End the data protection firefighting: an IT panel discusses proactive strategies


If you’ve ever felt alone with your data protection frustrations, this webcast will prove you’re not ― and that there are some simple, real-world strategies that’ll make your job a whole lot more enjoyable. We’ve put together a panel of IT professionals from a range of industries ― including a network engineer, an IT director and a CTO ― to share with you what worked for them, and what didn’t, when it comes to data protection.
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CIOs should be empathetic in understanding their customers’ demands to deliver great user experience, says Shankar Bharathan, head of product management, Ramco Systems.


What IT Needs to Know About Office 365 Enterprise Voice Services


What you need to know about Cloud PBX? How connectivity to Office 365 impacts voice service delivery? How organizations can implement a hybrid voice environment? Many organizations that consume Office 365 services are asking whether Skype for Business Online can be effectively used to replace their aging on-premises voice infrastructure. In this webinar, we examine the capabilities, limitations and implementation considerations of Office 365 enterprise voice services.

What Vendors Won't Tell you About SD-WAN Cost & Performance

Cato Networks

Cut WAN costs, improve performance, increase security – software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) seem to do it all, but can they -- really? Find out as we take a hard look at the myths and realities of SD-WAN. In this webinar, Steve Garson, President of SD-WAN Experts, is interviewed by Dave Greenfield, Cato’s secure networking evangelist, about the practical questions you should ask when evaluating any SD-WAN.

Demystifying Next-Gen NAC: The Fast Track to Optimize Network Access Control 3.0

Pulse Secure

The coming of age of Network Access Control is now - as enterprises reduce network visibility and endpoint protection gaps, enable BYOD and guess access, fortify privacy compliance, and mitigate new malware and IOT security risks. However, confusion still surrounds the why, where, and how to best apply NAC 3.0. In this webinar, we will look to demystify the next-generation of NAC and provide pragmatic insights on how to make informed decisions on selecting, implementing and optimizing your NAC.

Drupal 8, Where Did the Code Go? From Info Hook to Plugin

Acquia Inc

Looking at core and contrib modules for Drupal 8, you may be wondering "where did the code go?". Drupal 8 has removed many of the "info" hooks that were found in your module file and converted them to plugins. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how plugins work and how to upgrade your module to Drupal 8 if it used one of the hooks that's been converted to a plugin. Topics covered will include: Essentials of implementing your own plugin if your module previously used an “info” hook, An explanation of plugin terminology and different ways plugins can be discovered, Examples of code from Drupal 7 and where the very similar code lives in Drupal 8, How to avoid implementing hooks by mistake when writing a function in your modules.