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ZenHub Roadmaps Bridges Developers and Business Stakeholders on Critical Software Projects With Complete Visibility and Alignment

November 05, 2019 / Aithority

ZenHub, the most popular project management tool among teams using GitHub, announced ZenHub Roadmaps, a comprehensive road mapping solution that drives alignment on critical business initiatives between software development teams and business stakeholders. The new product fully resides within GitHub and is the first to provide real-time visibility into key projects based on code updates. With it, users can visually assess the progress of software development work being done and track it against completion goals while engaging in decisions to ensure meeting delivery schedules. ZenHub Roadmaps is the first roadmapping solution to use live GitHub Issue data and Pull Request activity for lockstep monitoring and decision-making. Rather than a separate tool or shared spreadsheet used as a project planning document, ZenHub Roadmaps is an integral part of the ZenHub collaboration platform adding a new view specifically for establishing and managing roadmaps. It is the most substantial from-the...