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Tesla receives over 200,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck in less than a week

November 25, 2019 / TechSpot

What just happened? Tesla's Cybertruck unveiling wasn't without its faults, but it did manage to garner a lot of interest from early adopters, over 200,000 of whom placed pre-orders for the electric pickup over the weekend. It's fairly easy to imagine the hype when Elon Musk gets onstage with an electric pickup nearly as divisive as the man himself. Although Tesla's stock price dipped by 6 percent after the Cybertruck's recent unveiling, pre-orders continued to pile up over the weekend and reached an impressive 200,000 as of Sunday night. The pickup is still a few years away, but the company's marketing and the lower price of admission have resulted in a healthy number of prospective buyers. Keeping them as such would be a challenge for Tesla, as the company's track record of actually delivering its cars on schedule has run into various issues in the past, leading many to cancel their reservations last year after running out of patience for the Model 3 to ma...