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Mering Uses Emotion to Build a Competitive Edge in B2B Marketing Utilizes AI Technology to Study Ad Effectiveness and Enhance Impact

October 04, 2019 / Aithority

It is no surprise that the communications which garner the most attention are often the ones that pull on the heart strings. Just look at Nike/Colin Kaepernick, Always/Like a Girl, Dove/Real Beauty and so many others. In an effort to better understand the emotional resonance of advertising, independent ad agency Mering recently connected with emotion AI company Realeyes. Realeyes’ AI-powered technology uses the latest in computer vision and machine learning to make machines emotionally intelligent. Using opted-in webcams, its platform enables any laptop, mobile device or TV to recognize straight away how consumers are feeling and whether they are paying attention by measuring their facial expressions, head movements and body language. Realeyes’ emotion AI solutions, which are 75% accurate at predicting sales lifts, helps marketers understand and transform the impact of their content.