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Google adds AI smarts to G Suite with Google Assistant and Docs updates

November 26, 2019 / Matthew Finnegan

Google’s AI expertise has long been strength, and the company has been steadily adding machine-learning capabilities to its G Suite platform. The latest move in that effort allows users to access certain G Suite apps with Google Assistant and introduces Smart Compose text suggestions to Google Docs. Google first announced it would bring its AI voice assistant to G Suite earlier this year; a beta is now under way that lets users manage their Google Calendar schedules with voice commands. This includes the ability to read out calendar entries, as well as create, cancel or reschedule events. G Suite admins can sign up for the beta here. Users can also send emails to meeting participants, kick off voice and video calls hands-free using Google’s Hangouts Meet app, and interact with the Asus-built Google Hangouts Meet hardware in conference rooms to join and exit meetings and make phone calls. AI voice assistants are beginning to make inroads into the workplace, and analyst firm ...