AdBeacon Releases New Ad Optimization Platform–The Facebook Solution to iOS14.5

AdBeacon | August 26, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

AdBeacon announced the launch of its first party data tracking and ad optimization platform today. The platform enables online advertisers, especially Facebook marketers to use their own data to accurately target advertisers in real time.

Ever since the Apple iOS14.5 update of April 2021, marketers have not had an accurate way to optimize their ad campaigns. Utilizing third party data from Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat and even Google has become less reliable. AdBeacon solves this problem with a real time ad optimization and attribution SaaS platform that uses its own technology to track site visitors and help marketers make accurate informed ad media decisions.

AdBeacon uses the power of first-party tracking data—information derived directly from customer interactions—to enable highly accurate ad optimization in real time, as opposed to the inaccurate delayed data marketers have been receiving. In fact, AdBeacon gives marketers an array of tools that can provide more accurate targeting than was achievable even before the release of iOS14.

AdBeacon effectively addresses the issues that marketers have been forced to confront as a direct result of iOS14 and its impact on customer privacy. Due to these issues Facebook (Meta) has reduced the post-click attribution window from 28 days to 7 days. As AdBeacon stores first party data, this limitation has essentially been eliminated and AdBeacon customers can enjoy lookback windows as far back as they have stored data.

AdBeacon is also an eCommerce reporting and attribution platform allowing CEO's, CMO's and other digital marketers to make big picture decisions as to how best to spend their advertising dollars.

AdBeacon has been designed by marketers for marketers. It is the result of a lengthy research and development process overseen by experienced industry professionals who have carefully followed industry trends over the last few years and understand the need for accurate marketing attribution software.

AdBeacon CEO Phoenix Ha explains the importance of a new approach to ad optimization:

"When iOS14 hit the advertising world, I knew it was time to get to work. That's when I dove into develop a solution that is easy for marketers to use and scale but also includes full service support from a team of seasoned marketers."

AdBeacon is not just an ad optimization platform, but has been developed as a community for media buyers.

About AdBeacon
Founded by experienced marketing professionals, AdBeacon is a SaaS platform that offers a subscription-based ad optimization platform designed to provide businesses with actionable advertising data. The company is based in Westlake Village, California.


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SproutLoud Debuts New Developer Portal

SproutLoud | November 04, 2022

SproutLoud, an industry leader in Distributed Marketing technology, announced the launch of its new Developer Portal, a key component of the company’s Open Platform initiative. This launch will provide several benefits for SproutLoud clients, especially developers: Faster coding through auto generated API Clients and server stubs Enhanced security through the use of OAuth 2.0 and two legged authentication Broader data integration options powered by rest APIs and webhooks to help Enterprise companies automate day-to-day operations and scale for growth “SproutLoud’s Open Initiative is all about making our technology more flexible, more adaptable, to our clients’ needs,” said SproutLoud CEO Jared Shusterman. “Current technology buyers want interoperability between their newer purchases and pre-existing MarTech investments. The idea of being ‘Open’ is that we’re providing a lot of different ways for other platforms to talk to our platform — so our clients can model the strategy that is right for their business, rather than trying to improvise a strategy to fit the software they buy.” SproutLoud’s Open Initiative is primarily focused on three aspects: Reducing the amount of effort and IT resources required to integrate with SproutLoud Creating a secure environment for SproutLoud to connect with third-party systems Giving customers more options to seamlessly work with SproutLoud As a key component of SproutLoud’s Open Platform initiative, the Developer Portal embodies the company’s quest to build the most flexible and developer-friendly technology for data exchange. With SproutLoud, Enterprise clients can now offer integrations to their partners while maintaining control over the data they share by creating individual integration points. The SproutLoud Developer Portal supports a bleeding edge API gateway based on OAuth 2.0. All SproutLoud APIs were transitioned to industry standards OpenAPI 3.0.3 to support standardized documentation and offer easy integration with clients’ systems. ABOUT SPROUTLOUD SproutLoud is a leading SaaS-based Through Channel Marketing Automation platform, designed to increase brand sales through partners in local markets. SproutLoud’s advanced marketing automation technology simplifies every aspect of Distributed Marketing and delivers comprehensive analytics on tens of millions of touchpoints for major, category-leading brands. SproutLoud gives brands unparalleled visibility on ROI for individual tactics, campaigns, partner engagement and platform usage. With SproutLoud, brands have the advantage of responding rapidly to changing market conditions in real time with data-driven decisions.

