Infotech.Report:Information Governance: Too Important to be left to Humans

Information Governance: Too Important to be left to Humans

This is not just a terminology change, it reflects the importance of governance in all areas, and the need to work together with IT, Legal, and Operations to set policies and initiate good practices. The driver in the first instance is to protect content from the massive new threats, and the very visible impact of leaks and breaches. Part of that threat involves the increasing volumes of content, most of which add no value to the business, cluttering up servers and adding to data center costs. As we have found in this report, there are huge volumes of content in most organizations that are not under any form of information governance, retention management or e-discovery. These include in particular emails, but also file-shares, cloud shares and even a high proportion of SharePoint and ECM systems. In this report, we take an in-depth look at the scale of IG issues, the drivers to bring it under control, the effectiveness of automated classification, and the impact on risks and costs.

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