Drive Smarter QA with Intelligent Automation across the Software Lifecycle


Today’s hyper-connected customers are driving the way applications are designed and delivered. Enterprises must balance the old with the new to address the need for dynamic business processes with constant uptime.This new normal requires enterprises to adopt nontraditional tactics to accelerate software deployment. The emergence of AI and machine-learning technologies provide a new approach to test automation: zero-touch automation.
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The future of IT management is now. Answer these five questions to assess your readiness to manage the ongoing explosion of apps, data, and platforms.


Achieving API Agility with Behavior-Driven Development and Continuous Integration

SmartBear Software

Do you have an API strategy? If not, you still deal with lots of APIs. How do you make sure that your implementation in code aligns with your intended design? How do you speed up your build process to get those awesome API designs out the door without compromising on quality or customer experience?The answer: evolve your API strategy by using behavior driven design and development (BDD) in combination with Continuous Integration (CI).

ProSoft Technology's Secure Remote Access Webinar

ProSoft Technology Group Inc.

This webinar covers ProSoft's new industrial cellular gateway, as well as ProSoft Connect, our secure cloud-native VPN service.

Predictive Analytics using R and Java


Predictive analytics is about predicting future outcomes based on currently available or historical data using several machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques.

Performance Tune Up Challenges and Best Practices

Royal Cyber Inc.

The most important element of an eCommerce application is quick response to customer requests.Usually an eCommerce application runs on a multiple tier environment, which makes it complex to determine bottlenecks. It is important to remove bottlenecks to increase performance. We will be showcasing some of the basic settings that will give your applications a greater performance are: Discovery areas for Performance Improvement, Process to deliver application with high Load testing and tuning, Automate Admin tasks as much as possible.