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Motorola Solutions acquires the company Spillman Technologies

September 28, 2016 /

Motorola Solutions  announced that it will acquire Spillman Technologies, a private company dedicated to the provision of comprehensive software solutions for law enforcement and public safety, designed for systems of records management (RMS) and office computer (CAD). Spillman software offers public safety more than 1,700 agencies in the United States. In addition to CAD and RMS, Spillman offers an integrated set of complete software solutions and tools cloud - based next - generation management systems prisons, fire suppression, mobile data, data sharing, reporting in the field, mapping and systems geographic information. the acquisition of Spillman by Motorola Solutions is part of its strategy to expand its software portfolio and enhance intelligence mission critical command center fully integrated connecting as never before, customers security public with all the information they need in real time. With a focus on organizations of small and medium public security, supply of Spillman is ideal for the portfolio of Motorola Solutions, oriented organizations largest public security complement. "The acquisition of Spillman clearly reflects our commitment to expand our portfolio of public safety intelligent and offer organizations of all kinds a comprehensive set of solutions for the command center, from computers call processing to CAD and RMS systems, office - based LTE and land mobile radio, "said Bruce Brda, executive vice president of Products and Services Motorola Solutions. "Spillman has extensive experience in the provision of comprehensive software solutions for public safety and highly reliable professional services that help extend the capabilities of software Motorola Solutions and complement our solutions offering command center, managing to meet the needs of more customers."