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Start-Up Emerges from Stealth with AI Bots for Mobile App Testing Grunt Work

July 10, 2019 / David Ramel

A company called Mesmer has emerged from stealth mode with Intel-backed funding and a plan to relieve mobile app developers from the drudgery of software testing, putting AI-powered bots to the task. Specifically, the firm is targeting customer experience testing, a part of the testing process that's more difficult to automate, as opposed to unit testing and API testing. Mesmer, a robotic process automation (RPA) specialist, said customer experience testing is unpopular among developers and has prompted many organizations -- facing a years-long shortage of skilled software engineers -- to offloaded testing to third-party firms who do the manual grunt work, resulting in a $40 billion industry. The company hopes to capture a slice of that $40 billion pie with its trademarked and patent-pending Deep Learning Automation (DLA), leveraging computer vision and natural language processing to work through apps from a user perspective, peeking ahead to see what's next to be explored, a p...