Harris County, Texas Uncovers the Silver Bullet for Datacenter Infrastructure


With over four million citizens, Harris County is the most populous county in Texas and the third largest county in the United States. Join us to discover how Harris county, Texas implemented Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure to boost Performance for MS SQL, MS Exchange, virtual desktops (VDI) and Police Body Cam Video Systems.
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This is Microsoft's vision for the future of intelligent agents, powered by new conversational AI technology from Semantic Machines.


Manage HR within IT: Are your people on the back burner?

Info-Tech Research Group

Stop putting people management on the backburner. CIOs are having difficulty hiring employees with the proper skillsets to meet current and future organizational needs. For the top performing employees that do meet that criteria, CIOs are worried they are disengaged and will leave the organization for better opportunities. If the CIO fails to adequately staff and retain employees, the IT department will be an impediment to organizational growth.
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Software Security Assurance for DevOps - Hewlett Packard Enterprise + Black Duck

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Open source software is an integral part of today’s technology ecosystem, powering everything from enterprise and mobile applications to cloud computing, containers and the Internet of Things. While open source offers attractive economic and productivity benefits for application development, it also presents organizations with significant security challenges. Every year, thousands of new open source security vulnerabilities – such as Heartbleed, Venom and Shellshock – are reported. Unfortunately, many organizations lack visibility into and control of their open source. Addressing this challenge is vital for ensuring security in applications and containers.
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Snow Software Asset Management Heroes

Snow Software

Whether you’re facing an imminent vendor audit or need to optimize your software licensing, get help from the Software Asset Management heroes at Snow. They’ll help make sense of your software usage and licensing, optimizing your position to minimize both costs and risks and be your best defense against the software auditors! Our tireless team of experts have got it covered. They are always ready to help and always ready to take action.
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The Essentials of Data Science and Machine Learning


How data science and machine learning fit with the organization's existing analytics portfolio How your organization can operationalize models driven by data science and machine learning This webinar covers a high-level introduction to data science and machine learning and their potential in a data-driven organization. Learn key trends and concepts, proven use cases and an overview of leading technologies.
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