JavaScript MVC Frameworks: Backbone, Ember and Angular JS - The paradigm shift and the impact on application development

Harbinger Systems

In this fast paced world, how many users would like to stare at loading screen or the spinning wheel, while the request or process is being completed? If your answer is "None", you are spot on. The application developers work does not get easier with the myriad range of devices they need to cater to. We already have desktops, laptops,tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and adding further to this complexity are the distinctive characteristics of these devices like screen size, operating system, computing power, limited battery life, storage and many more.
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iOS your Mac's QuickTime Player make it easy to capture your device's screen as a movie.


Tegile IntelliFlash VMcentric Storage Provisioning


Chris Tsilipounidakis discusses the Tegile VMWare Plugin, and VM Centric Provisioning. This is a great overview of how the Tegile IntelliFlash Architecture integrates seamlessly with VMware, and works for you to help make your day-to-day tasks more streamlined and efficient.
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How to bridge COBOL application data and relational database management systems

Micro Focus

Moving from traditional COBOL data files to RDBMS can be daunting and time consuming, requiring significant COBOL development effort and long lead times to production. Now is the time to consider automating this process, improving data availability and maintenance.Discover the challenges of moving to RDBMS, Explore the tools to deliver RDBMS quickly, See how easily a COBOL or non-COBOL developer can realize.
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Unified IT Monitoring for State & Local Governments

CA Technologies

Join Lowell Higley, Senior Principal Product Manager at CA Technologies, as he discusses how state and local governments can benefit from CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems. Discover how this lightweight and easy-to-install solution lets you: Gain comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across your agency’s IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass - mobile to mainframe. Increase IT operations efficiency and simplify mainframe system monitoring with easy to use dashboards, metrics and alarms. Empower IT operations generalists to monitor mainframe as part of overall infrastructure for reduced MTTR and more efficient use of resources
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Supporting the Three C's to DevOps with Red Hat's OpenShift

DLT Solutions

Cloud computing gives agility and competitive advantages to agencies in today's public sector. To maximize the benefit of the cloud, organizations must embrace DevOps and modern tools like Platform as a Service (PaaS). Any agency wanting to modernize their IT Infrastructure needs to include DevOps and PaaS as a basic building block in their strategy.
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