Effectively Managing Enterprise Application Security: A Proverbial High-Wire Act


Experts from IBM and Black Duck will address these questions in our webinar. We’ll also share the latest research and best practices that global organizations are using to minimize application security risks. You’ll learn: - Innovative application security practices large enterprises use for DevOps and Continuous Integration environments.
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"I have been shopping for a software company for my medical spa. Which one do you recommend Dori?"


What IT Needs to Know About Office 365 Enterprise Voice Services


What you need to know about Cloud PBX? How connectivity to Office 365 impacts voice service delivery? How organizations can implement a hybrid voice environment? Many organizations that consume Office 365 services are asking whether Skype for Business Online can be effectively used to replace their aging on-premises voice infrastructure. In this webinar, we examine the capabilities, limitations and implementation considerations of Office 365 enterprise voice services.
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The Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem: Analytics and the Rise of Data

International Institute for Analytics

Presented by Kristian Hammond, IIA Faculty Member and Chief Scientist of Narrative Science, this webinar will walk you through the artificial intelligence ecosystem and outline the different subfields of technologies that fall under the umbrella of AI such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and advanced natural language generation. In this webinar, Kris will also walk through the use of AI in organizations today, the associated capabilities and practical business applications. The presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A lead by the IIA Vice President of Research, Dan Magestro, with input from attendees.
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Proactive Strategies for Finding and Fixing Performance Issues


Most organizations have internal processes to address performance problems, but they are typically reactive—occurring only after online performance has already been degraded. Relying on a defensive strategy to address performance problems can negatively impact end-users and revenue before you’re able to identify and solve the issue. This web seminar will explain how to customize performance practices to build proactive internal testing processes. These methods will help you detect and solve performance problems before they make it into production and cost you money and customers.
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5 Linux Security and Management Best Practices for Microsoft Cloud Implementations


While Linux’s lightweight operating system tremendously improves performance, its benefits often come at the expense of easier management and comprehensive security. Virtualization and cloud administrators – especially those with limited scripting know-how – are frequently challenged by Linux’s command-line-only interface. Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V fully support Linux instances, but don’t provide the tools, training or support required to manage and secure Linux VM lifecycles.
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