at how simple it is to generate royalty-free images for a plethora of potential uses. Below are just a few of the almost-unlimited possibilities of how people can use the graphics produced by the new Metatron Art Generator: Digital Art Metatron AI lets you work with different styles and effects, add special designs to your photos, transform images into different formats, increase or reduce different parameters so that you can create your perfect digital art. Social Media Content Metatron AI lets you create truly unique AI images that are already social media ready, and which are truly beautiful (try it!) so that you can post directly to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or many others. Advertising Are you advertising on social media? Metatron AI is a very powerful solution to create eye-catching images which can help boost the views and clicks of any ad campaign. Print on Demand Metatron AI can help you create just about anything you can think off just type anything and it will create any picture which is high-resolution and suitable for print media as well as digital. Do you need an image of a rabbit riding on an airplane? Or how about birds playing badminton? Watch our AI generator go to work and deliver results you thought were unimaginable without paying custom artists thousands of dollars. Graphic Design Metatron AI lets you create different types of illustrations which are totally new. And the learning curve to get wonderful results on our website takes only moments to master. Simplicity is beautiful! Photography For advanced users: Metatron AI can create incredible images effortlessly which you can use to further enhance photographs. If you're having trouble finding that "needle in a haystack" image, let Metatron Art Generator just make it for you. CEO Joe Riehl concluded: "I am so proud to announce this first in a series of AI products and services developed by Metatron. One of the things I'm most pleased about is that this software was developed totally in house, runs on Metatron's servers, and is fully owned by Metatron. Metatron will not need to share revenues with any other entities, nor did we have to give away the farm with an expensive acquisition. Furthermore, I believe that the Metatron Art Generator and subsequent AI products we release may put us on the map as a buyout candidate. One reason I believe this is because I plan to immediately begin leveraging our network of advertisers and marketers to quickly grow our subscription base."

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TeraRecon Announces Launch of its Next Generation Eureka Clinical AI Platform

TeraRecon | October 20, 2022

TeraRecon, an industry leader in advanced visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging, announced the launch of its next-generation Eureka Clinical AI platform. Designed to support the communication infrastructure and enable collaboration for the entire care team, the platform serves as an end-to-end clinical application integrating multiple AI algorithms and workflows. Eureka Clinical AI supports dual desktop and mobile viewers for cross-specialty collaboration and patient-specific sharing of AI results to accelerate timely access to mission critical images and insights. The Eureka Clinical AI platform is unique in supporting third-party, customer-developed, and TeraRecon-developed AI algorithms in one unified workflow with clear model-management capabilities. TeraRecon's recently released TR Neuro for neurovascular emergencies is an example of one such application. A specialized, universal viewer gives clinicians the option to directly interact with the AI results, including a unique and patented approval and rejection facility, before confirming the AI findings to the enterprise reporting system. The Eureka Clinical AI platform is supplemented by TR Analytics, providing critical insights to monitor productivity and platform utilization, individual AI algorithm performance. "We are excited with the Eureka Clinical AI platform and its capabilities in executing 3rd party AI algorithms, such as InferVision's InferRead CT Lung AI.", said Matt Dewey, Chief Information Officer at Wake Radiology. "I was especially impressed with the collaboration between Wake Radiology, TeraRecon and InferVision to streamline procurement and deployment of the AI solution. This has led to efficient readings for our radiologists reducing the time it takes to review lung CT". "A high-performance AI ecosystem is fundamentally built on four key pillars. "Comprehensive ability to host all forms of AI including customer developed, TeraRecon developed and 3rd party algorithms. Physician-centric in that the platform enables the clinician and reaffirms their role in the decision-making process and diagnosis. Integrated in that the AI platform can serve as the single point of access for consolidating AI solutions minimizing the burden to procure new AI algorithms, standardizing the deployment process, and seamlessly integrating into providers' enterprise imaging systems. Finally, enable AI solution performance to be fully transparent to further provide confidence in AI and the scope of where it should be applied. These pillars must be built on a solid foundation of a vendor agnostic platform that is AI ready, scalable, secure, and robust. TeraRecon's solution is the only one on the market that delivers on these promises today". Dan McSweeny, President of TeraRecon TeraRecon has a long history of innovating, developing, and launching best in KLAS advanced visualization solutions. TeraRecon is a leading provider of AI driven advanced visualization solutions tailored to multiple specialties to automate workflow, assist physician efficiency and potentially improve outcomes. As a result, TeraRecon now serves more than 1300 health sites around the globe bringing innovative solutions to improve diagnosis and pre-treatment planning. With the launch of the Eureka Clinical AI platform, TeraRecon expands into the AI platform market furthering its mission to deliver AI powered solutions that improve outcomes, streamline workflows and reduce burnout for clinicians. About TeraRecon Serving 1,300 clinical sites globally, TeraRecon, a ConcertAI company, is a Best in KLAS solution provider for AI-empowered radiology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and vascular surgery. Awarded the 2020, 2021, and 2022 KLAS Category Leader for Advanced Visualization, TeraRecon solutions are independent of any one manufacturer's imaging equipment or PACS system, allowing a single, unified, and simplified clinical workflow that can improve efficiencies and deliver actionable physician-guided insights. About ConcertAI ConcertAI is the acknowledged leader in AI SaaS solutions and Real-World Evidence (RWE) for life sciences and health care. Our mission is to accelerate insights and outcomes for patients through leading real-world data, AI technologies, and scientific expertise in partnership with the leading biomedical innovators, health care providers, and medical societies.

