How to Measure Database Availability


Is the database available if an instance is up and running, but it is unable to serve any requests? Or if response times are excessively long, so that users consider the service unusable? Is the impact of one longer outage the same as multiple shorter outages? How do partial outages affect database availability, where some users are unable to use the service while others are completely unaffected? Not agreeing on precise definitions with your customers might lead to dissatisfaction. The database team might be reporting that they have met their availability goals, while the customer is dissatisfied with the service.
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API is leading many to the next generation of data exchange, but EDI is not on the sidelines yet. Both drive supply chain efficiency and offer significant benefits for shipping and logistics.


Managing the Risk of Artificial Intelligence Investments


CIOs need a risk management plan to guide their investments in artificial intelligence (AI). CIOs should compare the business value of AI opportunities, their willingness to accept risks, and the cost to manage AI risk to acceptable levels. In this complimentary webinar, Gartner expert Paul Proctor answers the most pressing questions on balancing risk with AI initiatives.
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Retail Banking and the AI Revolution


Competition in retail banking may now be more intense than ever as new entrants and innovators jostle with established providers for market share. Investment banks, card issuers, fintechs, even retailers are exploiting new channels and technology-enabled platforms to offer core banking services (deposits, payments, loans, investments) to retail clients.
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Intel Sprinxle Webinar: Remotely Managing Your Win10 Devices

En Pointe Technologies

Remotely manage your Windows 10 Devices regardless of power or OS state with SCCM’s console and Intel® vPro™ technology.Instead of a corrupted device being sent to IT or someone visiting the device, the Sprinxle for SCCM App lets you remotely access the device at the hardware layer.Use Sprinxle for SCCM to reduce labor and access Remote Power Management, regardless of OS state.
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Enterprise DevOps: Steps to Consider on the Dev Side for Faster App Releases


As business demands faster delivery of quality applications, the design, development, testing, and production teams need to work collaboratively, smarter, and faster to remove bottlenecks in the software delivery cycle. In the world of DevOps, it is important for each team to work beyond their comfort zones to adopt new processes, new cultures, and new tools to drive the transformation across the enterprise and make an impact on the business.
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