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Phishers Use Google Translate to Boost Success

February 08, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

Researchers have warned users of a new phishing technique which uses Google Translate to add authenticity to scams. Akamai security researcher Larry Cashdollar explained in a blog post that he was targeted by this tactic early in the new year, receiving an email telling him his Google account had been accessed from a new Windows device. Clicking through on the attached link would bring victims to a fake Google log-in page, with the malicious domain loaded through Google Translate. “Using Google Translate does a number of things; it fills the URL (address) bar with lots of random text, but the most important thing visually is that the victim sees a legitimate Google domain. In some cases, this trick will help the criminal bypass endpoint defenses,” Cashdollar warned. “However, while this method of obfuscation might enjoy some success on mobile devices (the landing page is a near-perfect clone of Google's older login portal), it fails completely when viewed from a c...