Performance Testing and Monitoring for Mobile Apps: How and Why

Mobile app performance is one of the most critical factors that determines whether an app will succeed or fail. Users expect speed, responsiveness, and reliability, and they have exceptionally low tolerance for apps with issues. Moreover, competition is fierce with mobile apps saturating the market, giving users many options to choose from.
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The .NET connector 2.0 in action

The Microsoft .NET connector allows developers to build integration applications on the Anypoint Platform, using any .NET language and Visual Studio. The 2.0 release of the .NET connector significantly improves the user experience of consuming .NET code.
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How to build an NLP pipeline with BERT in PyTorch

Learn how to build an end to end NLP pipeline with BERT in PyTorch. In this webinar we will show you how to move from research to production and implement an NLP pipeline quickly and efficiently using PyTorch and to deploy a BERT Question and Answer Bot. We’ll share best practices for building your NLP pipeline, and how to create a seamless, reproducible workflow. You’ll follow an end to end example that will help you solve your next NLP problem, and strategies to maintain your model in production.
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Accelerate your machine learning and forecasting capability


Building one machine learning model is easy but data scientists are now having to deal with vast amounts of more data, and consider tens of machine learning algorithms in their bid to build their best model. Add this to the demand that organisations need more and more models to deliver accurate predictions - data scientists are under pressure to accelerate their model building capability.
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Our Guide to MySQL & MariaDB Performance Tuning


If you’re asking yourself the following questions when it comes to optimally running your MySQL or MariaDB databases: How do I tune them to make best use of the hardware? How do I optimize the Operating System? How do I best configure MySQL or MariaDB for a specific database workload? We discuss some of the settings that are most often tweaked and which can bring you significant improvement in the performance of your MySQL or MariaDB database. We also cover some of the variables which are frequently modified even though they should not.
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