How to Launch IoT Products

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Your organization has decided to empower its growth through an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. What defines success in launching an IoT product? You need to have a strategy to easily pilot and scale your connected devices, manage your resources anywhere – all from one platform. This webinar explains the three essential factors that have to be present on the platform of your choice and that will significantly influence your success.
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Smartphones are more popular than ever. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the Google Android operating system (OS) is a platform that enables developers to write applications and distribute them for free in an open market.


Zero Trust in Practice: Why Identity Drives Next-Gen Access

Zero Trust is quickly becoming the dominant security model for the cloud, shifting the perimeter from the network to the people and devices that make up a modern workforce. As a model with many moving parts, the immediate question is where to start? View this on-demand webinar to learn: The full Zero Trust reference architecture

The Dynamic Future of Business and the Access Management Imperative

The volume, complexity, and pace of all the critical elements of business are undeniably increasing. The question is not whether or not commerce will undergo a dramatic transformation in the coming years, but what - precisely - that transformation will look like, what new opportunities it will present, and - most importantly - w

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) solutions support the office of finance’s efforts to manage financial planning and budgeting as well as financial modeling and performance reporting. Application leaders should use this Magic Quadrant to identify vendors that are a good match for their business needs. This report highlights

Overloaded infrastructure, overworked staff? Automated help is here.

IT infrastructure has never stopped becoming more complex and more critical to business, and the load on both that infrastructure and the personnel that run it has never stopped growing. As a result, automation has become a major competitive area for infrastructure vendors. This webinar looks at the way to approach automation, a