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Microsoft, Baker Hughes announce artificial intelligence partnership for oil and gas industry

November 24, 2019 / James Leggate

Artificial intelligence can help companies increase their efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and help keep workers safe, according to engineering experts. Now, Microsoft is partnering with energy industry tech company Baker Hughes and AI developer C3.ai to bring enterprise AI technology to the energy industry via its Azure cloud computing platform. The companies said their alliance would allow customers to streamline the adoption of AI designed to address issues like inventory, energy management, predictive maintenance and equipment reliability. "For the energy industry, this is a time of significant transformation and forward-thinking companies are exploring how to leverage technology to make their operations cleaner, safer and more efficient," said Judson Athoff, EVP of Microsoft’s worldwide commercial business, in a press release. For example, Shell has already been using AI in drilling to boost productivity while cutting costs, according to The Institution of...