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Diffblue's First AI-Powered Automated Java Unit Testing Solution is Now Available for Free to Commercial and Open Source Software Developers

March 23, 2021 / Ankur Saini

Diffblue, the developers of the world's first AI for code solution that automates the writing of unit tests for Java, announced today that its free IntelliJ extension, Diffblue Cover: Community Edition, is now available to use to create unit tests for any of an organization's Java code – both open source and commercial. For business clients that need additional service, indemnification, and the opportunity to write tests for packages, Diffblue also offers a technical edition. Diffblue also has a CLI variant of Diffblue Cover, which is suitable for team collaboration.

Diffblue's ground-breaking technology, developed by University of Oxford researchers, is based on reinforcement learning, the same machine learning strategy that fuelled AlphaGo, Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind's software program that dominated the world champion player GO.

Diffblue Cover automates the time-consuming process of writing Java unit tests, which can consume up to 20% of a Java developer's time. Diffblue Cover produces Java tests 10X-100X faster than humans, and are also easy to grasp for users, and manages them automatically as the code evolves, even on applications with tens of millions of lines of code. Java, the most common business programming language in the Global 2000, is now supported by Diffblue Cover.

Diffblue Cover's technology can be extended to support other popular programming languages like Python, Javascript, and C#.

About Diffblue

Diffblue is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence to automate software development. Diffblue Cover, which was established by University of Oxford academics, uses artificial intelligence to write unit tests that help development teams and companies enhance their code coverage and accuracy while shipping software quicker, more regularly, and with fewer defects. Diffblue is backed by Goldman Sachs and Oxford Sciences Innovation and has clients such as AWS and Goldman Sachs.