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Computer Vision Leader VISUA Launches Low-Code & No-Code Implementation

VISUA | October 18, 2022

Leading Computer Vision (Visual-AI) company, VISUA has launched two new ways to integrate Computer Vision into any workflow without the need for developers. VISUA enjoys a broad customer base comprising leading global companies like Brandwatch, TVEyes and GearLaunch, covering sectors as diverse as brand monitoring, brand protection, cyber security and print-on-demand marketplaces. All these companies make use of VISUA’s API to send media for processing and to control the numerous options available during processing. Finally, the API delivers the results back to them in JSON or XML format. The data can then be integrated into their own data sources to deliver a combined dashboard of data to their clients. However, in recent years, new sectors have begun to take an interest in how Computer Vision can help them meet their business challenges, often driven by regulatory requirements that demand controls and oversight on the sale of counterfeit and trademark/copyright infringing products, or simply to moderate harmful content, such as hate speech on their platform. Many of these are not ‘high-tech’ companies and have relatively small developer teams focused on development of their core business requirements. As such, they either have no ability to work with an advanced API or simply have no need to integrate the results of processed media into their platform. Having identified API-less access to its suite of Computer Vision technologies as a key opportunity, VISUA has worked to deliver workable solutions and now announces the launch of two new ways to leverage the power of Computer Vision: No-Code Computer Vision Clients can place media to be processed in an authenticated repository. VISUA’s engine will collect the files and process them. Extracted data is then placed in a VISUA dashboard for the client to interrogate. Where the client needs to link the findings of a specific image or video back to their platform, they simply add the listing, order or post details into the file’s metadata, which is then converted into a link that points to the relevant page on the client’s site. This implementation is ideal for clients with lower processing volume requirements and/or have no developer resource to work with the API. Low-Code Computer Vision Clients use the API to send media to our engine and provide corresponding listing/order/post details. Once processed, the extracted data is presented to the client via the VISUA dashboard. This is ideal for clients with higher volume processing needs and/or some resource to use the API, but have no need to integrate the extracted data into their platform. "APIs are the key to accessing the best external systems and technologies across the world, but their use is not for everyone. Our No-Code and Low-Code implementations now put the power of VISUA’s Computer Vision stack in everyone’s hands, no matter their size or development capabilities.” VISUA, co-founder and CTO, Alessandro Prest Luca Boschin, VISUA, co-founder and CEO, adds: “We have seen a growing demand for computer vision by marketplaces and content platforms. Perhaps because perceptions and attitudes towards platforms that allow the sale of fake & copyright/trademark infringing goods, and harmful content continues to grow ever more negative. Or that new legislation, like the Digital Services Act in Europe, are forcing platforms and providers of intermediary services to deal with these issues. When it comes to detecting and blocking visual content, the only way to do it effectively is using computer vision. But many of these companies have limited development capabilities, so our No-Code and Low-Code options have been developed to allow any company with a need to harness Computer Vision with a means to do so. About VISUA VISUA boasts best-in-class Visual-AI that powers the world’s leading brand and sponsorship monitoring, brand protection, and authentication platforms. VISUA delivers technologies such as logo/mark detection, text detection, object & scene detection and visual search, that are used by world leading companies for applications as varied as sports sponsorship monitoring, social listening, and phishing detection, to holographic authentication and counterfeit product detection. Its Visual-AI technology is proven to deliver the highest precision with instant learning, at unlimited scale, and is adaptable for any use case. VISUA believes in People-First AI, they see a world where Visual-AI will lift humanity out of the mundane, empowering a society that focuses more on creativity and collaboration and less on binary tasks, and empowering services and solutions that humans alone simply can’t deliver.

