CTO PoV: Enterprise Networks (Part 2)


In Part 2, the CTO PoV will focus on Security for IoT and Cloud in Enterprise Networks.
IoT, Cloud, and Mobile devices are stretching the traditional limits of IT security. As enterprise applications change and technology advances, the fundamental network infrastructure needs to support a robust security framework. Khalid Raza, CTO & Co-Founder at Viptela, shares his Point of View on why current WAN infrastructures are not designed to support new enterprise traffic patterns, and how emerging security approaches designed around segmentation and policy can help organizations adapt to these changes.
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Like pro athletes, all sales reps have key strengths and weaknesses. But do you know immediately how all your reps stack up? Now you can. And with that knowledge you can lead the entire team to greatness.


Risk-Free Desktop & Application Virtualization with Citrix & Nutanix


When it comes to desktop and app virtualization, the virtualization stack has historically drained precious IT time and resources just to maintain infrastructure without improving end-user experience. View this webinar presented by industry luminaries, Citrix’s Christian Reilly, CTO and Nutanix’s Kees Baggerman, Senior Architect/CTP to explore the benefits and technical details of the integrated Citrix® XenDesktop/XenApp and NetScaler with Nutanix Acropolis solution. The session will also cover migration and end-user related best practices and touch on future desktop and app virtualization trends.
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How Artificial Intelligence brings value to your existing archives

WoodWing Software

As a publisher, you're constantly challenged to create compelling content that will grab your readers' attention. At the same time, you might be sitting on a hidden treasure of archives full of digital files that could be repurposed, if only these were tagged with the right information. In this 20-minute on-demand webinar we’ll show you how Elvis DAM, powered by AI-based Image Recognition, brings instant value to your digital archives and cuts down on production time.
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The Emperor Has No Network: Risks of a Network-Centric Cloud Security Approach

451 Research

Modern enterprises are rapidly moving to the cloud. Unfortunately, many are still using a network-centric security approach which is putting them at risk. Even with the cost, efficiency, and business capabilities the cloud provides, it can still perplex those responsible for management of security. Shared responsibility, automation, ownership of duties — these are among the unique aspects of security in the cloud that can often be confusing. When understood, however, they can be used as a critical advantage for organizations that need to secure workloads and data in their cloud environments.
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Inside an Enterprise Breach in a Public Cloud Environment

Threat Stack

With the visibility provided by the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, the Threat Stack Security team has the unique ability to observe user, system and file trends across cloud infrastructure, to see how bad actors are attempting to exploit it. Over the past year, the team has observed strong evidence of increasing sophistication of public cloud attacks. Although simpler methods, like exploiting S3 buckets or utilizing mass botnet activity, are still popular as ever.
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