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Sapia and SmartRecruiters partnership brings world-first AI Smart Interviewer to integrations marketplace | September 30, 2022, creator of the world's first Smart Interviewer, has joined forces with SmartRecruiters, a global leader in enterprise recruitment software, to bring the first and only chat-based assessment tool to the SmartRecruiters integrations marketplace. Recruiters that use Sapia's Smart Interviewer via the SmartRecruiters Marketplace will now be able to dramatically accelerate time to hire and fulfill their diversity objectives. This new partnership will mean that Sapia's Smart Interviewer is the only fully automated apply-to-offer workflow on the market. Sapia CEO, Barb Hyman, said that chat-based assessment is a game-changer for any company that needs to hire the best talent, quickly and at scale. "This partnership is a win for companies needing to hire at F1 velocity, with an experience that is loved by all candidates – to date, 2 million across 47 countries," Hyman said. "Our Smart Interviewer is an assessment, interview, and feedback tool in one that also solves inclusion and diversity issues. It's blind, untimed, and gives every candidate feedback." Sapia's Smart Interviewer can be used for any role and any sector. Customers use the technology to assess candidates for values, scale culture, assess for competencies, or find the best people for key roles. The technology gives talent acquisition teams massive time savings and transforms employer brand. Sapia's innovative chat technology has recently garnered global recognition for its work in mitigating gender bias and for its ethical AI. Recently, the company also won an innovation award at Vivatech Paris, claiming the 'cutting edge technologies and employee experience' category . has offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, along with Chicago in the United States and London supporting the EMEA market, allowing support for companies across the globe. About Sapia's mission is to build a fairer, more human world through ethical AI. Using the world's first Smart Interviewer, powered by the world's largest source of first-party proprietary text data and advanced Natural Language Processing, Sapia turns simple text conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence – enabling organizations to interrupt hiring bias at scale, get to the right talent fast, and give every candidate an experience they love.

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Incredibuild Launches New Automotive Solution, Revving Up Industry Software Development at Unrivaled Speeds

Incredibuild | November 17, 2022

Incredibuild, maker of the leading development acceleration platform for Developers and DevOps teams, announced today the launch of Incredibuild for Automotive. Incredibuild for Automotive provides significant acceleration and support for the leading software development tools used in the ever-growing Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) industry – including QNX, AOSP, Yocto, Automotive Grade Linux, Qt, Jenkins, Gitlab, Github Actions and more. The automotive industry, historically hardware-centric, is experiencing a rapid shift to software-focused technologies, especially with the move towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). As automakers look to scale these technologies to meet demand and speed time to market, Incredibuild offers the increased compute power availability necessary for automotive software teams to rev up their development at dazzling speeds, while adhering to the highest safety and security regulations. Incredibuild for Automotive rapidly accelerates automotive development on-prem and in the cloud, empowering dev teams to focus on quality, safety, and innovation while meeting key milestones. Incredibuild for Automotive includes notable features that enhance productivity and deliver the quality consumers expect: integrated with Incredibuild's industry-leading virtualized parallel distribution, newly launched patent-pending Build Cache technology lets development teams store previous build data, drastically reducing build times and improving performance; and flexible licensing allows for better resource management, resulting in cost and time savings with zero waste. Another key result: consumers will experience quicker updates to ADAS and other real-time operating systems with no compromise on quality or safety. "The automotive industry is being driven forward at an incredible pace, and we are right there with them, helping boost software innovation and efficiency to help deliver better and faster. "We appreciate the car industry's commitment to security, safety, and overall performance and quality, and that's exactly what our software acceleration platform provides. In today's economic environment, releasing software faster and more efficiently is key, especially when it comes to 'Software on Wheels.'" Regev Yativ, CRO of Incredibuild Auto manufacturers developing automotive software as well as independent software vendors can utilize Incredibuild for Automotive when helping build next-generation automotive technologies such as self-driving cars and smart cockpits. Additionally, by decreasing the amount of hardware required for faster development, Incredibuild for Automotive reduces the environmental impact of production itself, cutting down on carbon emissions. The launch comes on the heels of the company's debut of Incredibuild10, its most advanced Dev Acceleration Platform. Incredibuild works with all the world's leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Its cloud optimization automatically spins the best mix of on-demand and spot resources up and down, enabling organizations to use smaller and more affordable machines while maintaining optimal performance. About Incredibuild Incredibuild has created the industry's leading hybrid acceleration platform for development processes – compilations, CI/CD builds, and more. Its Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology recruits CPUs to turn every host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores. Incredibuild's powerful distributed processing and unique build caching solutions quicken dev cycles and increase the efficiency of every development sprint while accelerating iteration frequency – enhancing product quality, boosting developer satisfaction, and lowering time-to-market while dramatically reducing compute costs on-prem and in the cloud.

