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DLT Solutions

Information security is at the forefront of the news. Almost not a day goes by where we hear or read about a security breach that has affected a business or, more importantly, the lives of people in having their identity stolen: Personable Identifiable Information (PII), as well as Personal Financial Information (PFI).
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Managing IT complexity is a challenge best addressed through a complete understanding of your actual deployment, usage, and entitlements. By watching this video, you can assess the support Oracle LMS offers to help you make informed decisions.


Improve IT-Business Alignment with an Infrastructure Roadmap


IT is increasingly expected to be more agile and responsive to business needs and emerging technologies. But this frequently conflicts with the mandate of reliability, integrity, and efficiency. This webinar walked through: The process of technology roadmapping. Creating a holistic view of the organization's direction and next steps, enabling IT to increase its agility and responsiveness to both business needs. Emerging technology. Once you have worked through each of the phases involved in building an effective infrastructure roadmap, book a call with one of our expert analysts or leverage our onsite workshops for added support and customization.

SAM in 90 seconds: Automate key software management tasks & create app stores

Snow Software

Snow Automation Platform gives organizations the ability to automate and integrate a diverse range of processes that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Software Asset Management program. From facilitating the bi-directional exchange of information between the Snow SAM platform and other systems, to automating the process for software requests and re-harvesting, the Snow Automation Platform is the key to mapping the inherent capabilities in Snow License Manager into the organization’s individual SAM processes. Snow Automation Platform benefits not only Software Asset Managers, but also all other stakeholders (HR, Procurement, business managers, end users) that have a role to play in managing the organization’s use of software.

Perfect Forward Secrecy for iOS9 Applications

Avi Networks

With iOS9, Apple is raising the bar for securing user-to-app communications with protocols such as Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Unfortunately, the legacy load balancers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) cannot handle PFS without significant application performance degradation. Instead of buying 2-3 times more ADC appliances, simply add Avi's software in front of your existing ADC/Load Balancer for the additional PFS horsepower.

Cisco ONE Software: Solutions Across the LAN, WAN and Data Center

Discover how Cisco ONE Software lets you deploy new capabilities and innovations as they are developed without having to pay additional licensing fees. Find out how it solves your most important IT challenges with specially priced bundles for your data center, WAN, and LAN.