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IBM Advertising Accelerator Taps AI To Predict, Rather Than React

January 09, 2020 / Laurie Sullivan

Technology’s development typically outpaces regulations, but earlier this week at CES 2020 Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, talked about a set of principles to federally regulate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the private sector without stifling innovation. This sets the tone for Advertising Accelerator, the newest addition to the IBM Watson Advertising suite, formerly the Weather Company’s advertising sales division. IBM’s media business -- firmly tied in to AI technology -- tested Advertising Accelerator in apps across the Weather Company properties, which it acquired in 2016 in a deal valued at a couple of billion dollars. After 23 days during the fourth quarter of 2019, the results showed a threefold lift in performance compared with the controlled group, said Dave Neway, head of product marketing for IBM Watson Advertising.