Discover Hidden Cyber Threats with Network Forensics, presented by FireEye


Many modern cyber attacks routinely bypass firewalls and other perimeter defenses, leaving security professionals to play “whack-a-mole,” beating down threats as quickly and efficiently as they can. A network forensics strategy can give security professionals visibility into network traffic, and allow them to quickly find the threats hiding in their network. Join Bill Cantrell, Vice President of Network Product Management at FireEye, to get insight that will help you:  Understand the benefits of a network forensics strategy.
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The first super computer for A.I. in medicine was created by and Stanford School of Medicine.


Transitioning to an Organization-wide Agile Culture

Srijan Technologies

We take a look at Agile as a concept, and how that applies to organizations as a whole. We dive into what agile organizations mean, why they are a good idea, and how we can bring the agile culture across organizational functions. The speakers explores the various ways that the agile principle can apply to HR, Finance, and Sales functions in the organizations. He shares stories from personal experience to illustrate how agile works for him and his organization.

Transcend the IT Cost Center Through Chargeback Implementation


One of the challenges facing IT organizations is managing downward budgetary pressures while costs rise. IT struggles to keep service costs down as business consumption of IT services increases. Managing consumption of IT services requires IT cost transparency and business unit accountability.


SmartBear Software

Are you having trouble trying to deliver a shippable product at the end of every iteration? Unstable and flaky UI tests can be a big obstacle to achieving such a high-speed continuous delivery process. Combined with the explosion of mobile, browsers, and IoT devices, maintaining and stabilizing automated UI tests can be more intimidating, challenging, and costly than ever. An easily readable, maintainable, and modular test automation framework can go a long way to help reduce the stress and costs associated with maintaining UI tests. Join us and learn how testing and development teams can create a scalable and easily maintainable test automation framework.

How to Say Goodbye to Windows Server 2003

Flexera Software

In July 2015, Microsoft’s venerable Windows Server 2003 operating system will reach end-of-life, meaning the company will not provide regular support or updates for the operating system outside of an expensive custom support contract. Windows Server 2003 remains in widespread use in organizations of all sizes. However, in the decade since its invention, an incredible array of changes have occurred in the IT industry. New forms of attacks, new perspectives on security, new approaches to management and automation, and more are all here. Windows Server 2003 will never be able to take advantage of these advances, or adequately protect itself against these risks.