IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report Review


The annual “IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index” offers both a high-level overview and detailed look at the type and volume of cyberattacks, which industries are most affected and the key factors enabling attackers, all to help you better understand the current threat landscape. It reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your organization.
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Caper's "smart" shopping cart is packed with artificial intelligence to let customers scan, bag, and pay all on the cart. As consumers increasingly shop online, the company believes its AI cart can bring the conveniences of online shopping, offline


A look at the future of software testing: HPE vision for Continuous Testing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Many organizations struggle with the implementation of the engineering practices of DevOps, specifically with continuous testing. What if software development teams had a solution that was 100% cloud based (for distributed teams), provided real-time data analytics (for quick feedback), and supported the activities of build, edit and execution of test scripts in the cloud (nothing on the desktop). Couple that with the ability to test mobile apps on multiple devices (for scale and efficiency), the option to use containers plus existing tools (including open source), and support visual UX testing (for user experience and accessibility) while linking directly to existing continuous delivery infrastructure, and the goal of continuous testing becomes in reach.

Securing Your Migration to IaaS/PaaS with Cloud Workload Protection


Attend this webinar to: Learn about best practices & use cases for securing cloud environments, Find out how Masergy’s Managed Cloud Workload Protection service enables the detection & response mission for cloud environments, such as AWS, Azure, & Google.

Demystifying Network Analytics: A Primer

ihs Markit

Analytics are everywhere. But like the cloud, the meaning of the term and the value of the technology is ambiguous at best. How can network managers learn more about emerging developments in network analytics technology? This is especially important, because IT and networks now underpin the operations of almost any company today. And when systems performance degrades, user productivity grinds to a halt, costing businesses millions of dollars.

Security Practitioner Perspective on DevOps for Building Secure Solutions

Carnegie Mellon University

This webinar covered the perspectives of security practitioners on building secure software using the DevOps development process and modern security approach. Software security often evokes negative feelings in developers because it is linked with challenges and uncertainty on rapid releases—especially for the Agile development process. The growing concept of DevOps can be applied to improve the security of applications. Applying DevOps principles can have a big impact on software resiliency and secure solutions. This webinar will cover the perspectives of security practitioners on building secure software using the DevOps development process and modern security approach.