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WNS Recognized as a ‘Leader’ in AI and Analytics & Social Media for CX Services by ISG

WNS | November 14, 2022

WNS Limited, a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, today announced that it has been recognized as a ‘Leader’ in AI and Analytics, and Social Media for CX Services in the ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 Global Contact Center Customer Experience Services report. WNS’ leadership position in AI and Analytics has been attributed to WNS Triange (the company’s Data, analytics and AI practice); proprietary technology ecosystem and strategic partnerships; and WNS EXPIRIUS, a proprietary framework that enables clients to optimize analytics-driven, intelligent omni-channel conversations with customers. WNS’ ‘Leader’ position in Social Media CX Services is driven by its robust social media practice capable of handling up to 85 million online conversations at 85 percent accuracy; a comprehensive social media product suite for everything from social listening to advanced analytics; and WNS EXPIRIUS Social, which leverages intelligent automation to deliver heightened customer experience. “We are delighted to be chosen as ‘Leader’ across Social Media, AI and Analytics for Customer Experience – two areas where WNS has made considerable strategic investments over the past several years. Our robust CX practice is built on a foundation of intelligent analytics, Artificial Intelligence and automation to address the entire customer engagement journey. Our clients leverage WNS’ advanced digital solutions to create unique experiences that drive new revenue streams and deep customer loyalty,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS. “WNS has leapfrogged into the leader’s quadrant with its improved CX offerings. Responding to the rapidly evolving enterprise needs, WNS is driving investments in technology and frameworks that are more aligned to the current needs of its customers. The company’s meaningful investments in building WNS Triange symbolises value-driven services that help its clients in delivering superior experiences.” Namratha Dharshan, Director of Research and Principal Analyst, ISG WNS Triange enables clients from 10+ industries to develop an actionable data strategy and then translate it into action. With a team of 4,000 specialists, WNS Triange powers business transformation through three pillars: Triange Consult, Triange NxT and Triange CoE. WNS’ proprietary and industry-first Digital Customer Experience (CX) framework, EXPIRIUS, equips businesses to capitalize on analytics-led, intelligent omni-channel customer conversations. About WNS WNS Limited is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) company. WNS combines deep industry knowledge with technology, analytics, and process expertise to co-create innovative, digitally led transformational solutions with over 400 clients across various industries. WNS delivers an entire spectrum of BPM solutions including industry-specific offerings, customer experience services, finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, and research and analytics to re-imagine the digital future of businesses. As of September 30, 2022, WNS had 57,503 professionals across 60 delivery centers worldwide including facilities in Canada, China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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You have successfully stored large amounts of raw data into Hadoop for advanced analytics. But now what? How do you analyze this data from a perspective that makes the data meaningful to provide actionable insight? Why is it so important for enterprises to think about their data from the perspective of entities and not tables? Our discussion will focus on the following topics: How much guesswork is involved in trying to analyze data? Importance of unifying data without changing the source data. Why it’s difficult to combine data from multiple sources and the problems that occur. Why not just use Pig or Java to write rules for combining data?