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Dynatrace Delivers Software Intelligence for Red Hat OpenShift 4 by Leveraging AI

May 10, 2019 / Viraj T

Dynatrace announced immediate support for Red Hat OpenShift 4, the next level Red Hat project to help in containerizing software systems. The collaboration with Red Hat permits more time to enterprises to focus on innovation instead of spending it on managing operations or infrastructure. Essentially, the company will deliver software intelligence for Red Hat’s Kubernotes platform — the tools have been recently revamped to better cater to complex production issues that happen during container orchestration. “Red Hat OpenShift 4 is all about enabling enterprises to more quickly develop, deploy and scale cloud-native applications by delivering a smarter Kubernetes platform,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Products at Dynatrace. “Through Dynatrace’s native compatibility with OpenShift and Kubernetes, Dynatrace accelerates this digital transformation by providing automatic, AI-powered answers about degradations in service, anomalies in behavior, and precise use...