Understanding IOPS, Bandwidth and Latency


Storage Switzerland will host a live webinar featuring lead analyst George Crump and Tegile Systems’ VP of Marketing Rob Commins. They will define IOPS, bandwidth and latency, and explain how to best develop an end-to-end architecture that delivers the maximum performance possible.
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Light board overview of Virtualizing Big Data on VMware vSphere.


Waterwheel: the Drupal SDK for JavaScript Developers

Acquia Inc

As Drupal begins to be more widely used as a back end for web services and for application ecosystems by extension, developers of wildly diverse backgrounds are now consuming and manipulating data from Drupal in unprecedented ways. There's just one problem: JavaScript and native application developers don't speak Drupal. Waterwheel, our client- and server-side JavaScript library, helps developers talk with Drupal without having to learn about core REST's authentication system or its approach to serializing Drupal data, the nuances of how Drupal's core REST API works, how field values are exposed as JSON, or even which resource routes to query to fetch the correct data.

Dell XC Web-Scale Hyper-Converged Appliances

En Pointe Technologies

Bring new life to your data center with proven storage and compute solutions that increase agility, efficiency and reliability – all while reducing costs. In this video, we have discussed trends in convergence and how Dell and Nutanix are changing their strategy to meet industry needs, offering solutions to common problems like workload management, high costs and low employee productivity. With Dell XC web-scale hyper-converged appliances, organizations experience increased data protection, simpler workload deployment, greater reliability and so much more when you consolidate compute and storage into a single appliance. Find out how to utilize Dell XC Series appliances to: Boost workload performance by integrating host-side SSD/Caching technology, Unify physical or virtual servers and physical or virtual switching elements in the data center, Optimize connections in the data center and to the campus, Orchestrate and automate IT operations and workload deployments with open software.

Select and Implement IT Asset Management

Info-Tech Research Group

Reduce costs and audit risk through effective asset management. Maintaining the right processes is just as critical as having the correct asset management tool.Many organizations are struggling with out-of-date Excel lists or are not currently using any asset management tools. As licensing rules become more complex, a need to use a tool with an eye to managing software that balances effort with costs is important. This mitigates the risk of not only of an audit but also overspending on licensing. How do you implement an IT asset management (ITAM) system with the tools in place to gain an accurate, reliable inventory and to use that data to control and reduce costs and rationalize applications?

Cutting Edge Technology Solutions for Healthcare Deployments


Maasstad Hospital into one of the largest non-university hospitals in the Netherlands caring for more than 450,000 patients each year. The hospital provides a wide range of medical care in virtually every specialty and a number of clinical and special functions for complex care. Join this webinar to.