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JPMorgan is raiding Google and Facebook for its new AI team

November 07, 2019 / Sarah Butcher

As we reported last month, JPMorgan is busy growing an artificial intelligence (AI) team in California. The bank is currently advertising seven artificial roles in San Mateo (down from 17 last time we looked). They include openings for an AI platform senior cloud engineer and an AI full-stack engineer to work on a mysterious new AI platform that has yet to be launched.

JPM is deliberately targeting big tech for its new roles. It says the ideal hires are "the best from Silicon Valley," and that it's already recruited from the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

In fact. JPMorgan's Silicon Valley AI presence is run by former Googlers. Apoorv Saxena joined from Google in August 2018 to run AI for JPM globally out of San Mateo. Saxena subsequently recruited Rich Merz from Google in January 2019 and Daryush Laqab from Google a month later. Merz is an executive director in AI product strategy and transformation at JPM; Laqab i...