2nd International Conference on AI and Machine Learning

October 26-27, 2022 | UAE

2nd International Conference on AI and Machine Learning
Building on the success of the previous event on International E-Conference on AI and Machine Learning (AI-2020), this year marks the largest 2nd International Conference on AI and Machine Learning  (AI and Machine Learning  - 2022) in October 26-27, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Roger Bales, IBM Systems Lab Services worldwide business development manager, shares how the specialists of Lab Services can assist clients with any IT infrastructure need.


The AI Summit London 2022

June 15-16, 2022 | USA

AI transcends every area of business and society today – from global conglomerates to SMEs, from CIOs to heads of functions, AI is fuelling operational and commercial evolution at a light-speed pace.

Enterprise Ai Summit Singapore

September 20, 2022 | Singapore

Discover the latest AI applications enabled via machine learning to uncover the potential for AI to transform the enterprise.

AI in Procurement

October 19, 2022 | USA

AI is already here and being applied to many aspects of business and life. Governments, companies, and organizations are embracing AI innovation to reach efficiencies beyond legacy systems and human limitations. AI is transforming organizational decision-making and driving new levels of efficiency across all business areas. Some of the potential applications of Ai in Sourcing and Procurement include purchasing, payments, compliance, contract, risk, vendor, and inventory management.

Smashing Conf San Francisco 2022

June 20-23, 2022 | USA

We are so happy to be back! Meet our in-person SmashingConf SF 2022 a friendly, inclusive conference for designers and front-end developers. Let’s jazz together again, at the waterfront next to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. SmashingConf is a friendly, inclusive event which is focused on real-world problems and solutions. 2 days, 1 track, 14 speakers, 300–400 attendees and a bunch of hands-on workshops. Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live.