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Retalon and Thinkmax bring AI to Canada’s top retailers

Retalon | October 10, 2022

Retalon, an award-winning provider of AI and predictive analytics has joined efforts with Thinkmax Consulting Inc. to implement industry leading technologies for retailers in Canada looking to undergo deep digital transformation. In collaboration with Thinkmax, Retalon will deliver its advanced analytics and AI solutions to Canadian retailers using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. This will allow retailers to quickly deploy Retalon’s advanced AI-driven analytics solutions for planning, inventory, lifecycle pricing, and much more at the click of a button. At the same time, Thinkmax, a sought-after business strategy and information technology consulting firm, will use its expertise to guide retailers to unified commerce solutions that streamline their business processes, integrate digital experiences, and accelerate their digital transformations–with the end goal of bringing data together across each level of retailer business in ways that transform them to operate more efficiently and effectively. Leading retailers are reimagining their businesses in the digital age and seeking modern digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences that meet changing business and market requirements. In fact, digitally savvy retail businesses recognize that success depends on how quickly they gain and use insights from their data, how accurately they can predict consumer behavior, and the speed with which they can make in-demand products available. Strong digital transformation strategies and AI-driven analytics solutions will help them accomplish this and stay ahead of the curve. “We are honoured and excited to be partnering with Thinkmax to help solve the most pressing needs that retail and CPG companies have today. Thinkmax's industry experience and technical expertise with leading-edge technologies made them a natural fit for Retalon. “Thinkmax's deep expertise in implementing solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem combined with Retalon's D365-compatible AI and predictive analytics Platform will help retailers and consumer goods companies make faster and more intelligent decisions that will improve their operations, customer experience, revenue and profit.” Mark Canning, VP Microsoft Partnership and Channels at Retalon “We’re excited to partner with Retalon to complement and enrich the Thinkmax Retail Blueprint for unified commerce experiences with this vital AI component,” said Kais Makhlouf, Vice President Commerce Practice Lead at Thinkmax. “Retalon’s advanced AI-driven analytics solutions for planning, inventory, and lifecycle pricing are absolute musts for any retailer wanting to successfully navigate today’s supply chain challenges and consumer market fluctuations. Leveraging Retalon’s solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem is a game changer for our clients.” About Retalon Retalon is an award-winning provider of advanced Retail AI solutions for planning, merchandising, inventory optimization, pricing, promotion, and markdowns. From inception, Retalon solutions were built on one unified platform powered by predictive analytics & AI, resulting in higher accuracy and the ability to optimize unique and complex retail processes. About Thinkmax Leveraging advanced industry and technical expertise with leading-edge technologies, Thinkmax implements efficient and innovative solutions streamlining business processes, unifying digital experiences, and enabling transformative change. With offices in Canada and the US and partnerships with world-leading organizations, Thinkmax’s human-centric, hands-on approach and proven methodology build sustainable solutions and enduring relationships for ongoing success.

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WebLogic administrators can monitor service performance completion times and diagnose slow services from performance monitoring page in WLSDM. Also, you can schedule daily service performance reports and get daily reports email notification.