International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence

February 3-5, 2022 | Austria

Artificial Intelligence
Download the Conference App from Play Store or App Store now, to have mobile access to the technical program and also to get notifications and reminders concerning your favorite sessions. The purpose of the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in the areas of Agents and Artificial Intelligence. Two simultaneous related tracks will be held, covering both applications and current research work. One track focuses on Agents, Multi-Agent Systems and Software Platforms, Distributed Problem Solving and Distributed AI in general. The other track focuses mainly on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Planning, Learning, Scheduling, Perception Reactive AI Systems, and Evolutionary Computing and other topics related to Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence.


Tieto is the first IT company in the world to get the international certification gender EDGE.


API Security Predictions for 2022

March 2-3, 2022 | USA

In 2021, the industry witnessed no shortage of API-related security incidents resulting from leaky APIs, vulnerable system APIs, authorization flaws, and more. Companies like Experian, Microsoft, and Peloton all made the news, and some impacts are still playing out. Salt Labs threat research also highlighted potential security issues with Elastic stack deployments and GraphQL adoption. Data breaches aren’t the only area of concern for organizations. Account takeovers, privacy impacts, system compromises, and business logic abuse are equally damaging.

The IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2022

February 22-24, 2022 | USA

The annual IDC Middle East CIO Summit is the place to come for thought-provoking, in-depth discussions about cutting-edge tech solutions, emerging use cases, and proven strategies for driving success. For 15 straight years, it has served as the ICT world's premium source of learning about the industry's latest developments.

Updates to the Codes Conference 2022

February 22-23, 2022 | USA

AWS is proud to host this 1-day event, where industry professionals and code developers will prepare you to adjust to critical changes in commonly used codes and standards. This program is full of valuable insights and firsthand knowledge from some of the most respected professionals and code committee members in the industry. Topics to be covered: AWS D1.1 2020, NBIC (New Rules & Methods), ASME IX, API 1104 22nd Edition, and Welding procedures development software.

AI Expo 2022

August 9-10, 2022 | USA

ValleyML presents a unique combination of AI Technology, researchers, industry elites and prospective clients in one single iconic event. It’s the ideal platform for innovative engineers, marketing veterans, business leaders, decision makers, media analysts and investors looking to generate buzz and network.