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INX Software Launches New Generation INX Assessor Application

March 30, 2021 / Ankur Saini

INX Software, an around the world confided in the head of an environment, health and safety solutions have launched the new generation INX Assessor application.

INX Software's Assessor application is intended to conquer the basic difficulties of overseeing functional assessments in the field by supplanting manual and paper-based cycles that are mistake-inclined and tedious.

The arrangement empowers better administration and permeability of commonsense assessments on location while likewise lessening the time spent on regulatory errands, for example, examining or documenting paper structures.

INX Software chief executive, Basil Lenzo, said: “INX Assessor has been the result of a fruitful collaboration and partnership with long-time clients, Mineral Resources (MinRes) and Barminco.

“I am pleased we have delivered to our brand promise of enabling our clients to continue best-practices in ensuring safer, smarter and more sustainable workplaces for all their employees and contractors.”

The app enhances process consistency and compliance, as well as speeding up assessment review and approval with in-built workflows.

About INX Software

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