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SYSTRAN Powerful Language AI is Now Available for RelativityOne

September 22, 2020 / Prnewswire

Today, SYSTRAN, the leader in AI-based translation technology, announces that both their on-premise and SaaS-based Machine translation of text and audio files are now available for RelativityOne. The new cloud compatible connectors augment its current portfolio of on-premise Relativity connectors to scale and translate globalized data to make e-Discovery translation more efficient. By extending this functionality, Relativity customers can benefit from the performance, security, scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers. "E-Discovery is a long and daunting process before even considering today's sheer volume and size of globalized data," said Ken Behan Vice President Sales & Marketing. "This extension of SYSTRAN functionality within RelativityOne transforms the discovery process to make digital data more searchable across all 58 English-centric languages that SYSTRAN Provides"