Join us for this engaging, informative webinar and live Q&A session to find out more about how to use AWS ML services and AWS IoT Greengrass to develop deep learning models and deploy on the edge with NVIDIA Jetson Nano. During this webinar we will create a sample deep learning model, set up AWS IoT Greengrass on Jetson Nano and deploy the sample model on Jetson Nano using AWS IoT Greengrass.
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Cloud-based applications, mobile and virtualized workforces have created stress on enterprises that operate large private network. Today's enterprise need dynamic, low cost, reliable and secure links to the cloud.


Mobile Ransomware Can Make You WannaCry


All security professionals have heard of ransomware, but few truly understand that mobile devices are a key delivery mechanism into the enterprise. Hackers are attacking mobile devices since most have little protection. Data theft is one objective, but finding ways to deliver ransomware is equally important.Ransomware is very real; as is the possibility of enterprises and government agencies being at risk by an employee whose mobile device was hacked. According to a 2018 study, the average cost per ransomware attack to businesses last year was $133,000, with 54 percent of companies having been hit by attacks last year.
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Securing the Cloud: How to Gain Visibility & Insight into Advanced Threats


During this live webinar, you will learn: How to enhance your cloud security and visibility to rapidly detect threats and uncover activities – on premises and in the cloud, Why you need to detect and remediate common cloud misconfigurations. How to rapidly implement cloud security best practices across multiple cloud deployments.
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Career Relevance in the DevOps Age

If every company is becoming a software company, then what career skills and qualities make up an essential employee in today’s software-driven enterprise? As companies look to strategies like DevOps to automate and industrialize the SDLC, what does that mean, if nobody can really claim “I’ve been doing that for years!” Join Jason Bloomberg, principal analyst, Intellyx, and Paul Farrall, VP IT Operations, Skytap, for this interactive session...
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The Emperor Has No Network: Risks of a Network-Centric Cloud Security Approach

451 Research

Modern enterprises are rapidly moving to the cloud. Unfortunately, many are still using a network-centric security approach which is putting them at risk. Even with the cost, efficiency, and business capabilities the cloud provides, it can still perplex those responsible for management of security. Shared responsibility, automation, ownership of duties — these are among the unique aspects of security in the cloud that can often be confusing. When understood, however, they can be used as a critical advantage for organizations that need to secure workloads and data in their cloud environments.
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