Exploring Your Options for Web Development

Florida Library Webinars

Interested in becoming a web application developer, data architect/modeler, or DBA (database administrator)? Join Dr. Mark Jowett for a free webinar to learn about your IT opportunities: free development resources, mobile-first design, career options, and online portfolios. Dr. Jowett teaches data architecting/modeling, and web application development (using a number of technologies) in the Information Technology Masters and Bachelors degree programs at Florida State University’s School of Information.
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"This training program provides a Quick Introduction to Python programming language, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning using Python. The focus of this training program will be more on ""PYTHONIC"" approach towards problem-solving."


Smart Search Engine Optimization Strategies for WebSphere Commerce

Royal Cyber Inc.

There is no question that ranking higher than your contenders on major search engines is a must. But, what if you do not know the SEO tricks and tips that will get your eCommerce site on top? If you are missing out on clicks, you are probably also missing out on sales. Web marketing without strategy is like a gun without bullets. There is a need to come up with ingenious solutions for sales and marketing through different tricks which can help an organization to have more options. Search engines can give your business new prospects but wondering why you are not getting as much traffic as your nearest competition? Why your competitors are getting more clicks? How can you increase your solutions search engine visibility?

Enterprise Mobility Instant ROI from SAP-GIS Integration


Field teams engaged in inspection, maintenance or management of assets distributed over a large area see significant benefits from integration of GIS mapping into their mobile tools. Benefits include reduced data entry time, improved accuracy of entry, and more efficient location of needed assets.

Multi-site SQL Server Architectures That Make Use of Microsoft Azure and Flash Storage


The shape of SQL Server is changing in the Modern Data Center. On one side, use of cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure is rapidly increasing, while on the software side, innovative solutions like SIOS Datakeeper is making DR options possible that were previously only theoretical concepts, and finally on the storage side, full stack flash storage solutions from Tegile are providing a high performance backbone that is highly customizable. With so many changes happening simultaneously, one has to think about how to utilize these innovative technologies together to create useful and compelling SQL Server architectures.

NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services

DLT Solutions

Cloud computing offers the promise of IT efficiency, but data privacy, security and compliance policies can prohibit government agencies from taking full advantage of the cloud. Together, NetApp and Amazon Web Services offer the perfect solution– an agile hybrid infrastructure that leverages the performance, customization, and control of private storage resources with the efficiency and elasticity benefits of the AWS cloud. With NetApp Private Storage for AWS, agencies can leverage on-demand cloud services while retaining full control and mobility of their enterprise data.