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Hexaware Immersive - The Interactive Digital Twin of Hexaware Campuses worldwide

September 15, 2020 / Prnewswire

Hexaware Technologies, one of the fastest-growing next-gen provider of IT services, has launched Hexaware Immersive, a holistic digital experience for all their valued stakeholders to take a virtual tour of their global campuses. The specially conceived Digital Twin, a first in the industry, mirrors a near-life experience for visitors to walk into their campuses anytime and engage with the organization in a truly special way. The Digital twin offers an excellent opportunity for all to walk around and experience the vibes of a great workplace and an empowered culture. Portal visitors can get to meet up close, hear, share and ideate with thought leaders in the organization. On showcase are unique technology innovation stories of how Hexaware collaborated big with clients and partners to solve complex problems. The digital walk throws the spotlight on a future-ready organization passionate about investing in people, processes and technology to raise the bar higher in the pursuit of excell...