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Cisco announces new AI and Machine Learning capabilities

July 09, 2019 / Mark Bowen

Cisco has announced software innovations designed to make managing and securing networks easier. With businesses currently increasingly investing in digital technologies, IT teams are struggling under the amplified workload. To alleviate this burden and allow IT to focus on delivering innovation, Cisco is introducing new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to allow IT teams to function at machine speed and scale through personalised network insights. As part of its broadened capabilities offering, Cisco is also unveiling innovations to more effectively manage users and applications across the entire enterprise network – from campus networks and wide-area networks, to data centres and the IoT Edge. IT teams currently face a daunting challenge. According to 451 Research, nearly two-thirds of organisations report that their IT teams are facing increased workloads; but increased IT headcount is on the cards for only about one-third of companies in the coming yea...